From your page fans to your page impressions, see what brands have to say about you and how the audience reacts to it.

Facebook Analytics Tool


Capture your brand performance with our powerful Analytics suite.

Gain powerful insights into your account with Unbox Social’s Facebook analytics tool - Overview, Audience, and Posts.

Post-Level Insights

Analyze everything that you publish on Facebook. From the exact number of reactions that you have received up till now to the bifurcated views of videos, Unbox Social gives you detailed engagement rate, post views by clicks and feedback for every post.

Know what brings people to your post

Track and understand your post views and where these views come from- whether your post has been shown to people on their feed or has it been searched for. Understand the pattern in the views of your posts and get the total number of views.

Understand your audience

Capture important audience data using Unbox Social tool for Facebook analytics. Break down the audience on the basis of Fans, Reach and Page Views to know the age, gender and location spread of them.


Assess and Benchmark your Performance against Competitors

Stay on top of all that is happening in your industry. Analyze, monitor and track competitors' activities to build a thorough social media strategy.
Facebook Analytics Tool - Competition tracking

Benchmark Publishing Behaviour

From every post that you publish to each and every reaction on your posts, Unbox Social helps you unveil the secrets of yours and your competitors’ social media profiles through benchmarking.

Know your Industry’s Niche

Expand your audience by going beyond your current audience’s persona. Understand yours and your competitors’ audience’s anticipation to build a bigger audience base. Constantly and consistently create, curate and modify your existing content strategy to meet your audience’s preferences and likes.

3 Cs - Competition, Content, and Campaigns

Draw parallels on what is driving people to a particular campaign, what type of content is being appreciated, and the type of reactions, to yours and your competitors’ social profiles. Use competition tracking to monitor everything - from their product launch to their profile content, from what worked for them to what they are talking about.


Generate custom reports for analytics in multiple formats

Capture all the important social media data in the form of customizable, comprehensive and visually captivating reports. Put all your captured social media data into perspective through our comprehensive, catchy reports.
Facebook Analytics Tool - Reports

Report Across One or All Profiles

Set and customize reports for one or all profiles that you analyze and connect with. From analytics and competition tracking to engagement metrics, and followers’ growth, Unbox Social helps you to capture the context of your social media activity in a simple, streamlined manner via reports.

Customizable In Multiple Formats

Evaluate and compare performance anywhere, anytime by generating PDF Reports, Excel Sheets/CSV files. Share your reports with your team members or pull out in PPT-formats for client/business presentations.

Capture Data From Time to Time

Export reports for your past campaigns - pick out reports from your history, or download reports capturing your latest social media activities using the Unbox Social reporting tool, at your convenience.