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Best Time to Post on the Top 4 Social Media Platforms

What is the best time to post on social media

Numbers are proof that people are using social media extensively around the world. People of almost all age groups, coming from different walks of life are using social media for different purposes- for entertainment, for knowledge or for connecting with the community.

Social media is also coveted as the most cost-effective marketing medium. Leveraging the power of these platforms, in this sense, should be done with maximum efficiency. You should make the most of this platform to get maximum benefits.

Engaging your audience, raising outreach levels, converting followers into customers, through these social media platforms is not a task that can be completed overnight. It takes time for the fruits of your labour to show in numbers. But if you’re watching out for the various factors and metrics that influence your growth on these platforms, you are halfway there.

One of the most important factors to consider in your social media strategy is the best time to post on a particular social media platform. Today, businesses use Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Pinterest etc. to create and share content with their target audience.

Why do you need to find out the best time to post?

To make the most of your social media strategy, you need to analyze and identify the best time to post on these social media platforms. You may be aiming at increasing your followers, building your brand image and identity or adding more people to your target community. For each of these goals, you need to make sure that your content reaches your audience.

To make sure it happens, you need to target certain times during the day when most people are active on social media. Each social media channel has its own peak time when most people tune in or are active. Your content gets scanned and sieved for visibility on the basis of social media algorithms. Organic reach, as a result, is very competitive.

But if you pick out certain times and days during a week, when people are active, you can be at an advantage. Different social media channels will have different peak hours, depending on the type of platform it is. Using insights from analytics tools, you can get a rough idea about this.

Also observing basic trends about the lifestyle of your target audience is going to help you in finding the best time to post on any social media platform for maximum exposure.

For instance, if you are a cosmetics and skin care brand, you cater mostly to women. You will share content on social media when they are most active. The ideal time can be during the late morning hours when most females are commuting to the office or have been done with their household work. While there are certain common trends for each of the social media channels. However, consumer behaviour across these social media channels tends to differ and so does the ideal time to post content.

So what is the ideal time to post content on different social media platforms?

Best time to post on Facebook

Facebook is a great platform for setting up business pages and sharing content among your target audience. Although the new Facebook algorithm has made organic reach difficult for brands, its huge pool of users makes it an ideal platform for reaching potential customers.

The best time to post on Facebook is around 12 pm to around 2 pm at noon. Going by the lifestyle of consumers, lunchtime is the time when most people are active. Irrespective of gender or status of employment. This is the case for weekdays. Facebook tends to get maximum traffic during the midweek, on Wednesdays and Thursdays.

On weekends, this platform does not get as much traffic. This can probably be attributed to the fact that people are out during the weekend. They do not access their Facebook accounts as much as they do during the weekdays.  However, the best time to post on Facebook on a Sunday or on Saturday would be early morning or late evening. So you can target at posting content on Facebook on weekends before 9 am or after 8 pm.

Although, these are the basic trends with respect to Facebook, looking at your target audience and other demographics will help you get a better idea as to the best time to post on Facebook.

Best time to post on Instagram

Instagram is a photo and video sharing platform. It comes with features such as photo sharing, video sharing, live streams, stories etc. Close to a billion people are using Instagram today.

The best time to post on Instagram for your business is in the afternoon, late night and early morning. It is recommended that you post content on Instagram at around 6-6.30 am in the morning. This is when most people wake up. Since Instagram is mostly about visual content, people tend to check their Instagram feeds when they wake up.

You can also add and post content on Instagram, late at night because that’s when many users are active. Posting around 2pm-4pm can also help you reach more people. As this is mostly the time when people take lunch breaks, evening breaks etc.

Best time to post on Instagram on the weekends is morning and late night. Since most people go out during weekends, they are more likely to check their Instagram feeds before and after coming back home. The worst time to post content on Instagram is thus the weekend.

However, certain brands might see active engagement as part of their audience during the commuting hours. It highly depends on your brand, your products and your target audience and their demographics.

Best time to post on YouTube

YouTube is a video sharing platform. It is the second largest search engine on the internet today. YouTube can be a profitable part of your social media strategy.

The best time to post on YouTube is around 2 pm and 4 pm in the afternoon for Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays. For Thursdays and Fridays, when weekends are approaching and the workload usually tends to go down, viewers are active from 1 pm – 3 pm. Sharing your video content through YouTube should be targeted around these hours.

It is recommended to post videos on YouTube from 9 am to 11 am during the weekends to get maximum views. It has been found that most YouTube users are school-age children or young adults and so YouTube engagement tends to peak by Saturdays.

But you must take into account your target audience as well as their demographics in deciding the best time to share content on YouTube.

Best time to post on Twitter

Twitter has close to 330 million monthly active users from around the globe. It has also been found that most of these millennials, which means most of them are young adults.

The best time to post on twitter is on Fridays, from around 12 pm to 3 pm. It is considered safe to post on Twitter from around 3 pm or from 5 pm to 6 pm on other days since these are usually the times when most people get off from work or are taking evening breaks,

In the case of Twitter, weekdays show greater engagement on part of users as compared to weekends. Sunday mornings see the least engagement and so it is recommended to post content after around 11 am.

How to know your best time to post?

To know your best time to post, you need to know your audience, when are they online and when are they most likely to engage with your content. But your audience and their behaviour might keep changing. Which is why you need to keep testing with different times to post and measure the results.

This is where using a tool like Unbox Social can be extremely handy. If you use Unbox, you get the analytics for all your social media platforms at a single place. Using these analytics you can see what is the best time to post for you. You can then track your engagement rate per post and other important metrics to analyse which time works the best for you. You can also generate reports to get an in-depth analysis of each post.


Finding the best time to post on social media is an integral part of your social media strategy. If you want to gain traction and build your following across various social media channels. Always keep a watch on the ideal time to share content.

Here’s a list of different social media platforms and the ideal time at which you should share content on these:

  1. Facebook- 12 pm to 2 pm for weekdays; before 9 am and after 8 pm on weekends.
  2. Instagram- 2pm-4pm in the noon and early morning (6 pm to 8 pm) and late night (after 12 am) on weekdays; before 9 am and after 8 pm on weekends.
  3. YouTube- 2 pm to 4 pm for Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday; 1 pm to 3 pm on Thursdays, Fridays; 9 am to 11 am on weekends.
  4. Twitter- 12 pm to 3 pm on Fridays and 5 pm to 6 pm on rest of the days.

So have you planned out your content posting schedule?


What is Unbox Social?

Unbox Social is a powerful tool that offers solutions for influencer search, social media analytics, and competition tracking. The platform helps you get in-depth social media performance data of your brands, campaigns, and competitors. Get detailed reports and implement the findings in your strategies to get the most out of your campaigns!

Working with influencers?

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Working with influencers?

Use our brand scan to find who competition works with!


Working with influencers?

Use our brand scan to find who competition works with!