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Easy and Engaging Video Content Ideas

video content ideas

One type of content that drives maximum engagement on social media is video content. The audience loves to watch intriguing videos that entertain them, educate them or inspire them. If you want to attract your audience to your video content, you need to keep coming up with new video content ideas and post it online.

The most important thing to keep in mind is to shape your video content strategy according to the platform you are posting it on.

One great platform for posting videos is YouTube. But unlike, YouTube, you can’t specifically search for videos on other social media platforms.You need to understand the importance of drawing the attention of your audience in the first few seconds only, as the videos appear randomly on the feed. Make sure to have eye-catching content within the first few seconds only, so that people see it while scrolling through their feeds.

Your videos should also be created in a way that they engage you even without the audio playing out. You can also add captions/ subtitles to videos to ensure that your video content is universal.

The most overwhelming task is to brainstorm on video content ideas for different social media platforms. First and foremost, it is very important to always keep your target audience in mind. You should create content that your target audience would like to watch.

At the same time, you also need to constantly track your video metrics with a social media analytics tool. Which of your social media videos worked well for your brand? Which videos had better audience retention rates? Based on such questions, you can arrive at a conclusion on the types of videos that will work well for you. Taking video content ideas from previous videos is a good idea as it increases the chances of building engagement.

Since video content has become one of the most integral types of content on social media, it is very important to build a strong video content strategy. To help you start off with different types of videos that you can post on social media, we have compiled a list of ideas that you can refer to.

Video Content Ideas

Borrow From Your Blogs

One of the best ideas for video content on social media is to draw ideas from your blogs. Your blog is a good inventory of content ideas for videos. Pick a topic from your blogs and build video content around it. There is nothing more effective than a good video that helps explain a blog topic.

You can also actually ask your audience as to which blog posts they would want should be covered in the videos. This will help you boost engagement on the given platform.

Conduct Q&A Sessions

Social media videos can also feature interviews of subject matter experts, professionals or brand representatives. Ideally, such videos should be conducted in the live streaming format, so that people can get their questions answered in real time. However, you can also ask your audience to post their questions on your social media pages and respond to these questions in a video format.

Question and answer sessions make for the perfect type of content for your videos. They allow you to increase brand awareness and also let you build a connection with your audience. You can also prepare questions ahead of the sessions and pose them to the panel. Your audience loves informative content and with such Q&A sessions, you can help add to the knowledge of your audience.

Here are some examples of interactive social media interviews and Q&A sessions on Instagram :

Social Media Interviews

Social Media Interviews and Q&As

Feature Your Products In Videos

What better way to market your products than to show your audience as to how you can use them. You can post videos of product demonstration to show your audience how to use them. You can also show your audience the different applications of your products.

It would be a good idea to post and boost such videos in the post product launch phase. Tempt your audience with videos of the newly launched products. Highlight the USP of the product, any special features and the different uses of the products through video content.

Social media videos featuring products

Adidas shares a glimpse of the Adidas Deerupt shoes through this video on Instagram.

Take Your Audience Behind The Scenes

Whether you own restaurant business, an event management company, a B2B service or sell niche products like laptop sleeve, you can definitely apply this video content idea. In fact, by taking your audience behind the scenes, you can build a sense of intrigue around it.

Behind the scenes videos

This video captures the behind the scenes of cookie-making, for instance.  

You can capture many different aspects of your business by going behind the scenes.

Important company event coming up? Hosting a pop up at your restaurant/shop? Why not capture all that went into making the event happen?

In this way, you can also show the human side of your brand to your audience. This helps you build a better connection with your target audience.

Conduct Live-streams

Live-streams also make for great video content ideas. Live videos allow you to engage with your audience in real time. There are many ways in which you can conduct live-streaming on social media to drive engagement.

Instagram Live Stream

This is a snapshot of Gigi Hadid’s live coverage of an event conducted by Maybelline.

Cover live events, shows, pop ups etc. with the live video option on social media for your audiences. Conduct live interviews with subject matter experts from your industry or with brand representatives from your organisation. By answering questions and/or getting comments from your audience in real time, you enhance engagement amongst your audience.

Let Influencers Take Over Your Social Account

Combine the power of Influencer marketing with video content. Let Influencers take over your social media accounts for a given period of time. Many Influencers take over the Instagram stories of brands and post short videos from their account.

Social Media Takeover Videos

This is an example of a takeover of Manchester United’s Instagram account by English footballer and Manchester United team player Jesse Lingard.

There are many ways in which you can collaborate with Influencers to create and post videos from your account. Videos featuring Influencers using your products is one way to approach video content. Influencers can cover a day at your office and give the audience a tour. Influencers can also conduct interactive live streaming videos from your social media accounts.

Tap into the huge follower bases as well as the content creation abilities of Influencers to build video content on social media.

Push Out User-Generated Videos

Let user-generated video content featuring your products do the talking for your brand. You can ask your followers to post videos featuring your products or brand. Such videos could be created in the form of product reviews or your audience using your products. User-generated videos can also feature customers using your products.

User generated videos

Pier 1, an American decor and furnishings brand employs user-generated video content in their Ads and sponsored content. Such content can help you bring more followers on board.

Post How-To Videos, Tutorials And Guides

Social media video tutorials, how-to videos and guides

Video content that adds value to the audience and is informative is always received well by the audience. As such, how-to videos and tutorials are great for generating engagement amongst the audience.

Such video content holds the attention of your audience and keeps them captured. Moreover, it helps you build up on your image as a source of knowledge on social media platforms.

Share/Post Trending And Viral Videos

Breaking news and trending content also make for great video content ideas. In fact, videos featuring breaking news and viral content is one of the most popular content types on Twitter right now. You can post or share videos featuring news or announcements about your organization. You can also create videos around the latest trends or breaking news in your industry.


Video content is one of the top performing content formats on social media right now. It can be difficult to come up with different ideas for your video content on social media. We have compiled a set of ideas that you can take inspiration from, for building video content. Here are the different content types you can experiment with, to build video content:

  • Use your blog to draw inspiration for your video content
  • Conduct interviews of subject matter experts, niche experts, industry, professionals, and brand representatives
  • Feature your brand and products in videos through product demonstrations; highlight specific features of your products
  • Capture all the action behind the scenes to show the human side of your brand and build a sense of intrigue around it
  • Conduct live-streaming of all your videos to generate real-time engagement with your brand.
  • Let Influencers take over your social media accounts and put their content creation skills to build great video content for your brand
  • Share user-generated videos to help expand your followers
  • Offer valuable information and knowledge to your audience through how-to videos as well as tutorials
  • Share and post viral videos and trending videos related to your industry or related to your brand


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Working with influencers?

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Working with influencers?

Use our brand scan to find who competition works with!


Working with influencers?

Use our brand scan to find who competition works with!