Social Listening

Monitor and listen to what audiences are saying about your brand across social media.Track keywords or hashtags and extract intelligence from social conversations to build your brand’s social strategy.

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Track Mentions, Hashtags,
Keywords & More

Track all the mentions about your brand and industry on Unbox Social. Gauge the sentiment of all the content created, the quality, format and more. View insights around your social media campaigns & hashtags. Select from several operators to create custom boolean searches.

Start Listening To Conversations

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Conversation And Sentiment Analysis

Identify posts with top mentions using the Unbox Social tool. Dig deeper into the top mentions with Conversation and Sentiment Analysis. Extract intelligence across all your brand mentions with our Comments Analysis tool. Know exactly what your audience is saying and their sentiment behind it.

See What My Audience Is Talking

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Know Your Audience

Understand the people who are creating content around your keywords. Know their Gender, Location & qualitative metrics like - their following, verified profiles & more. Gather important intelligence and insights about brand mentions by top accounts.

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