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An Extensive Guide to YouTube Influencer Marketing (Platforms and Strategy Included)


YouTube influencer marketing pretty much drives the platform. YouTube influencers or YouTubers as we know them, tend to grab a lot of viewers to the video-sharing platform. And, these are big YouTube personalities with huge, well-engaged fan bases. 

Over the years, YouTube influencers have built strong relationships with their audiences. What’s even interesting to note is that the audience engages better with YouTube influencers than they do with celebrities. Imagine the impact that these YouTube influencers have! 

But who exactly is a YouTube influencer? How different are they from the celebrities that we know? Let’s find out! 

What is a YouTube Influencer?

YouTube Influencers are content creators with a sizeable number of subscribers on their channels. Also known as YouTubers, these video content creators typically specialize in particular niches and/or categories. 

According to research, brand collaborations with YouTube creators are 4X more effective in building brand familiarity than those with celebrities. YouTube influencers populate their YouTube channel with diverse content, including vlogs, product reviews, and so much more. 

For millennials, 67 percent of online consumption happens through YouTube. 

Millennials are known to be conscious and well-aware when it comes to their purchasing habits. Another important factor to remember is that more than 90 percent of millennials are driven by online reviews. As such, tapping into YouTube influencer marketing can help you build brand awareness and perhaps, even drive consumers to purchase. 

Let’s take a look at some examples of YouTube influencer marketing. 

Audible partnered with some of the top YouTube influencers in the categories of Film and Animation, Gaming, Entertainment, Gaming, and so on. Amongst the list of influencers who worked with Audible are PewdiePie, Tyler Oakley, Grace Helbig, and Roman Atwood. 

In one of her Vlogs, Grace Helbig plugs in a book recommendation and her review of Audible app. Here’s a glimpse from the whole video.   

youtube influencer marketing

Through the collaboration with various prominent YouTubers, Audible was able to garner over 83 million views. The total YouTube subscriber base was more than 130 k.

A good YouTube influencer marketing campaign has the potential to reach millions of people if done right. Video content, in particular, comes with a lot of scope to pull audiences towards your brand. 

So, don’t you think YouTube Influencer marketing can give your brand the much needed impetus? 

Not convinced? Let’s find out how YouTube Influencer marketing can get you closer to your business goals!

Perks and Benefits of YouTube Influencer Marketing 

Take your YouTube marketing efforts up a notch by collaborating with Influencers. Here’s why you should be investing in YouTube influencer marketing, now-

5 Times Higher Conversion Rates Than YouTube Ads 

On YouTube, Ads tend to generate lower conversion rates- around 0.5% -than influencer marketing (around 2.7%). The impact that influencers have on audiences, cannot be underestimated, and it clearly shows in these numbers. 

A product review by an influencer is more powerful than regular YouTube Ads. Influencers talk to the audiences and not at them. Rather than spending money on YouTube Ads, invest in a concrete YouTube influencer marketing program. 

youtube influencer marketing examples

Effective Messaging With Video Content 

On YouTube, you can disseminate message to the audience through video content. So basically, you can combine the power of video content with the voice of influencers. 

To put it simply, YouTube influencer marketing, allows you to play around with different video lengths and also different types of content. This gives you enormous scope to create content that your audience will relate with and enjoy consuming. Eventually, this will help you get closer to converting your audience. 

After all, unique storytelling is what can set you apart from your competitors. Working with the right set of influencers can help you achieve this goal. 

Leverage YouTube Influencers’ Niche Expertise 

YouTube influencers specialize in different subjects or niches. There are fitness YouTubers like Kayla Istines and then there are beauty YouTubers like Michelle Phan. Both of these YouTubers are known for their respective niches.

When you collaborate with influencers from your niche, you only add on to the value you are bringing to your audience. Moreover, people tend to trust influencers who have established their expertise in particular niches. Working with such YouTube influencers will help you bring trust and authenticity to your brand. 

By now, you probably understand how YouTube influencer marketing can amp up your marketing efforts. But, here’s the thing. Unless you have the right set of influencers to work with, all your efforts will end up going in vain. 

Want to get an in-depth look into influencer marketing? Check out this complete and comprehensive influencer marketing guide.

Good thing is that you can get a good influencer marketing platform to carry out your research for the best influencers for your brand. 

Best YouTube Influencer Marketing Platforms

When it comes to finding influencers, there’s no point scouring through YouTube. With so many YouTube creators out there, how can you be certain which influencer is right for your brand? This is where YouTube influencer marketing platforms will come in handy. 

Here are 4 best YouTube influencer marketing platforms you can check out: 

1. Unbox Social 

If you’re looking for a reliable influencer marketing platform, Unbox Social offers a good bet, for sure. Finding YouTube influencers is super easy and convenient. But, what’s even better is that you can do in-depth search on these influencers and monitor their performance, as well. 

youtube influencer marketing platform

Big brands like RedBull and National Geographic have been using our influencer marketing platform to build influencer marketing campaigns. 

You can find a huge database of social media influencers on Unbox Social, from across niches, tiers, and platforms. 

To make your YouTube influencer search simpler, Unbox Social comes with filters at multiple levels. So, if you want to find a fitness YouTube influencer from, say Mumbai, you can use the category, platform, and location filters to narrow down your search.

You also have the option of checking for follower quality and audience demographics to evaluate influencers.This YouTube influencer marketing platform allows you to listen to influencers’ branded content and keep an eye out for influencer marketing campaigns activated by competitors. 

youtube influencer marketing platforms

With brand safety and influencer vetting that Unbox Social offers, you can check whether certain influencers live up to your brand guidelines and ethos. 

influencer marketing platform

And here’s the best part! You can constantly monitor the YouTube influencers’ progress with the help of Unbox Social. The campaign reporting feature allows you to get insights on top influencers, audience, content performance, and so on. 

Finally, you can view industry benchmarking reports to check how other brands are using influencer marketing campaigns. 

2. Tapinfluence 

Tapinfluence is another one of the YouTube influencer marketing platforms you may want to check out. It allows you to discover influencers, build influencer marketing campaigns and generate social media coverage. 

Here, you can find influencers specializing in the categories of food, beauty, lifestyle, and fashion. 

influencer marketing

3. Plixxo 

Plixxo provides you with a list of influencers on the basis of the brief that you share. You will have to share the type of influencers you want to work with, along with the goal you want to achieve as a part of the influencer marketing campaign. Plixxo also asks you to share the goals that you want to achieve through your influencer campaigns. 

Once you’ve made your selection, you can start working on your campaigns and generating social media coverage for your brand. 

plixxo - youtube influencer marketing

4. Pulpkey 

Pulpkey is also a platform where you can find and approach influencers for campaigns. 

Focused on giving advertisements a human voice through influencer marketing campaigns, Pulpkey is another influencer marketing platform you can check out. You can look for content creators from a diverse range of categories. This includes pets, travel, fashion, food, and so on. 

pulpkey - youtube influencer marketing

Want to look at more options? Check out this list of 7 best influencer marketing platforms, now!

Types of YouTube Influencer Marketing Campaigns

To leverage the power of influencer marketing along with the engagement potential of video, you need to put out the best possible content. There are unlimited possibilities as to what you can create. 

Finding out what kind of content is trending in the influencer marketing industry is important. Aside from that, here are some of the top YouTube influencer marketing content types you may want to consider- 

Product Reviews 

Showcasing your brand through proper feedback and reviews is one of the most effective ways to leave an impression. YouTube influencers are like peers with whom your target audience can relate and connect with. 

And the advantage is that they come with a niche expertise. A brand and/or product review coming from YouTube influencers leaves an impact on your target audience. They are more likely to buy a product that their favorite influencer has tried and tested.

Product reviews in this sense, can turn out to be instrumental in driving traction. 

youtube influencer marketing product reviews

How-to Videos 

Another way to carry out a good YouTube influencer marketing campaign is by showing your products in action. YouTube influencers can show through product demos, how easy and convenient it is to use your product. 

You too can bring YouTube influencers on-board to conduct product demos and tutorials. Use this opportunity to project the best features and highlights of your product. 

Giveaways and Contests

YouTube influencers can run giveaways and contests around your products. Contests and giveaways can be rewarding for your target audience. 

Leverage the huge no. of subscribers that YouTube influencers have, to drive awareness and engagement around your brand. 

youtube influencer marketing giveaways

Ad Spots 

Another way to leverage YouTube influencer marketing is through Ad Spots in between popular YouTubers’ videos. Working with YouTube influencers with highly engaged fan followings can be very beneficial, here. 

Ad Spots featuring your brand can be placed at the beginning, end or in the middle of videos. These videos may be 10 seconds long and go up to 10 minutes. 

By roping in highly engaging YouTube influencers, you can get your brand message across to the audience effectively. 

How to Frame YouTube Influencer Marketing Campaigns?

Now that you know of the top YouTube influencer marketing platforms in the market, it’s time to take action. YouTube influencer marketing is bound to cost you investment in terms of time,money and efforts. 

Following due diligence is important if you want to derive high ROI from your YouTube influencer marketing campaigns. We’ll break it down for you with this step-by-step strategy. 

Get Clear About Your Goals 

Without a clear goal, you are simply shooting in the dark. You can’t be second-guessing your success when you don’t even know what you want to achieve through the YouTube influencer marketing campaign. 

Typically, YouTube influencer marketing campaigns are geared towards achieving one or more of the following goals: 

  • Build brand awareness
  • Get new leads 
  • Generate sales
  • Push for engagement 
  • Build a loyal community of followers and customers

Decide on a clear goal for your YouTube influencer marketing campaign. 

Start Scouting Influencers 

Once you know what your YouTube influencer marketing goal is, you can move on to finding influencers. When scouting influencers, you need to take certain factors into account. 

Which category of influencers are you looking for? 

Which tier of influencers are you looking for? 

If you’re planning to scout influencers directly on YouTube, you’re in for a long, exhausting search. When selecting influencers, you can’t simply ignore important metrics such as engagement and reach. 

A good influencer marketing platform can definitely aid your search here. Unbox Social makes it easier for you to find influencers compatible with your brand. A range of filters allows you to narrow down your research. You can pick the category, tier, and demographics of the YouTube influencers from a huge database provided by Unbox Social. 

Evaluate Shortlisted YouTube Influencers

Once you have your list of influencers ready, conduct a thorough check on whether they’re a fit for your brand or not. 

First and foremost, sieve out influencers with fake followers. Working with influencers having a  genuine, engaged set of followers will be very rewarding. 

Find out if any of the influencers have worked with brands similar to yours. YouTube influencers with relevant brand experience can be easier to work with and bring more value to the campaigns.

It would also be a good idea to study the content your selected list of influencers are putting out. Is their content really up to the standards you are looking for?

Make your selection based on these factors. 

Prepare Campaign Brief 

Now that you have shortlisted the influencers you want to work with, get your campaign brief ready. Clearly state what kind of content you want the influencers to work on. It is equally important to state the deliverables that the influencers need to achieve. Make sure to also provide a clear timeline within which they must achieve these goals. 

You may want them to conduct a product review or perhaps an interactive contest to get your audience engaged. A good idea would be to play on the influencers’ strengths and get them to work on content that they specialize in. 

Monitor Your YouTube Influencer Marketing Campaign

Once you’ve got your influencer marketing campaign up and running, start monitoring it. How are your influencer marketing campaigns actually faring? 

Dig deeper into your campaigns. Check for important metrics including reach,engagement, interactions, and so on. Are you getting any closer to your goals? Are the campaigns helping you generate traction? 

If not, perhaps you need to revamp your strategy or change the influencers you are working with, altogether. After all, you are spending money on the influencer marketing campaign. Make sure that you get good ROI on your efforts.

Now that you know how to carry out a YouTube influencer marketing campaign, let’s move on to tracking the ROI on your campaign. 

How to Measure YouTube Influencer Marketing ROI

Influencer marketing can be advantageous only as long as it is getting you the desired results. To check that, measuring the influencer marketing ROI is important. 

Here’s a quick guide to measuring YouTube influencer marketing ROI- 

Identify Influencer Marketing Goals and Corresponding Metrics

At this point, you probably already know what your YouTube influencer marketing goals are. Now you will have to identify the metrics corresponding to your goals. After all, measuring the metrics will only help you understand how much progress you are making. 

So, for instance your goal is to increase brand awareness. Then, ideally you should be looking at your subscribers, impressions, and reach. Alternatively, if your objective is to boost conversions, look at your conversion rate, bounce rate and click through rate. 

Begin with identifying your goals and the relevant metrics to measure your progress. 

Calculate YouTube Influencer Marketing Costs

Calculate the amount you are investing towards YouTube influencer marketing. This will include the influencer fee- the amount incurred on availing their service and hiring them. 

The cost of deploying third party tools and man hours spent on getting the campaign into action should also be calculated. And finally, measure the amount spent on sending out product samples, gift vouchers, and samples to YouTube influencers. Any other costs and/or expenses on the YouTube influencer marketing campaign should also be included here. 

Measure the YouTube Influencer Marketing Campaign

Start pulling out all the insights and intelligence around your influencer marketing campaign. Generate YouTube influencer marketing reports to know how your campaigns are performing. 

More specifically, look at the metrics that are relevant to your goal. How are these metrics faring? In order to track your progress, you will need real numbers and data corresponding to these stats. 

Once you have these numbers, you can move on to the next and final step of calculating the ROI. 

Calculate YouTube Influencer Marketing Campaign ROI

You can calculate your YouTube Influencer Marketing ROI using this formula- 

YouTube Influencer Marketing ROI= (Profit/Cost of influencer marketing) x 100

Profit will depend on the goal (s) that you want to achieve. Let’s say your goal is to generate more engagement. In that case, your profit can be calculated by measuring the relevant metric including likes, positive brand mentions and comments. 

Profit= Likes, comments, shares + Positive brand mentions

Here’s the formula to calculate the cost of YouTube influencer marketing- 

Cost of YouTube influencer marketing= Influencer Fee + Content Production Costs + Product Samples & Gift Vouchers + Third-party tool (s) costs 

Once you calculate your YouTube influencer marketing ROI, you can decide what your next action steps are going to be. 

Check out this in-depth guide to tracking influencer marketing ROI!

Use Unbox Social to Run Effective YouTube Influencer Marketing Campaigns

The key to a fruitful YouTube influencer marketing campaign lies in finding the right influencers and calculating the ROI on your efforts. 

Unbox Social offers an all-in-one Influencer Marketing Platform for your convenience. To run a YouTube influencer campaign, you can follow these steps- 

1. Sign Up with Unbox Social 

To get started, sign up with Unbox Social. Fill in the necessary information and someone from the team will get in touch with you to take you through the on-boarding process. 

2. Head over to the Influencer Marketing Platform

Once you have set up your account, you can log in and head over to the Influencer Marketing Platform. 

youtube influencer marketing platform 2020

3. Start Creating and Curating Influencer Lists 

Explore an extensive database of influencers from across tiers, channels and categories. Curate your list by the niche of influencers and/or their location. 

Whether you’re looking for micro influencers, macro influencers or nano influencers, with Unbox Social you can find influencers from across the pyramid. 

4. Conduct Influencer Evaluation

Find out which influencers have worked with brands similar to yours. Jump into the demographics of your influencers. Are they an ideal match for your brand or not? 

At the same time, conduct a quality check to sieve out fake followers. 

top youtube influencer marketing plaforms

5. Monitor Influencer Activity with Influencer Listening 

Build always-on influencer marketing campaigns by listening to branded posts. Spot brand mentions for your list of selected influencers. You can track the frequency of influencer marketing campaigns, performance metrics, and categories of influencers other brands are working with. 

influencer listening

6. Generate Campaign Reports 

Once you’ve set your influencer marketing campaigns into action, it is important to track profress. Stay on top of your campaigns with the help of comprehensive YouTube influencer marketing campaign reports. Generate campaign reports to measure content performance, audience, and other important metrics. 

campaign reports

Start Building YouTube Influencer Marketing Campaigns

Combining the potential of video marketing with the power of influencers can help your brand gain exponential growth. But finding influencers, running effective campaigns and tracking influencer marketing campaigns can be challenging. An influencer marketing platform can be helpful here.

Start building influencer marketing platforms from scratch on Unbox Social, now! 


What is Unbox Social?

Unbox Social is a powerful tool that offers solutions for influencer search, social media analytics, and competition tracking. The platform helps you get in-depth social media performance data of your brands, campaigns, and competitors. Get detailed reports and implement the findings in your strategies to get the most out of your campaigns!

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Working with influencers?

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Working with influencers?

Use our brand scan to find who competition works with!