Features Of Unbox Social’s Social Media Analytics Solution

Social media analytics can help you make the most out of marketing strategies. The analysis of a brand’s social media performance tells a lot more than just its plus points. Brands have benefited a lot from social media analysis and are still relying on the data obtained from the process. Not all brands and businesses implement the results of the analysis properly and that is where the problem lies. 

Even now when it comes to relying on social media analytics tools, businesses are sceptical and end up depending on basic metrics. 

Unbox Social is a comprehensive platform that provides solutions for influencer marketing, competition tracking, and social media analysis. In this blog, we will tell you all about the platform’s social media analytics solution. 

But before we jump to the features, let’s understand the concept of social media analytics.

What is social media analytics?

Social media analytics is a process of understanding how your brand/business is faring on social media platforms. This analytics is carried out with the help of social media data and enables businesses and brands to see where they can improve. 

Let’s look at what Unbox Social has to offer –

Features of Unbox Social’s Social Media Analytics Solution

Unbox Social tool1. Analytics across different social media platforms

The Unbox Social tool will provide you with performance data for all major social media platforms. The tool supports Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. This is an important feature for brands conducting multi-channel marketing. The data-driven insights from the tool will give you a blueprint of how your brand/business is performing. 

2. Audience sentiment and sentiment analysis

The most important part of any marketing strategy is to know the audience. The social media performance of all businesses/brands depends on how the audience is responding to it. To understand the audience preferences and behaviour, it is necessary to know the pulse of the audience and this tool helps you with the same. The Unbox Social tool has features that are solely dedicated to audience analysis. The tool will give you data on audience demographics, language, content themes brands are talking about, audience sentiment, and audience feedback.

3. Post and story analysis

Social media data analytics is incomplete without post analysis. The content performance data is extremely crucial to gauge the overall performance of a brand. The tool enables you to track content performance which will help you improve your content strategies. Depending on the social media platform you are analyzing, brands can get in-depth insights wrt reactions received on the content, video views, and post-wise performance data. 

4. Detailed brand reports

With the help of Unbox Social, you can create detailed brand reports for social media analytics. The reports will have all the calculated data derived from the tool which will help you craft effective strategies in the future as well. Moreover, these reports are also useful for comparing your brand presence on social media. The social media analytics report from Unbox Social is all you need to understand your brand’s voice. 

These briefly explained features are super helpful for both successful and upcoming businesses. Here’s a step-by-step account of how to make the most out of this tool. 

Steps To Use Unbox Social’s Social Media Analytics Solution

Step 1- Login to the Unbox Social tool and choose the social media analytics solution

unbox social tool

Step 2- Choose the social media platform you want to conduct analytics for

Unbox Social tool

Step 3- Connect your account with the tool to get the social media data

social media analytics tool

Step 4- Based on the platform you chose, get access to the in-depth data

social media analytics tool

This simple tool is user-friendly and helps you detect all the flaws in your social media marketing strategy. Now that we know how useful this tool is let’s take a look at the mistakes brands make when conducting social media analytics.

Mistakes Brands Make When Conducting Social Media Analytics

social media data


1. Relying on many social media analytics tools

It is best to choose the tool carefully instead of relying on several social media analytics tools. Brands need to choose the tools based on their requirements. Look at what each tool has to offer and whether the social media insights given by a particular tool are in sync with what you are looking to analyse. Make sure you understand the functioning of the tool well and are aware of its features.

2. Gathering social media data and not implementing

Brands are bombarded with social media insights but fail to implement the same in their marketing strategy. Simply gathering data and keeping it in excel sheets will not benefit you in any way. See to it that you dig deeper into these metrics and see how you can use the data. You may also find the reasons for low reach, low engagement, and low follower count with the help of this data.

3. Tracking the basic metrics even with tools

The native social media metrics can be gathered through social media platforms too but when it comes to the tools you can get a lot more than that. Instead of gathering the same data make sure to look at other metrics too. This will help you solve several issues related to your brand performance. 

4. No schedule to measure the analytics

Timing is not just important for posting content on social media, it is also crucial for measuring social media data. Brands often don’t check the social media insights regularly and that lands them in trouble. Make sure you have a schedule planned out for going through the analytics because it will help you keep track of your brand performance.

Hope this brief guide will help you with social media analytics. Here are a few more blogs to help you get the most out of social media insights. 


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