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YouTube Shorts: YouTube’s Answer To TikTok

YouTube Shorts

There has been an unprecedented rise in the demand for short and entertaining videos since TikTok became one of the most used apps by people across the globe. With the TikTok ban that followed, platforms across the internet have been trying to incorporate this feature. Instagram was quick to respond to the void and came up with Instagram Reels. 

Instagram Reels just like TikTok allow creators to create short videos which can have a maximum duration of 15 seconds. The introduction of this feature on Instagram also encouraged other social media platforms to come up with similar updates. The latest platform to join this TikTok rival race is YouTube.

The video platform giant YouTube recently launched the stories feature and is now all set to update itself with YouTube Shorts. YouTube Shorts can be rightly called Google’s answer to TikTok.

The concept of YouTube Shorts is similar to TikTok and Instagram Reels wherein it wants to encourage the entertainment factor in content creation and keep the audience hooked to the platform with back to back content. 

The introduction of the short video feature on YouTube will also change a lot for brands marketing on YouTube. Initially, every platform banked on the Story feature of Instagram. Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube followed the trend and came up with their unique story feature versions namely Twitter Fleets, Facebook Stories, and YouTube Stories respectively.

Let’s explore this newly rolled out short video feature on YouTube in detail. 

What is YouTube Shorts?

YouTube Shorts is a new update by YouTube which will enable users to create short videos like TikTok. The maximum length of these videos will be 60 seconds as of now. The update is similar to Instagram Reels and TikTok and will also let users record with music. The feature will also have editing tools which can be used to enhance the feel of the videos. 

When Will YouTube Shorts Launch in India?

While there is no exact date scheduled for the launch of YouTube Shorts in India, the app is launched in its early beta stage for testing in the country. 

Features of YouTube Shorts


YouTube Shorts will have several features that will help in enhancing the feel of the videos. Creators who are familiar with Instagram Reels will not have much problem with YouTube Shorts because the features are almost similar. 

1. Recording videos with music

Users will be able to record videos with music. Like Instagram Reels, YouTube Shorts will also provide the creators with a music library. 

2. Speed Control

The speed control feature will help you be more creative with your videos. Creators will be able to create videos with variation in speed. 

3. Camera features

As mentioned by YouTube, YouTube Shorts will have a multi-segment camera that will allow creators to loop in multiple video clips in one. 

4. Timer

YouTube Shorts will have a timer feature which will ease your video recording process.  

As of now, these above-mentioned features are the ones mentioned by YouTube. These short videos can change a lot for brands because it will give them a lot of creative freedom to keep the audience engaged.

The viewing experience of YouTube Shorts is similar to what audiences saw on TikTok and Instagram Reels. The user will be able to see back to back videos in a vertical swipe up format just like they saw TikTok videos

Shorts on YouTube are already gaining momentum on the YouTube app. However, this TikTok alternative is difficult to crack because along with a large audience, the platform has a high competition too. 

Just like YouTube videos, even YouTube Shorts will have an impact on how brands connect with the audiences on the platform and interact. Let’s take a look at how stories and short videos on YouTube will impact marketing on YouTube. 

Impact Of YouTube Shorts On YouTube Marketing


1. YouTube Shorts can help in brand recognition

To make full-length YouTube videos, brands have to brainstorm and plan a lot. However, with this short video format, brands can post videos which are extremely brief and relatable. This will enable brands to post frequently which will impact brand discoverability.

2. YouTube Shorts will help brands create creative content

Instead of posting only perfectly edited videos, YouTube Shorts will allow brands to go a bit informal. From BTS videos to a glimpse of a new product, these short videos allow for a lot of creativity. 

3. YouTube Shorts will impact influencer marketing

Shorts on YouTube can also change the way influencer marketing strategies are planned for YouTube. With YouTube Shorts, even influencers will have a lot of content creating flexibility. Brands can also benefit by roping in influencers for short videos. 

4. YouTube Shorts can increase brand engagement

With relatable and frequent content on YouTube Shorts, brands have a better chance to connect with the audience. This will help improve brand engagement. 

5. YouTube Shorts will change how content is planned and executed

Be it creating an alert video post for an upcoming full-length video or simply giving a glimpse of a product launch, YouTube Shorts will change the way content is presented to the audience. Additionally, it will also give content creators a platform to reuse their content in a creative manner. 

IMPORTANT –YouTube Shorts is currently only available for the YouTube app on smartphones and tablets. The beta version is already present on Android devices. 

The platform is rolling out the new update in a gradual manner and hence, not all devices might have the YouTube Shorts camera as of now. The feature will surely be an easy one to access as it will be directly available on the YouTube app. 

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Working with influencers?

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Working with influencers?

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Working with influencers?

Use our brand scan to find who competition works with!