Facebook Audience Insights: Why You Need It & How To Get Data

Facebook insights

Targeting the right audience with your social media strategies is the best way to get the most out of social media platforms. Brands and businesses put in a lot of effort to find out who is their target audience and what kind of audience forms a potential audience base. Connecting brands to customers is no less than a challenge. Brand managers need to frame their brand messages carefully to target the right audience. 

This is why audience insights are more important than ever. Facebook is the most used social media network and hosts a wide audience base which makes it the most preferred platform for brand marketing. There are a number of tools in the market that can give you data on the Facebook audience. It is necessary to understand how audience insights can impact your campaign planning. 

In this blog, we will tell you all about how to go about Facebook audience insights. 

Before we begin with the process of getting data on Facebook audience, it is best to know more about Facebook audience insights in general. 

What are Facebook Audience Insights?

Facebook audience insights is a dashboard offered by Facebook for business page owners on the platform to analyse the audience interacting and following their page. The audience insights section gives data on audience demographics, total likes, new likes, and so on. 

Importance of Facebook Audience Insights

  • Helps you discover your audience base

With the help of Facebook audience insights, you will be able to detect your audience base. The data obtained from the analysis will give you a clear picture of who your brand is catering to. 

  • Helps you find out inactive audience base

In many cases, brand managers end up targeting the wrong audience which proves harmful for their sales. Moreover, implementing a strategy on an inactive audience puts all the efforts in vain. 

  • Helps you know the consumer’s preferences

Having an audience base is all about understanding who is in tune with your brand. Moreover, with the help of audience insights, you also come to know about their preferences. This can help you frame strategies and also improvise the products and services. 

  • Tells you what is not working with the consumers

Most audience insights tools also help you segregate the audience base. This simply means you can find out what kind of audience is liking your brand and which section is not able to relate to it. 

  • Helps you direct Facebook ads to the right audience

Facebook ads help you reach a wider audience base and with audience insights, you can direct the ads to the right audience. This makes sure your invested ad amount gets the most returns.

Now that we know the importance of Facebook audience insights, let’s explore the Unbox Social tool and its analytics feature to get Facebook insights. 

Unbox Social– Facebook Audience Insights

Unbox Social’s social media analytics solution allows you to get audience insights for Facebook. Unlike the native Facebook audience insights, this tool gives in-depth data on the audience. Let’s explore the features of this tool in brief. 

 1. Get detailed audience demographics

Facebook audience insights

The Unbox Social tool gives you detailed insights on audience demographics. The dashboard gives you data on age, gender, location, language, and much more. Additionally, the insights are categorised into three parts namely fans, reach, and page views. 

 2. Tells you when your followers are online

Facebook insights

The tool is designed to give you a detailed blueprint of your Facebook audience. Along with the demographics, the dashboard gives you data on when most of your followers are active on the platform. This data can help you schedule your posts smartly.  

 3. Know what kind of content themes have worked for you

Facebook audience insights

Brands often get stuck in the trial and error process of detecting what actually works with their audience base on Facebook. The Unbox Social tool gives you data on the same. The tool takes into account the content themes your brand has posted on and gives you metrics for it. This will give you an idea of what kind of content fetches you a good engagement on Facebook. 

 4. Know the audience sentiment

Facebook insights

Knowing the audience sentiment is very crucial in shaping the future goals and objectives of a brand. The tool calculates the audience sentiment for your brand wrt interactions on the profile. Divided into three categories- positive, neutral, and negative, this feature lets you frame Facebook marketing plans efficiently.

 5. Sentiment by emoji

Unbox Social Facebook insights

The Unbox Social tool gives you sentiment analysis by emoji too. Know about the most used emojis by your audience for your content and detect the audience’s sentiment. 

The above-mentioned pointers are all you need to know about the pulse of your Facebook audience. These Facebook audience insights from Unbox Social will surely help you scale up your strategies. Want to know more about Facebook insights? Take a look at the blogs below.

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