10 Valentine’s Day Social Media Campaign Ideas For Brands


February is an important month for brands because it gives them an opportunity to come up with engaging and interesting influencer marketing campaigns thanks to Valentine’s Day that falls in this month. Valentine’s Day marketing campaigns are no longer just about cheesy posts and one good picture. Brands have understood that the audience needs more than that! 

Most marketers are collaborating with social media influencers to get the most out of their strategies. It can be rightly said that influencer marketing is the best technique to reach the target audience on social media. 

From product launches to discount offers, brands are doing all they can to make the most out of this day! The high presence of Millennials and Gen Z on the platform makes it all the more logical to come up with effective Valentine’s Day influencer campaigns

The celebration of such special days digitally is all the more important now because of the pandemic. The COVID-19 phase forced most brands to go digital because that was the only way to connect with the audiences. This also resulted in crowded social media platforms. 

Be it videos, images or interactive posts, marketers are doing all they can to grab the users’ attention. In such a scenario, it becomes all the more difficult to come up with an influencer marketing strategy that clicks! 

Audiences are bombarded with content from all sides but it takes a lot to make them engage with the content. This is where a smartly executed influencer marketing campaign helps. 

For those who want to go through the basics of influencer marketing before understanding the strategies, read our guide on influencer marketing

Marketers need to keep in mind that consumer behaviour has a major role to play when planning an influencer marketing campaign strategy. The post-pandemic phase has altered the way users consume content on social media. Moreover, there is also a drastic change in how they engage with a particular brand on social media.

Before we move on to the influencer marketing examples, let’s understand the elements of an impactful influencer campaign

Elements of the Best Influencer Marketing Campaigns

1. Goals and objectives

Every influencer marketing campaign needs to have set goals and objectives. The same also goes for your Valentine’s Day marketing campaign. This simply means you must know what you intend to achieve from this exercise. Be it increasing brand reach or targeting a new audience base, your influencer marketing campaign goals will help you shape the appropriate content strategies.

2. Audience analysis

An Influencer marketing campaign or any marketing technique for that matter is void if you don’t take your audience into account. Make sure you conduct audience analysis before framing your strategy. 

  • Who is the target audience for your campaign?
  • What audience demographics are you targeting?
  • How did the audience respond to your past campaigns?

Having answers to these questions is important because it will also impact your brand influencer selection. 

3. Competition analysis

Knowing what your industry competitors are doing is extremely crucial when it comes to formulating a strategy. Check what they are posting and what is the audience reaction they are receiving. Check the audience they are targeting and how frequently they post. This will help you detect the strengths and weaknesses of your campaigns. 

(Unbox Social’s Competition Tracking solution can help you get in-depth insights on the same)

4. Influencer Discovery

Influencers are the backbone of every influencer marketing campaign. Selecting the right influencers will help you reach your campaign goals and objectives. Make sure you choose influencers that are in sync with your campaign needs. Check their audience base and other crucial demographics. Influencer marketing platforms can help you discover relevant influencers.

5. Track results

Brand marketers usually lose their focus once the campaign is implemented. Well, that should not be the case. Make sure to track the campaign results on a regular basis. Studying the campaign reports will help you understand whether your influencer marketing campaign managed to achieve brand goals and objectives. 

Several influencer marketing tools also offer reporting solutions. 

The above-mentioned elements are necessary for every influencer marketing campaign.  Every industry can bank on Valentine’s Day in some or the other way to promote its products and services. Let’s see some social media marketing campaign examples that are sure to give you amazing Valentine’s Day campaign ideas

Best Social Media Marketing Campaigns by Brands on Valentine’s Day

1. Bombay Shaving Company

brand post

Bombay Shaving Company is heavily active on social media and the brand regularly collaborates with Instagram influencers for its products. Recently, for Valentine’s Day, the brand launched its specially curated gifting box and teamed up with an influencer to promote the same. The brand not only showcased its products but also highlighted its discount code to entice the users. 

2. Cadbury

brand post

Cadbury’s Dairy Milk Silk is quite popular and more than that are its ads. For Valentine’s Day,  the brand came up with a smart campaign on social media that highlights the pop-out heart in its chocolate bar! The campaign titled ‘PopYourHeartOut’ enjoyed great visibility on social media and also resulted in excellent sales. 

This year too, the chocolate brand has come up with #HowFarWillYouGoForLove campaign. The campaign is video-oriented and the brand has posted a series of short videos on the themes of love and affection. 

3. TATA Cliq Luxury

brand post

TATA Cliq Luxury’s social media feed is all about its products. The brand makes sure to focus on what it offers but for Valentine’s Day the brand has launched the #GiftWithLove campaign. Through the campaign, the brand brings different love stories to its feed. TATA Cliq Luxury collaborated with travel influencers Savi and Vid for the same. The campaign aims at promoting the brand’s products and increasing reach. 

4. Swarovski

brand post

The luxury brand Swarovski has a unique way of telling its story to the world on social media. The brand unlike others does not follow trends instead solely focuses on its products. Swarovski curates detailed posts on its collections and also implements a lot of video content. Last year, the brand came up with a series of YouTube videos for Valentine’s Day and the campaign theme was Follow Your Heart. 

5. Shaya

brand post

This silver jewellery brand has made it big on Instagram with its interesting social media posts. Shaya uses all the Instagram features constructively to put forth its message and is also consistent in its posts. For Valentine’s Day, Shaya has come up with a #WillYouBeMyGalentine campaign which is all about women bonding. The brand teamed up with influencers for the same. 

6. Kitkat India

brand post

Kitkat teams up with a lot of celebrities for its influencer marketing campaigns. The brand relies on a lot of video content and manages to gain the audience’s attention. Banking on tags and comments, Kitkkat aims to keep the users engaged through its content. For Valentine’s Day, Kitkat India has collaborated with Ayushmann Khurrana. The brand highlights its #LoveBreak campaign in the video!

7. Mad Over Donuts

brand post

The delicious brand Mad Over Donuts’ Instagram feed is vibrant and pleasing by all means. The brand knows how to play with colours and uses the best hues for its infographics. Mad Over Donuts posts infographics for most of its campaigns and announcements and the brand has managed to get a lot of attention. MOD is all set with its interesting posts for Valentine’s Day too. The brand recently launched a giveaway campaign wherein it aims to engage maximum users. 

8. Olay India

brand post

The skincare brand Olay is quite renowned in the industry. Like other skincare brands, Olay India also keeps on posting informative content on its social media feed. Olay’s posts are all about the usability of its products. The brand often collaborates with influencers to showcase its newly launched products. 

Apart from images, the brand also posts IGTV videos to educate the users about their products and directions to use. Olay posted an image for Rose Day wherein it highlighted its moisturizers and its ingredients.

9. Nykaa

brand post

Initially, Nykaa only focused on women because the platform was known for offering makeup products. The brand has diversified to no ends and is actively promoting the presence of men’s grooming products on its platform. Recently, for Valentine’s Day Nykaa posted an interesting image that highlighted gifts for men. The post also focuses on the ongoing discount offers on Nykaa. 

10. Pizza Hut India

brand post

For food brands, Valentine Week is all about experimenting with witty content. Pizza Hut India has started celebrating this week with its mind-blowing posts. Pizza Hut posted a giveaway contest with a humorous post that garnered amazing engagement. Additionally, the brand is consistently coming up with interesting posts dedicated to Valentine’s Day. 

Hope these campaigns will inspire you to plan your brand’s Valentine’s Day strategy. 

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