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How To Use A Social Listening Tool And Track Audience Conversations

how to use social listening tool

Whether you are a business owner, a marketer or a social media manager, you know how important a role data plays in informing your business strategy. Without using the relevant data to frame your strategy, you are only aiming a shot in the dark.

Access to crucial data about your audience does not only mean tracking their demographics. People undergo different experiences and situations in their day-to-day life. As a result, relying on audience demographics alone is not going to suffice. In-Depth knowledge of your audience is very important for creating content and campaigns that meet their expectations. 

In your efforts to measure your content marketing performance, you end up ignoring the most crucial, audience opinion. Simply looking at your engagement and reach metrics, you may know how many people are looking at, and interacting with your content. 

But, do you know what they are talking about? What are they saying about your brand? 

In a vast ocean of interactions happening on social media, it is nearly impossible to record conversations about your brand, unless a user has tagged your account. Since every conversation has something crucial to offer, it is very important that you record them all. 

Social listening helps you capture audience conversations and put them into perspective. Employing a reliable social listening tool can help you go a long way in building well-informed social media strategies. 

In this blog, we will take you through how a social listening tool can help you uncover vital insights about your brand and aid in your understanding of the audience. So, let’s jump straight in! 

Using Social Listening To Understand Your Audience 

With Social Listening, you can listen to all the conversations and mentions happening around your brand. To put it in other words, social listening allows you to monitor and record all conversations around your brand or keyword, while also putting them into context. 

Here’s how you can use social listening to understand your audience- 

Brand/Product Feedback 

Listening to your audiences helps expose you to their real opinions minus any sugar coating. Social listening provides you with vital intelligence that you can put to use for framing strategies for your brand. 

Social listening by Unbox Social allows you to listen to all audience conversations and spot relevant patterns. 

Social Listening Tool - Social Media Interactions

Using this information, you can create a worthwhile experience for your audience as well as customers. 

Audience Composition

With the social listening feature by Unbox Social, you can conduct an in-depth study of your audience. 

Social listening allows you to go beyond the audience that is interacting with your content. Use social listening to gather insights about those segments of the audience that are actively engaging in conversations about your brand or the relevant keyword. 

Social Listening Tool - Audience Demographics

Having access to intelligence on the age, gender and geographic composition of audiences who are talking about your brand is very crucial. Use these insights to shape your content and business strategy. 

For instance, the social listening data for your luxury brand points towards a lot of interactions coming from audiences residing in an untapped geographical location. Perhaps, it may be time to expand your targeting strategy. Social Listening, in this sense, can help you spot valuable business opportunities. 

Capture Audience Sentiment 

Social listening tools help uncover the sentiment behind all the conversations that are happening around your brand. As such, every conversation depicts a positive, negative or neutral emotions. Listening to these conversations and capturing the sentiment behind these conversations is very important. 

Audience sentiment analysis offers important cues using which you can align your brand, product and content strategies. With Unbox Social, you can dig into the overall sentiment around your brand or a particular keyword. At the same time, you can also look at the sentiment behind individual conversations. 

Expressed in percentage, the audience sentiment behind every conversation can let you ascertain their opinion. 

Social Listening Tool - Brand Mentions

Uncover Audience Passion points 

Mining through audience conversations can help you unveil their passion points. Especially when the audience does not explicitly state their expectations. 

Social listening helps you identify key themes and topics that the audience is talking about. With the help of this data, you can come up with innovations in your products as well as marketing strategy. Since these strategies are informed by audience opinions, these are bound to be low-risk. 

Brand Perception 

All the social listening data collectively helps you measure your brand reputation. How people perceive your brand will help you get the bigger picture. 

Social listening will help you spot any potential red flags and aid you in evading brand PR crises. By recording all the conversations and mentions around your brand, all at one place, using social listening, you can capture your brand image. 

Spot Brand Advocates  

Social listening by Unbox Social monitors conversations to find top content creators talking about your brand. These are influential content creators with huge follower bases. You can tap into their potential to create an impact on audiences and build fruitful Influencer marketing campaigns with them. 

Social Listening Tool - Influencer marketing

Besides finding Influencers to collaborate with, you can also find potential brand advocates. 

Brand Advocates

These are individuals who are already showing interest in your brand. Leverage their loyalty to make them advocates for your brand. Enter into a brand advocacy program with these individuals. 

Context Of Conversations

The context of conversations on social platforms is another important set of data that social listening helps you uncover. You can use this intelligence to inform content, campaigns, product innovation and so on.

The tool provides you with relevant keywords and themes which project what the audience is talking about. This information can be very valuable in building your content and marketing strategy.

Diversity Of Content 

How diverse are the conversations around your brand? Are there more pictures or videos? 

Knowing what kind of conversations your brand is provoking is also helpful for building your content creation strategy. These insights can be crucial in enhancing brand engagement. 

Social Media Content Diversity

Journey Along The Sale Funnel

Leverage social listening data to identify where your audience is along the customer journey. To put it in other words, social listening can help you spot potential leads. 

Using the social listening tool, you can look out for green signals for potential customers. Use this data to feed into your Ads targeting strategy and content marketing strategy.

Instead of running after random cold leads based on audience personas, use social listening data to know who is more likely to convert.  

Summing It Up 

Social listening offers vital data that you can use to feed into your content and marketing strategies. Take cues from audience conversations when making important business and marketing decisions. So, without much further ado, start listening to what your audience has to say, now!

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Working with influencers?

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Working with influencers?

Use our brand scan to find who competition works with!


Working with influencers?

Use our brand scan to find who competition works with!