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How Fortune 500 Companies Leverage Social Media to Grow their Business

Fortune 500 social media research

Interestingly, if all the Fortune 500 companies were a country, it would be the second-largest country in the world when we measure the total sales earned by each of the brands. 

If we were to look at the Fortune 500 companies and their presence on social media, then, almost 61% of CEOs think of social media as a distraction. But according to the stats and the perpetual growth of social media, no sooner will they end up on the different social media platforms. 

Let’s dive into how Fortune 500 companies handle their social media profiles.


If we look at the statistics for these fortune 500 companies leveraging various social media platforms, then 98% of them have an account, along with various profile-based pages on LinkedIn. 

For a brand to not have a presence on LinkedIn means they are losing out on a vital opportunity at building awareness amongst prospective and potential clients. 

LinkedIn has numerous features that you can leverage to market your brand to your audience. This platform offers great scope for you to target your audience with top-quality content. Fortune 500 companies like Walmart are using LinkedIn to project company culture, company news & updates, CSR initiatives, videos and more. 

Many other brands are also using LinkedIn to lead audiences to their blog while others are showcasing their company’s thought leadership on the platform.   

LinkedIn Campaign

Take cues from these Fortune 500 brands on LinkedIn to build an effective presence on the platform. 


Facebook ranks first in terms of the number of users. But, when it comes to the presence of Fortune 500 companies, it comes in at the third position. Out of these companies, 445 of them have a Facebook page, which is 89% of them. 

Facebook offers a lucrative platform for B2B as well as B2C brands to build a presence.

Fortune 500 brand, Ford Motors, for instance, leverages the platform to run campaigns that draw the audience’s attention. 

Ford's Facebook Marketing Campaign

Creating a page and having a mere presence for your brand on Facebook is relatively a low investment. Taking inspiration from this Fortune 500 company, you too should work towards establishing your presence on the platform. 

It can be a challenging task to break apart from the monotony and stand out amongst the competition. But with creativity, designing, ideation, and well-thought-out strategies, most of these fortune 500 companies are aiming to ace their presence on the platform.  

Facebook can be a very competitive platform to market your brand on, and if you want to get maximum reach for your brand, you need to be well-versed with the Facebook algorithm. The idea is to alter your Facebook marketing strategy according to the algorithm so that you can build an effective presence on the platform. 


Undoubtedly, Twitter can be a tough nut to crack for your business. 91% of the Fortune 500 companies have their presence on Twitter and very few have been able to influence their presence on the platform. When it comes to Twitter, you can’t just rely on a strategy based on consistency. The power lies in being ‘real’ and ‘authentic’ on the platform. 

For example, Coca-Cola took to holding a poll by asking its audience as to how they would be liked to be encouraged on the occasion of ‘National Encouragement Day’. Satisfying your audience by keeping their expectations into consideration is how the brand is winning over Social Media.

            Coca-Cola Strategy

Like Coca Cola, you can run interactive polls and campaigns to generate participation and engagement from new as well as existing audience segments. Apart from running contests, you can also work towards creating visual content for your brand. Visual content, including pictures, videos and live-streaming, take the spotlight as the most engaging content formats on Twitter. 

One way to enhance your Twitter marketing strategy is by keeping track of your content performance. Invest in a good social media analytics tool to gather insights on how your brand is faring on Twitter. Based on the data that the tool helps you derive, you can work out a fool-proof strategy for your Twitter handle. 


While other social media platforms do not demand much time and effort, YouTube asks for a major chunk since it involves ideating for and working on creating videos. While 98% of Fortune 500 companies are active on LinkedIn, the number drops down to 77% when talking about their presence on YouTube.

When Amazon wanted to introduce Amazon Echo in India, it relied on YouTube Ads to capture audience attention. Using YouTube ads, Amazon managed to highlight the features, USP and other important factors about their new product. The brand used YouTube Ads to touch audience pain points and appeal to them, in the process. 

#AskAlexa Campaign for Echo

Build a smart YouTube marketing strategy for your brand to get the maximum ROI on your video marketing efforts. 


Despite its popularity amongst the millennials, it appears that Instagram falls a little behind as compared to other social media platforms that Fortune 500 companies have been investing in. Only 63% of the companies have found their way on Instagram, although, these brands are not active on the platform. 

Out of these Fortune 500 Companies, Apple is one such brand that is actively leveraging Instagram to build its presence. Apple with #ShotOnIphone is working wonders on Instagram; targeting every apple user to tell their stories through their pictures. 

Apple Instagram Marketing

With the help of its UGC- based campaign, Apple has managed to compel users to actively engage with the brand. 

In order to encourage audience engagement with your brand on Instagram, you too can start and run user-generated content campaigns

Apart from Social Media Sites, Fortune 500 Companies are growing rapidly on having blogs. Understanding the growth of SEO and Content Marketing has made 52% of them at least have one blog. In order to get the attention of the audience, the integration of the blogs and social media equally works for the firms.

Key Takeaways

Despite the fact that Fortune 500 companies come with strong financial backing, social media figures an important part of the marketing strategy for most of them. Here are a few strategies and tips to take away from these companies- 

  • 98% of the Fortune 500 companies are on LinkedIn, connecting and building professional networks. Brands like Walmart, Microsoft, and Target are present and active on the platform, expanding exposure and building a loyal base of followers in the process. 
  • 89% of the companies are using Facebook, spreading across the globe with little investment of time and effort. At the same time, this platform has a user base of 2.41 billion monthly active users, and so, you need to actively invest your time, money and efforts to generate leads. 
  • 77% of the companies leverage YouTube to make their audience understand their products and brand with audio-visuals. Video is one of the most popular and engaging content formats to invest your time, money and efforts into. 
  • Only 63% of the companies have their presence on Instagram, spreading wide across various campaigns, hashtags and exquisite photography. Nevertheless, Instagram being a visual platform has great scope for you to build an online presence. 
  • Brands are putting in conscious efforts towards understanding their audience by retrieving relevant data. Many brands are using social media tools to get a better sense of what the audiences are saying. Netflix is one of the Fortune 500 companies that is using social listening to enhance the experience for their audiences. 



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Working with influencers?

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Working with influencers?

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Working with influencers?

Use our brand scan to find who competition works with!