Facebook Analytics: Step-by-Step Guide to Grow Your Business

As a business owner or marketer, you may be scouring through the internet for ways to amp up your presence on Facebook. But you know what can make a world of difference? Looking into your Facebook page analytics.

2.41 billion people use Facebook every month. Like the 90 million businesses on the platform, you are probably populating your Facebook business page with good quality content. But have you noticed that regardless of what you do, your Facebook business page growth is pretty stagnant? So, are you looking at your Facebook analytics? 

We’re sure you’re already using Facebook analytics. Yet, if you are dissatisfied with your progress, this Facebook analytics guide will give you a good idea of what you need to do to get ‘there’.

In this post, you’ll learn:

a. What is Facebook Analytics?
b. Importance of Facebook Insights
c. Facebook Insights Guide
d. How to see Facebook Analytics?
e. Facebook Analytics Tools

A) What is Facebook Analytics?

Facebook Analytics allows you to capture all the data behind your Facebook business page. It tells you how your audience interacts with your content. It provides you with an insight into what’s working and what’s not. It is all the information you need to make important decisions about your content and marketing strategy on Facebook. 

What can Facebook Analytics Tell you?

Facebook analytics tell you everything about your Facebook page growth and your posts. It also tells you about the audience that visits your Facebook page and interacts with your content. 

To break it down for you, we’ll be looking at 3 major components of Facebook analytics, namely- 

Facebook Page Insights 

This is where you get an overview of how your page is performing. Facebook page insights give you a macro-perspective of your Facebook business page. This includes your Facebook page follower growth and overall reach and engagement.

All fluctuations in follower growth, reach, engagement and other page metrics come into your notice as you measure your Facebook page insights. In this way, you can constantly optimize to align with what’s working for you. 

Facebook Audience Insights 

Are you filling your Facebook page with what you believe, is good quality content? 

If this is the approach you have been following, you’re bound to see a slow growth on your Facebook page. Facebook audience insights tell you who your audience is, and how they interact with your content. 

With Facebook audience insights, you’ll know whether you should be focusing on content for females or males. What age group does your audience belong to? All these audience insights and more should ideally drive your content strategy. 

Facebook Post Insights 

Facebook post insights help you make sense of patterns amongst your Facebook posts.Some tools like Unbox Social offer Facebook post insights to help you make sense of every post that you put out. 

With Facebook post insights, you can see the performance of all your Facebook posts in one place. You can prioritize which content formats to focus on, and which Facebook posts are good for promotions. 

If you want to put out content that genuinely drives your audience, then you can’t miss out on your Facebook post insights. 

In a nutshell, your Facebook page insights, post insights, and audience insights together will help you build a comprehensive Facebook marketing strategy. 

Measuring your FB analytics is worth every effort. Some of you have probably relied on vanity metrics of likes and comments so far. We’ll now discuss why you need to include Facebook analytics as a part of your Facebook marketing strategy. 

B) Facebook Analytics: Why You Need to Look at your Facebook Insights?

Your Facebook business page demands some amount of effort into content planning, creation, and execution for sure. But, how do you know if your Facebook business page activity is paying off or not? 

Keeping track of your Facebook insights helps you here. All the data you capture using Facebook analytics assists you in the following ways- 

Making Important Content and Marketing Decisions 

A lot goes into planning out your Facebook marketing strategy. Facebook Analytics allows you access to important data about your Facebook page activity. You can use this intelligence to take important content and marketing decisions. 

For instance, you notice a particular content format, say live videos by Influencers, are doing well. Now, you know where you need to invest your time, money, and efforts. Instead of putting out everything under the sun, figure out what your audience is liking. And, for this, you need to look at your Facebook insights. 

Enhance your Paid Marketing Activity on Facebook 

The performance of your organic content on Facebook should ideally drive your paid marketing activity. You can look at the audience’s response to your organic content with Facebook analytics. 

Based on this data, you can decide what will get you more clicks and/or what will get you more reach. Start analyzing all the Facebook insights for your organic content. You can then identify content that performs well and take calculated steps. 

Facebook insights, thereby, help guide your paid marketing campaigns as well. 

Knowing your Facebook Audience 

Knowing your Facebook audience is another advantage of measuring Facebook Analytics. While you’re creating and posting content on your Facebook page, is it even reaching the audience segments you were targeting?

Facebook analytics tell you about the segments of the audience that are viewing and engaging with your content. Here, you can dig into the demographics of your audience. If you see mostly female audience segments interacting with your brand, you should alter your content strategy accordingly. 

 Keeping an Eye on Important Facebook Metrics

By now, you already know that there’s so much more to your Facebook insights than just likes and comments. There are so many other important metrics you need to look into when you plan your Facebook strategy. 

Facebook Analytics lets you stay updated with your performance on all the important metrics. Right from your reach and engagement to post-level metrics, you get access to all the important metrics. 

Keep track of your Facebook metrics and build a well-thought-out strategy for your Facebook page. As a matter of fact, Facebook Analytics lets you uncover pretty much all the data important for growing your business. 

By now you know how important it is to track your Facebook analytics. Your Facebook metrics should ideally feed into your marketing strategy on the platform. So, let’s look at the different Facebook metrics you must measure.

C) Facebook Insights Guide 

There’s a whole lot of data that Facebook analytics gives you access to. All the complex pools of data that FB analytics offers, can be quite intimidating. 

But, we’ve got you covered! This Facebook insights guide will ensure that you can get a good sense of the different metrics that Facebook analytics offers. 

Page Fans: 

The total number of followers on your Facebook page. Here, you can monitor the daily fluctuations in your follower growth. 

Let’s say you see a sudden surge in your follower growth on one day. Wouldn’t you want to capitalize on what led to the sudden spike in the number of followers? 

Was it a particular Facebook campaign that brought more followers to your business? Or, perhaps you created some really engaging content pieces that drove your audience to engage around that time?  

Whatever the reason behind it, unless you are aware of these fluctuations, you can’t take action. And, while you do this, it is important to be consistent in tracking your follower growth. 

Page Reach and Views

Page reach reflects the total number of unique accounts who viewed your content. On the other hand, page views refer to the total number of times your page was been viewed. 

What’s the point of creating all the content for your Facebook page when it’s not reaching your audience? 

This is why you’ve got to watch out these Facebook metrics. Monitor your Facebook page reach and views consistently. 

What was the reason behind the sudden fall or rise in the reach? Did your page views go down suddenly? Is it because you haven’t posted in a very long time? 

By tracking your Facebook page reach, you will be able to make sense of your audience’s behaviour and alter your activities accordingly. 

facebook page views

Page Engagement

Want to beat the Facebook algorithm? Your Facebook page engagement is where you’d want to get started. One important factor that drives the Facebook algorithm is how a user engages with your content. A good engagement rate on your Facebook page is indeed a great sign. 

But, in order to know what is a good engagement rate on Facebook, it is important that you track it. 

A drop or a rise in engagement, are equally important to monitor, in this sense.These insights can direct you to what you’re doing wrong and what is, probably not working for your brand on Facebook.

Facebook Page Impressions 

This is the total number of times your Facebook page has appeared on the screen of users. It is as important to track your impressions, as it is to track your Facebook page reach and views. 

Some third party Facebook analytics tools like Unbox Social also let you dig deeper into your impressions. 

facebook page impressions

Facebook Audience Demographics

Another important Facebook metric you must track, is your Facebook Audience Insights. 

Doesn’t it go without saying that your audience will ultimately drive your overall Facebook marketing strategy? 

As such, tracking your Facebook audience demographics is of utmost importance. This is where you can capture the gender, age and geographical composition of your audience. With these demographic insights, you can understand what will suit the taste of your audience. Accordingly, you can take a call as to what kind of content you will put out on your Facebook page. 

Facebook Page CTA 

Some Facebook analytics tools such as Unbox Social allow you to track the number of times users clicked on page CTAs (contact us, call now, etc.). 

If you want to get more hits on your CTA, you need to track them. Once you start tracking these numbers, you can understand what drives your audience to hit the CTA button. Accordingly, you can ensure a smooth visitor journey to the CTA. 

facebook page insights

Facebook Video Metrics

We’re sure you know how important video is for your Facebook strategy. After all, it is the most engaging content format. In that sense, Facebook video metrics will definitely come in handy as if you want to enhance your videos. 

Here’s a snapshot of the Facebook video metrics that Unbox Social helps capture: 

Facebook video metrics

The idea is to understand the audience’s behaviour in response to the videos you put out on your Facebook page. 

Facebook Post-wise Insights 

Dig deeper into every post you put out on your Facebook page. For every post, look into the likes, comments, reactions and other important metrics. A comparison and analysis of your different posts will help you come at what kind of content compels your audience to interact with your brand. 

facebook post insights

facebook post insights 2

facebook post insights 3

facebook post insights 4

In this way, you can track your posts at an in-depth level. You’ll know which posts are drawing traction and from which audience segments, and a whole lot of other important insights. 

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D) How to See Facebook Analytics?

To access all the different Facebook metrics we talked about just now, you need to know how to see Facebook Analytics. 

Here’s the thing. Facebook provides a native Facebook Analytics platform where you can keep track of some of these metrics. So, one way to see Facebook analytics is through the insights of your Facebook page. 

For this, go to your Facebook page, find ‘Insights’ in the top menu or head to the ‘more’ section to get the option. 

Facebook Page Insights

Now, you can access the native Facebook analytics dashboard. Here’s how it looks like : 

You can get a look at the macro-view of your Facebook page by heading to the ‘Overview’ section of the Facebook Analytics dashboard. 

This section allows you to look at metrics such as the actions on your page, page likes, page views, page previews, post reach, recommendations and so on. 

You can also dig deeper into the posts that you published on Facebook. For this, you can head to the ‘Posts’ Section. In this section, you can view the targeting, types, reach, and engagement for every post. 

Facebook Page Post Insights

With the native analytics platform, you can access insights from up to 2 years ago. So, this is the native Facebook analytics platform, in a nutshell. 

But guess what? Besides the native analytics tool, there are various other Facebook analytics tools that help you with tracking all the Facebook metrics. These tools make the process of measuring your analytics easier at every step of the way.

In the next section, we’ve covered some of the top Facebook analytics tools you can rely on. So, jump straight in and make your pick!

E) 5 Best Facebook Analytics Tools 

The best thing is that you don’t have to calculate all the data yourself since Facebook analytics tools help you do that. But as you make your pick amongst the different tools, ease-to-navigate through, and access to maximum features are some factors you need to take into account. 

Facebook Analytics Tool #1 :Unbox Social 

“What is the best time to post my content?

Which Facebook posts should I boost?

What is a good reach on Facebook? 

Which content formats are good for getting more engagement on my Facebook page?”

Unbox Social helps you answer all these questions. 

The social media analytics tool by Unbox Social provides you with detailed insights about your Facebook handle. Our multifaceted tool allows you to access important data about your Facebook page, your audience, and every piece of content you put out on Facebook. 

If you’ve been looking for ways to turn around your Facebook strategy for the better, Unbox Social is the tool you can fall back on. Want to know how?

Here’s how you can set-up your Facebook page and start monitoring your activity on Facebook: 

1. Sign-Up to Get Started

To start tracking your Facebook page activity with Unbox Social, you need to sign-up first. 

Fill the details in the relevant fields and submit them. Our team will get in touch with you to take you through the entire onboarding process. 

2. Head to your Facebook Analytics Dashboard

Once you log in to your Unbox Social account, head on over to your Facebook analytics dashboard. Here’s a snapshot of the tool: 

facebook analytics dashboard
3. Add your Facebook Business Page

To add the Facebook business page you want to track, click ‘+’ on the upper right corner. 

facebook analytics tool

Select Facebook as the social platform you want to track. Next, authorize access to your Facebook account and select the business profile (s) you want to track. 

facebook analytics guide

Now, you’re all set to start tracking your Facebook analytics. 


4. Start Tracking your Facebook Page Insights

Want to know how your overall Facebook page performance has been like? The Facebook analytics overview section provides you with a macro-perspective of your Facebook page. 

facebook page analytics

Some of the insights you get access to in the Overview section include page Fans, page views, page engagement, page reach, page interactions, page impressions, page CTA and so on. 

But you know the best part about the overview section of the Facebook analytics dashboard on Unbox Social?

The tool analyzes all the traction on your content to provide you with the ‘Top Recommended Posts to Promote’. 

recommended posts to promote
5. Jump into In-depth Audience Insights

Simply click on the ‘Audience’ tab on your Facebook Analytics dashboard to look at your audience insights. This is what it looks like- 

facebook audience insights

As you can see, here you can access the audience demographics for your Facebook page. It breaks down your fans, reach and page views by their age, gender split and location spread. 

Find out when your followers are online, as well as the language composition of your audience. 

best time to post on facebook

You can look at the content themes that are being talked about and also keep an eye on the audience sentiment. Make sense of the users’ interactions with your content by looking at the ‘Feedback ratio by type’ and ‘Feedback vs Unique Feedback’. 

6. Access Post-level Insights

If you’re looking to build a holistic strategy for your brand on Facebook, you should know how every post is performing. Unbox Social assesses the audience response to your posts. It then provides you with overall insights and intelligence around your posts. 

Here’s a snapshot of the ‘Posts’ section on the Facebook analytics dashboard- 

facebook post analytics

And, if you scroll down this Facebook analytics dashboard, you’ll see other important metrics including – total number of posts, percentage of posts of each type (links, videos, pictures, status), video metrics and post-level insights. 

The post-level insights, in this sense, give in-depth intelligence for every post you put on Facebook. Making important strategy decisions is easier with all this data in your hand

To wrap it up, here’s how you can benefit from using this tool: 

  • Easy to navigate dashboard
  • Quick, actionable insights 
  • Comprehensive and smooth user interface
  • Get instant insights on what’s performing well and what isn’t

Facebook Analytics Tool #2 :Facebook Insights 

We already talked about Facebook Insights in the previous section. This is the native Facebook Analytics tool.

One great thing about using the native analytics tool on Facebook is that you can easily access them with a click of a button. Go to your Facebook page, and click on ‘More’ to drop the menu down. Select ‘Insights’, and voila, you can see all your Facebook analytics data here!

Also, if you’re running Ads on Facebook, the analytics dashboard breaks down insights for paid and organic content. 

Although this tool is free of cost, it gives you access to only some basic-level insights, even though there is scope for more. 

Facebook Analytics Tool #3: Buffer 

Buffer is another Facebook analytics tool you can try using. While it is known for its publishing feature, Buffer offers a social media analytics tool as well. It allows you to track your Facebook campaigns and content. 

It lets you measure your engagement metrics and also look at the audience demographics. This is how the tool looks like: 

facebook analytics tools 2

Facebook Analytics Tool #4 :Sociograph 

Sociograph is a social media analytics tool for Facebook groups and communities. Using this tool, you can track your community and content. With your content report, you can look at your most popular posts along with statistics about shares, likes, comments and their content preview. 

The community members’ reports let you know about the most active members in your community. This tool helps you monitor your community and can be good for tracking your Facebook group activity. 

facebook analytics tools - sociograph

Facebook Analytics Tool #5 :Grytics 

Grytics is great for analyzing Facebook groups as well. With Grytics, you can handle and optimize the performance of your Facebook groups. 

As a brand, you’d probably want to expand your presence through multiple media. If you have a Facebook group dedicated to building a community of your target audience, then this Facebook analytics tool will definitely be helpful. 

 Just like your Facebook page, it is important to measure the activity on your Facebook groups as well. Grytics lets you monitor group activity with a single dashboard. Here’s a snapshot of Grytics- 

facebook analytics 3

Facebook Analytics Decoded – Summing Up

Facebook analytics is pretty much an inevitable part of Facebook marketing right now. You are investing your time, money and efforts into building presence on Facebook. This calls for you to conduct diligent study of your Facebook page activity. 

Facebook analytics gives you the much needed insight into how your Facebook page and content is performing. With the help of Facebook analytics tools, you can track, analyze and decode audience behaviours, and accordingly take action. 

If you want to start deriving vital information and intelligence around your Facebook page, Unbox Social will have you covered. The tool offers actionable insights made available through a comprehensive, easy-to-use dashboard.

Get started with tracking all your important data on Facebook using Unbox Social. Sign up now!

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