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4 Best Practices for CMO’s Social Media Success

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Social media has become a mainstream marketing channel for your brand. As social media has proven to be an impactful platform for establishing a brand presence, C-suite level executives are also leveraging it to leave an impact. 

Being the CMO for your brand, you ought to understand the importance of being out there and walking the talk yourself. 

As the chief marketing officer for your brand, you are the face of your brand. Besides building a presence for your product/service brand on social media, you also need to establish your personal brand. Leadership communication via social media helps you become well-connected with the audience which directly affects the brand image of your business. 

Showcase the human elements of your business through your personal brand. After all, the audience associates and connects well with a human than with a faceless brand.

Top-level executives including Gary Vaynerchuck understand the importance of projecting not just the business, but also their own personal brand. 

But, according to recent statistics, only 54% of the Fortune 500 CEOs have a social media presence. LinkedIn turns out to be the most favoured platform amongst the executives as, around 50% of them are using the platform. 

Twitter stands to be the second most favoured platform amongst the executives. With only 14% of the executives using the platform to interact with their audience, it appears that many industry leaders are still missing out on a significant opportunity to forge connections.

With your in-depth niche knowledge and skills as a marketer, your presence on social can be as impactful as that of Influencers. Building an active social media presence for your personal brand contributes to enhancing your brand image. Social offers an open marketplace with access to diverse audiences. 

In order to establish authentic relationships with your audience, you need to communicate with them and inspire trust in your personal brand.

Being the chief marketer, you can leverage your personal brand to demonstrate your thought leadership as well as to streamline interactions with the audience in an authentic manner. 

Now that you know the importance of being there on social media, you need to start acting. 

If you want to make the most of your social media presence as the CMO for your brand, you need to have a concrete, fool-proof plan. 

Here are 4 best practices that you can follow towards achieving social media success – 

Set Clear Goals 

Being in the business yourself, you must be fully aware of the importance of setting clear goals before getting started. Instead of setting ambiguous goals every now and then, stick to specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and timely (SMART) goals.

What do you seek to achieve from building a presence for your personal brand on social media? Is it to share knowledge with your audience and establish your expertise in a particular field? Or, is it to give your brand a face of authority that interacts with the audience on social media? 

So, the most essential practice that you need to follow, in order to attain social media success is to have clarity on what you want to achieve. With a clear goal in your mind, you are better prepared to align your actions and stay committed to it. 

Start Building Your Presence 

To achieve social media success, you need to build a presence for your personal brand. So far, you have worked on building a brand presence for your enterprise on social media. 

Handling organizational responsibilities and leaving social footprints with your presence comes hand-in-hand for you, as the CMO. In fact, it is very crucial to use social media for external and internal communications and in establishing your reputation.

If you don’t already have a professional profile on social media platforms such as LinkedIn and Twitter. Cultivate your presence on social media by interacting with your followers and target audience. 

Create well-targeted content that will be of great value to your audience. Curate content from across the net to share with them. Establish your position as a valuable source of knowledge by putting out content that informs. 

As such, your main focus as a social CMO is to inculcate the habit of spinning out social media content that leaves an impact- both for your personal brand as well as for your business. Use your experience and knowledge in the industry to provide insights to your audience. At the same time, leverage social media as a platform where people can approach you and ask questions. 

Being out there is no easy feat either. Social media is always evolving. What may be trending today, may not be so in a few days, weeks or months. In order to build an impactful presence, you need to get well-accustomed to the dynamic nature of social media. 

Listen To Your Audience 

Building your presence is half the battle won, but you need to be literally ‘out there’, listening to what your audience is saying about you. Tracking every mention, and each conversation around your personal brand as a CMO is one of the key practices to achieve social media success. To put all these mentions and conversations, you need a social listening tool

With the help of social listening, you can listen to audience conversations around your personal brand as well as around certain specific keywords that may be of relevance. Listening to audience conversations is important for deriving vital insights about your personal brand and putting them into perspective.

Pushing out content on social media is important, but you need to back up your efforts with relevant intelligence insights about you. Social listening helps put all your brand mentions and conversations into context. 

Using social listening tools, you can dig into the audience sentiment behind conversations, for instance. Further, you can look at the context of interactions and point out the common themes and subjects that are arising out of all these conversations. 

Social listening insights provide a context to your strategy and help you shape your strategy optimally. With access to this data, you can stay on top of everything that is being said about you and create a worthwhile experience for your target audience. 

Besides your personal brand, social listening for you can also open up opportunities for your business on social media.

Forge Connections And Build A Community 

The true connotation of a powerful brand lies in leaving an impact and building strong and authentic relationships. The insights offered by social listening allow you to know your audience at a deeper level. Social listening tool does the groundwork for you by providing you with valuable insights. To put it simply, using this intelligence, you can ascertain audience passion points and pain points. 

Leverage these insights to forge connections with your target audience. Engage actively with your audience. Track brand mentions and discover points of interaction. Is there a question that you can probably address for your audience? Or, is there some feedback that you may want to respond to? 

Develop the practice of fostering connections with your audience by the medium of constant conversation on social platforms. Build a loyal community and constantly feed them with valuable information and knowledge around topics relevant to your industry. 

In order to foster a loyal community of followers, it is essential to not only be present, but also active and consistent. 

Forbes ranked top CMOs on the basis of their influence in the industry. Amongst the most influential CMOs in the industry are Keith Weed of Unilever and Linda Boff of GE, ranked top 2. Both Keith Weed and Linda Boff wield influence through an active social media presence. 

These efforts will not only feed into the growth of your brand as a CMO but also that of your business on social media. 


As the chief marketer for your brand, above all other marketing strategies, you need to invest your time and effort into marketing your personal brand on social media. Building a presence on social media is crucial for all top-level executives in order to enhance brand reputation and to forge powerful connections. 

Follow these practices to achieve social media success for your personal brand as a CMO.


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Working with influencers?

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Working with influencers?

Use our brand scan to find who competition works with!


Working with influencers?

Use our brand scan to find who competition works with!