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9 Easy Tips to Get More Video Views on Your YouTube Channel

Get more views on YouTube channel

Though YouTube has a large user base, it is tricky to get a large number of views on your videos.  The interesting part is, you never know what goes viral on the platform! Haven’t we all seen cat videos going viral on YouTube for no reason at all. 

Well, that’s the struggle you have to face if you want to make a mark on the platform and gain more YouTube views. 

While your video content plays a central role in deciding how many views you get, there are many other factors that affect this count. Even before playing your video a viewer is exposed to several other things. The viewer also has access to your competitor’s videos which may affect your views! 

Another reason why getting YouTube views is tough is because of the change in the audience preferences and interests. It can be rightly said that It has become all the more difficult to track what your viewers want. 

Yes, getting views on YouTube is a challenge but we’ve got you covered with these 9 quick and easy-to-follow tips.

Tips to help you increase your video views on YouTube:

1. Optimize Your Video Title and Description

Every video on YouTube is waiting for the viewer’s attention. Your YouTube video title should naturally express what the video is going to be all about. It should pull the user towards your video and compel them to play it. In short, a YouTube video title should be these three things if nothing else. 

  • Clickbaity
  • Easy to understand and clear
  • Keyword-rich 

Make it keyword rich by using tools like keyword planner. This will be helpful in gaining organic reach for your videos.

At the same time, make sure your description aligns with the video content and the title. It should be just appropriate to the content of the video. Ensure that it is search engine optimized.

Here are some titles and descriptions that are direct, informative, and keyword-friendly!

Optimize YouTube Video Titles as your YouTube strategy

2. Use a Good Thumbnail Image

One of the most important things to do is to get your thumbnail image right. Your thumbnail image offers a glimpse into what your video is going to be about. Optimize it so that it catches the attention of your audience. Every time users look at the thumbnail, they should be pushed to hit the play button.

Also, keep in mind that before a user plays a video, they will look at the description. It is very important that the thumbnail image should match with the title and description.

You can increase your YouTube views by using a good, optimized thumbnail image. You need to have a clear, high-quality image for your thumbnail. Ensure thar your thumbnails have captions with big fonts that give away a snippet of the video content. The idea, after all, is to compel your audience to play the video.

YouTube Marketing Strategy - Attractive YouTube Thumbnails

3. Create Valuable Content

Want to increase your YouTube views?

Create content that adds value to your audience. As a brand, the best way to market your products is through show and tell. Product demonstrations and user-generated content can help add value to your target audience.

Educational videos, how-to videos, interviews with subject matter experts are some of the most popular types of YouTube video content. Tutorials and product reviews are some other types of videos that the audience like.

Try to create YouTube videos that inculcate such content or which adds value to the audience. You can also take inspiration from viral topics and trends to create video content.

4. Use Cards and End Screen

YouTube offers you the features of cards and end screens. You can add cards to your videos as scripted calls to action leading to other videos, playlists, websites etc. This is a good way to take your viewers to other videos, playlists etc. whenever you make mentions to related topics.

End screens are another call to action you can add around 5-20 seconds before the video ends. With end screens too, you can take your viewers to other videos, playlists etc. You can also get your viewers to subscribe to your channel, which will help increase your YouTube views.

Using these calls to action on your videos will help you increase YouTube views.

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5. Push for Subscriptions

If your audience has subscribed to your channel, your latest videos will appear on their YouTube homepage. So if you want to increase your YouTube views you should encourage your audience to subscribe to your channel. Ask them to switch on the notifications for every new video that you add.

Every time you add a new video, you will be able to reach more people and get more views.

6. Leverage Influencer Marketing

Youtube video influencers

Partner with influencers to get access to a larger audience and to leverage their unique content creation skills.

Working with influencers puts you at an advantage of getting access to not just your audience, but also that of the influencers. Since influencers are known to have large followings on social media,  collaborating with them will be very lucrative. Larger the audience, higher your YouTube views.

Another advantage of influencer marketing is the creation of unique content. You can collaborate with niche influencers specializing in your field to create engaging videos that drive views.

Find the right set of influencers for your brand and run fruitful Influencer marketing campaigns with the help of the Influencer marketing platform by Unbox Social.

7. Monitor Your YouTube Channel Performance

In order to increase YouTube views, you need to know how your videos are performing. A good YouTube Analytics tool will help you monitor all your video metrics. You can monitor your audience retention rate.

You can use the social media analytics feature by Unbox Social to monitor your YouTube Analytics comprehensively. You can gain insights into your important YouTube video metrics with this tool. 

Here’s a snapshot of the tool:

YouTube Analytics

Which videos had lower retention rates?  You may want to avoid repeating content that is not retaining your audience. Learn from videos that did not get you the desired retention rate. Take inspiration from videos that generated higher retention rates. This will help you create videos that will generate more views.


8. Cross-promote Your YouTube Videos

Leverage your social media presence on other platforms. Share your videos on your other handles including Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. By doing this, you will be able to reach your audience on other platforms as well.

In this way, with your videos across platforms, you will be able to expand your audience and increase your overall views.

YouTube strategy Collaborate with YouTube channel creators

9. Track Your Competitors on YouTube

Your YouTube channel does not exist in isolation. If you want to get more YouTube views, you need to track what your competitors are doing that is working in their favor.

Use a reliable social media competition tracker to monitor what your competitors are doing on the platform. Take cues from their strategy to create a smart YouTube marketing plan for your channel. Find out what kind of content drives YouTube views, with the help of competitive intelligence.

Now that you know how you can get maximum views, let’s understand where most of us go wrong on YouTube and end up getting hardly any views for our videos. Check out why your videos fail to get any views on YouTube. 

Why Your Videos Don’t Get Views?

1. Your videos do not connect with your target audience

Viewers have innumerable choices on YouTube and if your video does not hook them in the first few seconds you might never see that viewer back on your page. Make sure the videos you curate are for your target audience. Also, accept the fact that not everyone is going to like your videos but you need to keep in mind your target audience.

2. Lack of consistency

Posting videos is not a one time task. YouTube channels with top views have one thing in common and that is consistency. If you are consistent with your videos on the platform your subscribers will keep coming back to you in the hope to see new content. This also helps in increasing your YouTube views.  

3. Trying too many things at once

YouTubers starting from scratch often make the mistake of drifting away from their niche. In the pretext of gaining more views, they will make videos about everything under the sun. This will only get you a random audience. It is best to stick to your niche and gain the trust of your viewers. In case, you want to cover diverse topics ranging from food to travel to gadgets, create different channels. 

4. Poor audio quality

With video platforms, one needs to be very careful! Most video curators only focus on how their video looks but what about the audio? Poor audio quality can frustrate the viewer and eventually make them say goodbye to your channel forever! 

5. Not making use of other social media channels to promote your videos

You never know where you find an audience for your videos and hence, it is best to share your videos on all social media platforms. Make use of Quora, Facebook, and Facebook groups to promote your videos. Create a blog for your channel and embed your videos for more reach and views! You can also use email marketing to promote your videos. 


Increasing YouTube views is very simple. YouTube has various on-platform tools that you can leverage to increase your views.

Here is a list of all the tips you can follow to increase your YouTube views:

  • Optimise the title and description for YouTube videos to pique audience interests
  • Create an eye-catching thumbnail image for your videos
  • Create content that adds value for your audience
  • Employ cards and end screens ad calls to action taking viewers to your other videos, playlists and channels
  • Encourage subscriptions to expand your audience base
  • Partner with niche influencers to reach out to a larger audience and leverage their content creation skills
  • Track YouTube Analytics to find out what’s working for your brand and what isn’t
  • Post on other social media platforms for increased viewership
  • Tap into vital competitive intelligence about competitor brands on YouTube



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Working with influencers?

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Working with influencers?

Use our brand scan to find who competition works with!


Working with influencers?

Use our brand scan to find who competition works with!