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9 Ways to Build Brand Awareness on Social Media

Building brand awareness has never been easier, thanks to social media. It is cost effective and easy-to-use, comes with all the features and tools to make your job easier for you. . Brands specialising in any and every niche can leverage social media to create awareness about their business.

However, there is thriving competition among different brands to draw attention of the audience. When nearly 91 percent of retail brands are using at least 2 to 3 social media channels to promote their respective brands, you can imagine the level of competition you are facing. Building brand awareness among your audience in the presence of such huge competition can be challenging but by following the right pathway, you can easily ace your brand awareness strategy.

Here are a few tips and tricks by which you can effectively build brand awareness on social media:

1. Personalise Your Content To Reflect Brand Identity

Brand awareness on social media, brand specific content

By personalised content, we mean content that reflects the identity of your brand. You need to make sure that your content stays true to your brand. Focus on creating standardised, uniform content with which your audience can recognise your brand.

Take the example of ‘Humans of New York’. You can easily identify a post by HONY on your social media feed. Their incredible story telling style has in fact, drawn attention and appreciation from people all over the world.

Your content posts should have a particular, uniform style. Every time a user looks at your content, they should be able to quickly identify it with your brand.

Masterchef Mom is an example in this context. This cooking-focused Instagram handle uses ethnic Indian fabrics and rustic utensils as backdrops within all the pictures. You can easily point out content created by their Instagram handle.

Brand awareness for social media, personalised content

Not just picture content, but videos can also be personalised to make your brand image stand out.

2. Brand-focused profile

Brand awareness on social media, Brand focused profile

Just as personalised content can help build a certain image around your brand, your profile should also reflect all about your brand. It is very simple to do.

One of the first and foremost things to do is to add brand category. You also need to add a relevant description or bio on your social media profile. For profile pictures, it is recommended to add your logo, so that every time you share content, people can see your logo and associate it with your brand. Add URL to your website on your profile, so that profile visitors can head to your site or blog to know more about your brand.

3. Post your content consistently

You can increase brand awareness by posting consistently through your social media accounts. Staying active and posting consistently is an important step towards building brand awareness on social media. This how you can boost your visibility on social media and increase the chances of leaving an impression on the mind of your audience.

While you are planning out your strategy for posting across different social media channels, make sure to identify the right time to post on each platform. There are different timings and days on which the audience is most active. Find out the best time to post on social media channels and plan out your social media strategy in accordance with it.

4. Engage your audience

In order to build brand awareness on social media, you need to drive conversations on your brand. Add content that compels people to comment and interact with your brand. You can further initiate conversations around your brand by asking people to give feedback, responding to compliments with a nice thank you comment and replying to queries and complaints on your social media feed and messages.

The more engaged your audience is, the better your social media presence. An increased social media presence means better awareness on social media channels.

5. Collaborate with niche influencers

Brand awareness on social media

Influencers are individuals on social media with huge follower bases. Influencers may specialize in any niche. It could be in fitness, lifestyle, fashion, cooking etc. Collaborating with influencers from your niche can be very beneficial for your brand. With the help of niche influencers, you can create awareness of your brand among their follower base.

Take the example of the picture above. Instagram and YouTube influencer, Alfie Deyes has a 4.4 million-strong following on Instagram. He collaborated with Daniel Wellington to promote their watches. As an influencer, Alfie Deyes, whose Instagram handles goes by ‘Pointless Blog’  has a huge audience base, and a major part of his audience is impacted by his fashion and style. Through this partnership, Daniel Wellington was able to reach a huge audience and build awareness about their brand.

You can create different types of content with social media influencers on different platforms. You can ask them to takeover your Instagram handle or Facebook page. Product reviews by influencers can have a reinforcing effect for your brand given the trust that they have built amongst their audience.

There are many ways by which you can collaborate with your influencers to create a buzz around your brand and boost brand awareness across social media platforms.

6. Leverage trending topics to create content

The audience loves to talk about trending topics. If we go back to the positive effect of generating conversation on social media, you will come to the conclusion that engagement can increase brand awareness.

To initiate conversations, inculcate information about important and relevant trends in your content strategy. This will also help boost your brand’s image as a great source of knowledge and information.

7. Network in your niche community

Build connections in your niche community to create a reputation about your brand among industry experts. Facebook has the groups feature on its platform. Facebook groups are usually composed of niche community experts, influencers, interest groups and audience. You can join Facebook groups relating to your niche, in order to interact and build awareness about your brand.

LinkedIn groups offers a similar platform where you can interact with your niche community, while also gaining access to relevant knowledge.

Apart from joining social media groups, you can also interact with your competitors on social media. You can comment on updates and important events. You can also give shout outs to your competitors and build a friendly rapport with them. In doing this, you are building a mutually beneficial relationship with your competitor and also getting access to their audience too.

You must also actively interact with the audience segment of your niche community.

8. Share unique stories about your brand

It is true that your audience wants to gain as much information about your products or services as possible. But, they are equally inquisitive about the other facets of your organisation.

Show them the human side of your organisation by sharing about your team on social media platforms. Share about important events and updates about your brand. These could be small partnerships, events and programs, CSR activities and other initiatives that come together to build your brand image.

You can also share behind the scene videos and other content. Talk about the practices and principles that you follow. Showcase your organisation culture. Boost the awareness of your brand by showcasing all these elements.

9. Conduct live streams

Brand awareness on social media, Live streaming

One of the top social media trends right now is the growing popularity of live streaming. This new type of content has beaten normal video and picture- content to become the most popular form of content on social media. The good thing is, it is easy and comes with a lot of advantages and benefits.

Apart from the basic requirements of a smartphone, good lighting and the app for live streaming, there is no special equipment or investment needed. You can use the live streaming option to do a lot of things. Q&A sessions, product/brand launch, live coverage of events, unboxing , there are many ways to leverage this new tool. You can also conduct demonstrations of products and with Instagram Live, you can video chat live with the audience viewing your interaction in real time.

Live streams are capable of generating active engagement among the audience with the comment and reaction feature. It allows for a better connection with the audience. You can use Facebook Live, Twitter Live or Instagram Live to conduct live streams and boost engagement on these platforms.


There is a lot of competition on offline as well as online platforms today. You need to stand out to draw attention of your target audience. Everyone knows how social media increases brand awareness with the help of the different features each platform offers.

Here is a set of quick tips to follow for increasing brand awareness on social media:

  • Create content that reflects brand image- follow a specific style or pattern that the audience can recognise
  • Build a brand focused profile with all information about your brand
  • Stay active on all social media platforms and post your content consistently
  • Initiate conversations through content and respond to feedback, queries, complaints and compliments
  • Partner with influencers from your niche to reach out to a huge follower base
  • Inculcate trending topics as a part of your content strategy
  • Network with
  • Give a peek inside your brand by showcasing organisation culture, practices and principles
  • Use live streams to generate active engagement




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Working with influencers?

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Working with influencers?

Use our brand scan to find who competition works with!


Working with influencers?

Use our brand scan to find who competition works with!