Understanding the Significance of Social Media Reports

social media reports

The best way to reach potential and existing customers is through social media. Social media platforms have become a part of everyday life and this also makes them inevitable in the world of marketing. Brands and businesses now need to market themselves on social media platforms because that is where their users exist. Majority of us focus on how well a social media strategy is planned and implemented but there is another step to this process and that is social media analysis and social media reporting. 

We’re sure you must have heard about social media reports multiple times and many brand managers also struggle to get these reports! The significance of a social media analytics report can only be understood if you know how to make use of the insights present in the report. And to do that you need to know how to read a report and what does it say!

A brand on social media has to handle several challenges other than simply worrying about the effectiveness of a campaign. Everything is now a part of campaign planning right from discovering the trends on social media platforms to analysing social media competitors. 

In this blog, we will try to understand the significance of social media reports.  Before we head to understanding social media reports, let’s know how to create a social media report.

Steps to Create a Social Media Report

social media analysis

Step 1- The purpose of creating a social media report 

Social media reports for any business/brand needs to be directed to someone. Identify for whom you are creating the report in the first place. Is it the marketing team that needs the report or is it the stakeholders that need a report? This will matter because only then you will know which metrics will form a part of your report. For instance, a social media campaign report will usually be of the highest importance to the marketing team but a sales report would be needed if you want to show how the brand is performing to the stakeholders. 

Step 2- Document what type of report are you creating

Social media reports show much more than a number of likes, dislikes, and shares. Additionally, reports are created based on timelines too wrt weekly, monthly, and yearly. Make sure you know what kind of report you are creating and accordingly include the required metrics in the same.

Step 3- What questions does the report answer

Every social media report will answer some of your questions regarding the campaign. It is best to keep in mind the purpose of the campaign and then create a report so that you can gauge whether your campaign fetched you the desired results.

Step 4-  Choose the metrics you will measure for the social media report

Choose the metrics depending on the type of report and the objective you intend to reach with the report. Right from the social media platform involved in the report to the metrics you want to highlight, everything will impact the selection of the metrics. 

Step 5- See if you need any social media analytics tools

With so much to analyse and study on social media, it is best to rely on a social media analytics tool like Unbox Social. The social media reporting tools will also help you create presentable reports which can save you a lot of time and effort. 

Step 6- Finally, presenting your report

Once you have the social media reports ready make sure you are prepared to present the same in a focused manner. Highlight all that the report displays and make sure you dig into the metrics and find out why a particular parameter needs improvement and how it impacts the overall campaign, only then will you be making the most out of these reports. 

The steps stated above will help you frame a useful social media report. But what is the need for a social media campaign report?

Importance of Social Media Marketing Reports

social media reports

  • Helps you come up with meaningful content strategies

Social media reports will give you the blueprint of how your content is performing on social media. This will help you detect the flaws in your content strategies. Check the top-performing posts and try to see what went right. Similarly, take note of the posts that did not do well. This analysis will tell you what the audience is interested in and what is working in your niche. 

  • Helps you see which social media platform is working in your favour

Brands and businesses implementing multichannel strategies to promote their products and services need to keep a close eye on several platforms. The social media marketing reports help you understand which platforms are working well for you. The engagement rate, share counts, and sales will help you understand which platform you need to work on. 

  • Helps you understand the pulse of the audience

The performance of your brand will be depicted in the reports clearly and this will indirectly tell you whether you are chasing the right audience. The way your posts perform reflect how your audience is consuming the brand content. Brands can improvise on their audience selection and accordingly scale up the performance of their social media marketing strategies. 

  • Get crucial insights on your industry competitors

Social media reporting also involves analysing your industry competitors and tools like Unbox Social have a dedicated solution for competition tracking

Social media reports can also include data on competitors. Knowing what your rivals are doing to gain the audiences’ attention will help you create effective strategies for your brand. Moreover, this analysis will also bring to light what your competitors are not doing with their social media presence. 

  • Can prepare you for crisis management

Social media is a tricky world and many times brands and businesses end up making mistakes on the same. Be it posting something offensive or something untimely and irrelevant to the audience, everything needs to be handled well no matter what. When you have the social media reports with you, you can track if any similar mishaps have occurred before and how they were handled. This will prepare you better! 

Use social media report tools to make efficient and timely reports. See to it that you keep a track of all your reports because all the older reports will help you track your brand’s progress. Check out the blogs below to know more about social media marketing.


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