YouTube Marketing Strategy For 2019

YouTube Strategy

Did you know that your audience loves visual content the most? Amongst visual content, videos are a favourite of the audience. Whether you own a retail business or offer B2B services, there’s enormous scope with videos, to create content that would engage your audience. A lot can be done to market your brand on this video sharing platform.

If  you don’t have a YouTube channel for your brand, you need to get one now. The best part about YouTube is that you can use your brand channel to log into multiple google accounts simultaneously. So, a YouTube channel will allow for streamlined workflow in teams.

Also, YouTube has a huge viewership. Leverage it the right way to reach out to big audience segments. Set up a strong YouTube marketing strategy that helps you win over your audience.
As we approach 2019, new trends, features and updates on the platform as well as in the social media marketing industry will affect your strategy. A good YouTube marketing strategy accounts for leveraging the new as well as the old.

YouTube Marketing Strategy 2019

We have created a comprehensive YouTube marketing strategy 2019 including all the tips and tricks to ace YouTube marketing. Follow these tips to master the YouTube marketing strategy 2019:

1. Build your YouTube brand channel

Your YouTube channel should spin out your brand’s story to the people. From your channel icon to channel description, everything should speak your brand’s voice. Add your brand’s logo to the YouTube channel icon. Add a custom YouTube banner as well, with social media icons leading your audience to your social media handles across platforms.

In the ‘About’ section of your YouTube channel, add a brief description of your brand. Your description should introduce every new visitor to your brand and reflect your brand voice. Put calls to action  leading to your website or any other pages you want to lead your audience to.

Finally, divide your videos into different playlists. You can create branded playlists with names unique to your brand. Categorise playlists into webinars, behind the scenes etc., depending upon your video content.

2. Consistently create and add compelling videos to your channel

Create video content that gets your audience talking. Most importantly, use YouTube videos to bring out your brand’s story.

Are you a B2B brand? You can create YouTube videos that complement your blog or website content. Bring your customers to give quick reviews of your brand. Ask them to share the experience of using your products, working with your brand and so on to take your YouTube marketing plan to the next level. Create and run a separate Video blog channel for your brand and interact with your audience using the platform regularly.

Interview industry professionals, seniors and subject matter experts. Informative video content is most popular with the audiences. Post step by step videos and tutorials on how to use your products or services.

At the same time, keep posting videos consistently on your channel. Find out the right time to post content, when the audience is most active on the platform. Add videos to your channel accordingly.

3. Leverage YouTube tools and features

YouTube has a host of tools and features that can help you enhance your YouTube marketing strategy 2019. Use end screens and cards to add your desired calls to action. Shared a video on how to assemble a product? Lead your audience to other videos on how to use the product and other similar content from your playlists.

Add transcripts your videos. Make your video content universal by adding closed captions. It cuts out the language barrier and makes your content consumable by audiences across borders. At the same time, you can reach out to the disabled with this YouTube video feature. A keyword-optimized video transcript helps enhance your YouTube SEO as well.

These incredible tools come as a part of your YouTube channel. Make the most of these, to level up on your YouTube Marketing strategy.

4. Optimise your YouTube video description and thumbnails

YouTube thumbnail image

Since your YouTube video thumbnails and description are the ones that provide a glimpse into your content, optimize these for better results. Your YouTube thumbnail should push YouTube users to click and watch your video. The most important elements of a good YouTube thumbnail image include a picture and a caption. Add a popping image and caption that draws the attention of your audience. Use facial-closeups for best response. The idea is to create a visual representation of the video content in the thumbnail.

Equally important in your YouTube marketing strategy 2019 is your video description. Make all your YouTube video descriptions keyword optimized to enhance YouTube SEO. Also, make sure that your YouTube video descriptions align and complement your YouTube video content. Apart from using keywords, use catchy phrases that push the users to hit the play button on your videos.

5. Add YouTube stories to your YouTube Marketing Strategy 2019

After Instagram and Facebook, YouTube hops on to the stories’ bandwagon. YouTube now has the stories feature which allows for you to add short, mobile-only videos that expire after 7 days. YouTube offers this feature to creators with more than 10,000 subscribers on the platform. Easily create YouTube stories in a matter of seconds with the tap button on your profile and then edit them. Trim your YouTube stories and add filters, music, text, stickers, and even links to your videos.

As a creator, this tool allows you to diversify on your content on the platform. With this new feature and the tools that come along with it, you can build a strong relationship with your community. It will also help you boost engagement.

Create compelling stories that generate interactions with viewers. Respond to all the comments and expand your community.

6. Optimise Video Titles For YouTube Voice Search

Enhance your YouTube SEO by optimising title for YouTube voice search. People use YouTube voice search to find videos quickly, without having to use their fingers to type out the video titles. Since voice search is an easier, hassle free way to get YouTube video results, you need to ensure your videos appear before your audience.

Most importantly, optimise your YouTube video title to make it SEO friendly. Imagine yourself using YouTube voice search for your videos. Would you go for a longer YouTube video title or a shorter one? Most people will use a small number of keywords to describe their YouTube query.

The language will be less formal and more conversational.

So, frame a YouTube title that includes important keywords, is short and simple and has a conversational tone. This will improve your YouTube SEO to a great extent and eventually increase your views on the platform.

7. Influencer Marketing On YouTube

Include Influencer marketing as a part of your YouTube marketing strategy 2019. There are 3 main benefits of partnering with an Influencer:

  1. Access to a larger audience
  2. Access to another creator’s skills
  3. Diversification of your content

And all these benefits add up to bring more engagement for your brand. Find out niche Influencer. Someone whose niche aligns with your brand. Using Unbox Social’s social media analytics tool, track different Influencers from your niche. The Industry feed feature on the tool dashboard allows you to track as many Influencers as you want and get regular updates about them.

 Influencer marketing

Monitor their activity and zero down on one Influencer. Approach them and bring them on board. You can use Influencers to churn out great quality video content. Leverage their content creation skills and influence to your best.

Ask them to do product reviews, feature on your channel for account takeovers, or make them your brand ambassadors. There are many ways in which you can use Influencer marketing as a part of your YouTube marketing strategy.

At the same time keep track of all the trends and watch out for outdated Influencer marketing practices that you may be indulging in.

8. Use YouTube Ads

Paid content will continue to be an integral part of a good YouTube strategy 2019. A sureshot way to make your videos appear before your audience is through the advertising option.

YouTube Ads come in 6 different formats- skippable TrueView in-stream Ads, 6 second bumper Ads, sponsored cards, overlay Ads, display Ads and Trueview Discovery Ads which appear on the homepage, alongside search results and next to related videos.

If you aren’t using YouTube Ads to market your brand, do it now and check out the results for yourself.

9. Monitor your Competitors

Monitoring your competitors is an integral part of every business and marketing strategy. Competitor analysis can easily be done by visiting their YouTube channel itself. Identify their videos with most views to identify content that most people resonate with. Use such content to draw inspiration for future video posts.

Skim through their comments to find out any mentions of your brand. In case you spot your brand mentions, make sure to respond to each of the comments.

Also find out if any of their Ads are featuring on your videos. If that is the case, you can block these on the Google Ads manager.

10. Track and report on important metrics to learn from them

An important part of YouTube marketing strategy 2019 is to track your performance and watch out for important metrics. Use a social media analytics and reporting tool such as Unbox Social.

With this tool, you can track all relevant social media metrics and then generate customized reports of the same.

Unbox Social YouTube Analytics Tool

Use Unbox Social to monitor metrics such as watch time retention, top videos, video-wise engagement. Monitor your audience metrics along age, gender and location. Target audience segments accordingly.

Also generate reports to uncover all your social media metrics for the desired time period. In a matter of 4 steps, you can pull out a YouTube analytics report with Unbox Social. You can set scheduled reports for time periods that you will set.

Use these reports to identify content with better engagement and response from your audience. Take inspiration from such content to inform your content strategies.

11. Keep up with industry trends and updates

To be on top of your game in any industry, it is important to keep track of industry trends and updates. The social media industry is a dynamic one in itself. New features and trends in the industry as well as on the platform will inform your YouTube marketing plan.

Use Unbox Social’s personalized feeds to derive information and daily updates on your industry from your chosen sources.

Youtube Industry Trends

Get an edge over the others by always staying on top of news, trends and updates in your industry.


A good YouTube marketing strategy involves leveraging all the tools and features at your disposal and employing them to build engagement. It also involves keeping a watch on the industry as well as your competitors.

Here’s a snapshot of pointers summing up on important tips for YouTube marketing strategy 2019:

  • Build and enhance your YouTube channel, to reflect your brand voice
  • Add compelling videos that add value to the audience and make sure to post consistently
  • Leverage YouTube tools such as transcripts, end screens and cards and annotations
  • Add an eye catching thumbnail image and optimise video descriptions for SEO
  • Include YouTube stories as a part of your YouTube marketing strategy 2019 to build on your community and diversify your content
  • Optimise YouTube video titles for YouTube voice search- Use simpler, shorter titles
  • Use Influencer marketing for access to a larger audience, leverage another creator’s skills and create versatile content
  • Continue using YouTube Ads for a sure shot appearance before your target audience
  • Keep track of your competitors
  • Uncover insights about important video metrics using social media analytics’ tools
  • Stay on top of major industry trends and news

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