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Influencer Marketing (An Actionable Guide!)

influencer marketing guide

Whether it is social media Influencers posing with their Daniel Wellington watches or the #BeccaBFFs collection by Khloe Kardashian and Malika Haq, Influencer marketing has the power to make a difference. Becca Cosmetics managed to build buzz around their brand by bringing 2 Influencers to launch their own collection. 

Daniel Wellington’s success story also speaks for the huge role Influencer marketing has played in their growth. The brand, in 2014, sold 1 million pieces. To be at a stage where Daniel Wellington is, it took major international brands years even decades to achieve such a feat. 

Daniel Wellington Influencer Marketing


Influencer Marketing Guide

As you can see, Influencer marketing can have a major impact on the way your audience views your brand. Influencers have the power to convert audiences. 

Influencer marketing is one of the top marketing tactics in social media. Over the years, brands have moved on from relying on expensive celebrity endorsements to affordable Influencer partnerships. 

Influencers are niche content creators with huge fan bases. Every piece of content that they put out on social media platforms leaves an impact on their followers. In fact, their followers are impacted to a great extent, by their lifestyle and purchase decisions. By working with Influencers, you can leverage this impact to your benefit and build a loyal follower base. 

For instance, when an Influencer creates content around your brand/product (s), it brings more exposure to your brand. Further, it helps establish a level of trust amongst their followers since Influencers are associating themselves with your brand. 

Brands are actively employing Influencer marketing campaigns as a part of their social media marketing strategies. There is no dearth of examples of Influencer marketing campaigns that demonstrate the impactful role Influencer marketing plays.

Working with Influencers comes with a whole range of perks and benefits for your brand. So let’s first look into how Influencer marketing can benefit your brand and why it is a smart move to get niche Influencers on-board. 

Benefits of Influencer Marketing 

  • Influencer Marketing Is Persuasive Without Being Pushy 

Influencers come with a sense of credibility. Blending Influencer marketing into your social media plan can help you put out your marketing message without being pushy. 

Content featuring Influencers is most of the time more convincing than other marketing collateral. Use Influencer partnerships to offer something new and fresh to your target audiences.

  • Influencer Marketing Adds To Your Niche Expertise 

Influencers bring niche expertise. Working with Influencers allows you to leverage their niche expertise. Having niche expertise can help you make the most of your brand and take it to the next level. 

In fact, this niche expertise of Influencers helps you in building productive collaborations. 

  • Influencers Can Contribute To Your Content Creation Strategy 

Influencers are essentially content creators. They have built huge follower bases by creating engaging content. 

Bringing Influencers on board means you can leverage their content creation skills and add stellar content to your feed.

  • Influencer Marketing Helps Enhance Your Social Media Reach 

Influencer marketing allows you to not only reach your own target audience but also allows you access to their audience. With Influencer marketing, you expand your audience as well as reach on social media platforms. 

  • Influencer Marketing Helps Generate Conversions 

Influencers are known for their impact on their audiences. When Influencers work with a particular brand, their followers also tend to start seeing the brand in a good light and help spread a positive word of mouth about them. Over time, they move through the sales funnel and eventually, many also convert. 

So, Influencer marketing helps you convert audiences into customers, as well. Influencer campaigns in this sense, help you improve your social media ROI

Wondering how your Influencer marketing campaigns are faring?
Find a list of influencers from various categories and curate them using deep insights. Monitor follower counts, brands they have worked with, geographic location, engagement rates and much more.

How to Find Influencers 

Now that you understand how Influencer marketing can be beneficial for your brand, it’s time to get started. To begin with, you need to find niche Influencers for your brand. 

Now, you can’t go on to conduct searches on social media platforms to find Influencers. It could take days, even weeks to find Influencers you would want to work with. 

If you want to find Influencer partners for your brand, you can employ the Influencer marketing platform by Unbox Social. Using our Influencer marketing platform, you can easily find the right match for your brand. 

Here’s a snapshot of the Influencer Suite- 

influencer marketing

(Check out this quick guide on ‘How to Find the Right Influencers for Your Brand?‘ )

Let’s quickly take you through how you can use the Influencer Suite to discover Influencer (s) for your brand- 


To get started, curate your own list of Influencers from the niche of Influencers you are looking at. The Influencer Suite provides you with an extensive list of Influencers, which you can filter by niche categories. 

So, for instance, if you are looking for fashion and lifestyle Influencers, you can head to the categories’ tab and select ‘fashion’ as well as ‘lifestyle’. 

The tool will then come up with a list of Influencers from the selected category (s). 


To filter the list of Influencers further, you can add the locations for which you are trying to find Influencers. Head to the location tab and select the city (s) for which you want to find Influencers. 

Accordingly, you will be given a list of Influencers for the location you want. 


The Influencer Suite lets you find Influencers who may have experience relevant to your brand. The ‘Brand Check’ tab on the Influencer Suite helps you find Influencers who have worked with brands similar to yours. 

All you have to do is head to enter the names of competitor brands/ similar brands. A list of Influencers who have worked with similar brands will then appear. 


Now that you have created a list of Influencers for your brand, you can move on to deciding which Influencer (s) you would want to partner with. 

The Influencer Suite provides you with all the important insights about Influencers, including engagement rates, average interactions and total followers. 

When you are recruiting an Influencer for your brand, it is important to look at their engagement rates and average interactions. Looking at their follower base alone, will not make for a very wise decision. An Influencer with a good engagement rate is likely to bring more impact than one who has a bigger follower base. The idea is to focus on quality over quantity. 

Once you have found the right match for your brand, you can move on to the next step of setting up Influencer campaigns. 

How to Start and Run Fruitful Influencer Campaigns 

It is important to be meticulous with your Influencer campaigns. After all, you are investing your time, money and resources into building Influencer campaigns for your brand. 

Here’s what you can do to start Influencer marketing campaigns- 


Before you recruit Influencers for your campaigns, you should be clear about the goal (s) you want to achieve. Frame SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Time-bound) goals for your brand. 

Here’s how you can frame your goals, for instance- 

“ Generate 25% rise in sales in the next 6 months by recruiting 10 Influencers”

This was just an example of how you can frame your Influencer marketing campaign goals. Depending upon what you want to achieve with your Influencer marketing campaign, you too can set your own goals for your brand. 


Once you have gained clarity on what you want to achieve with the Influencer campaigns, you can move on to start creating briefs. 

The Influencer Suite by Unbox Social helps you create and send detailed briefs to your Influencer partner (s). Put in specific details such as the platforms to target, the hashtags that you want them to use and so on.

This is what the Influencer campaign brief looks like- 

Influencer Marketing Campaign Briefs

By sending out detailed campaign briefs, you can ensure maximum efficiency and clarity in campaigns. 


Once you’ve got your Influencer marketing campaigns up and running, you need to keep a watch on your Influencer partner (s). 

The Influencer Suite comes with a feature that allows you to constantly keep a heck on campaign status and progress. The idea is to help you ensure maximum productivity and efficiency from your Influencer partners, and in the process, build fruitful Influencer marketing campaigns. 


Besides watching on campaign progress, it is also important to measure the results on your Influencer marketing efforts. When you started out on generating Influencer campaigns, you set a goal (s) that you wanted to achieve. It is now time to take stock of your goal (s) and determine whether your Influencer campaign (s) were able to achieve these goals. 

The Influencer Suite helps you track and document your Influencer campaigns with ‘Influencer Reports’. The campaign reports feature helps you capture important KPIs and metrics of your campaign. 

Influencer Marketing Reports

Using these insights, you can make important business decisions such as extending the collaboration with your Influencer partners if you received a good response. 

Wondering how your Influencer marketing campaigns are faring on social media?
Find a list of influencers from various categories and curate them using deep insights. Monitor follower counts, brands they have worked with, geographic location, engagement rates and much more.



While it is important to track every Influencer campaign, it is also important to get the larger picture. How has the Influencer campaign (s) affected your overall social media performance? 

Using a social media analytics tool, you can capture important insights such as your follower growth rate, engagement rate, reach and so on. You must also capture post-level insights to know what kind of content your audience is liking more. 

To dig deeper, you can also use a social listening tool to capture overall audience sentiment with respect to your brand. This will help you analyze how your audience is responding to your Influencer campaigns and how you can scale up further. 

Learn from these insights and make modifications or changes to your Influencer campaigns accordingly. 

Now that you have figured out how to start, run and track fruitful Influencer campaigns, it is now time to look at some of the top tips and ideas for running Influencer campaigns. 

Influencer Marketing Ideas And Tips 

1.Capsule collections

A lot of brands such as Becca cosmetics have brought influencers to create capsule collections for their brand. Becca Cosmetics collaborated with Chrissy Teigen to launch a new range of cosmetics. 

Influencer Campaign Examples

You too can collaborate with niche Influencers to get them to create their own collection for your brand. This will help build buzz around your brand. At the same time, the influence factor that they bring along will help you generate more sales. In the process, it can help you bring more customers on board.

2.Send Out Gifts And Samples

Launched a new product or setting up your brand in a new location/city?You can use this opportunity to get the word out by sending samples/gifts to niche Influencers. Send out details about your brand and product (s) along with gifts/samples. These Influencers can then feature your product (s) in sponsored post (s) and/or stories. This will help you spread the word about your brand, and get more people viewing your content on social media platforms.

3.Discount Codes

Daniel Wellington is an example of brands leveraging the impact of Influencers and combining it with attractive discounts. Social media Influencers, as well as celebrity Influencers, such as Kendall Jenner have worked with Daniel Wellington.

Daniel Wellington Influencer Marketing

You too can take your strategy to the next level by bringing influencers on board. Get them to talk about the offers/discounts that your brand is offering.

4.Social Media Takeovers

Get your Influencer partners to feature on your social media account (s). You can get your Influencer partners to build anticipation and excitement by making announcements ahead.

This is a great strategy to drive more traffic to your social account (s) and in the process expand your follower base. Here’s an example of a social media takeover that you can take inspiration from-

Social Media Takeover
5.Product Review (s)

Get influencers to conduct review (s) for your brand and product (s). Ask them to show your brand in action. British Influencer Zoella Sugg has conducted reviews for brands such as Glossier. Here’s a snapshot of one of her product review videos on YouTube- 

Product Reviews By Influencers

The audience trusts Influencers. By getting them to review your product (s), you can get into the good books of a larger audience and increase conversions in the process.

6.Host Influencer Events

Whether you are launching a new product or hosting any other special holiday event, invite Influencers. Covering such events on social media can help you generate buzz around your brand, and expand your reach and engagement. It is a smart strategy to get more exposure for your brand.


7.Long-term Partnerships

Get Influencers to become ambassadors for your brand. The longer the association, the more impactful the campaigns. American Express, for instance, brought Influencer Lyssa, to become their brand ambassador. 

This will help you get maximized exposure and instill a sense of trust in your brand.

Summing It Up 

Influencer marketing is the ultimate marketing tactic that you can rely upon. It helps you expand your reach and generate engagement. In the long term, Influencer marketing can help you build a loyal base of followers and customers. 

If you too want to take your brand to the next level, go through this Influencer marketing guide to kickstart your Influencer marketing campaigns in 2020. So, what are you waiting for? Get started with discovering Influencers for your brand, now!

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Working with influencers?

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Working with influencers?

Use our brand scan to find who competition works with!


Working with influencers?

Use our brand scan to find who competition works with!