Using Facebook Audience Insights to Make Your Business More Appealing

facebook audience insights


Ecommerce advancement has gone through several changes and it is up to business owners to come up with plans, strategies and actions to make their brand appealing to consumers. There are effective ways for business owners to use digital marketing to their advantage and this is where Facebook audience insights and social media marketing enter the scene.

What are the key elements available for Facebook audience insight?

If you are one of those business owners who are opting to build your brand in the online niche, Facebook audience insight is an excellent tool for you to gather data for your campaigns. It basically determines and understands your target audience with the use of demographics.

Digital marketing strategy is one excellent way for you to easily introduce your brand to your targeted customers and potential leads. This may improve your campaign’s ROI. Facebook audience insight provides detailed data from the users you reach, through their advertising platform. The data gathered is broken down into two categories which include user-provided data and information from third parties.

Introduction to Accessing the Facebook Audience Insight Tool

Facebook Audience Insights tool has the ability to reach out to specific consumers. To make this tool work to your advantage and add to your success, your choice of audience should not be too generic. Avoid wasting money on advertisements.

For example, to promote your web design services to Facebook users, you can use this tool to find specific people who are into web design, whether as a passion or as a profession.

Even after finding your target audience, who may convert eventually, you can still use Facebook Audience Insights to find dozens of other interests to boost your campaign.

Selecting Your Target Audience

Facebook Audience Insights also allow you to narrow down the target demographic you are trying to analyse by providing you with three options:

  1. Gathering data on everyone who uses Facebook
  2. Collecting data on your existing fans
  3. Creating a custom profile of users that you would like to track

Facebook Audience Insights provide you with a tool to navigate your Ads Manager to select your audience from:

  • Everyone on Facebook
  • People connected to your page
  • A custom audience

You can define your “Seed” audience by choosing your targeted consumers’ location, age, gender and interest. You also have to keep your audience’s interests and preferences in mind. Going through this tool will provide you with a number of active users, on a monthly basis.

There are six options to choose from :

  1. Demographics
  2. Page Likes
  3. Location
  4. Activity
  5. Household
  6. Purchase

These will help you learn more about your audience and potential customers.

Facebook Audience Insights can increase your chances of getting seen and heard by your targeted customers which may eventually lead to profits.

Review, Adjust and Save Your Data

Once you are done with setting up your parameters on the Facebook Audience Insights tool, you can start reviewing your data.

You can make further adjustments after reviewing and filtering down your audience. You can also make a comparison between your target audience and an average Facebook user. An example is determining what percentage of your audience are fans of small business marketing strategy pages.

It is also crucial that you are able to easily access the records of your data. Facebook made that easy for you by providing the “Save” icon on the top menu.

Evaluating Top Categories and Page Likes

You will be given a list of Top Categories. Against each category, you will see the most popular pages that your potential customers are interested in.

Each page is ranked by its relevance – which pages are most likely related to your target audience based on affinity. This tells how likely is it for your potential audience to “like” a page compared to everyone else on Facebook. A high affinity score implies that your audience also likes pages that are relevant to yours.

Engage With Your Target Audience

Now that you have your target audience, you need to engage with them by creating Facebook advertisements that are unique, catchy and informative. You must convey the right, honest and proper content that represents your brand, products or services. Keep your targeted audience interested and ultimately, you will see them convert them into your loyal consumers.


Facebook audience insight is one of the most important advertising tools in planning a social media strategy.  Are you planning to use the Facebook audience insight tool to make your business appealing to consumers? Let us know by leaving a comment.

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