Unbox Social VS Iconosquare: Which Social Media Analytics Tool Suits Your Brand Better?

Comparing the features of social media analytics tools is necessary before selection. Every brand and business needs social media analytics. Simply creating campaigns is just half the battle won. To excel on social media platforms, it is necessary to analyse the campaign performance. In this blog, we will compare two tools namely Unbox Social and Iconosquare. 

Almost every social media platform has its native dashboard wherein you can check the performance of your content. But with these tools, the analysis is more detailed and you can get deep insights into how your social media strategies are performing. 

Some social media reporting tools are designed to suit management functions while some are created to give you social media data and social media analytics. Unbox Social offers three solutions that include influencer marketing, competition tracking, and social media analytics. Iconosquare, on the other hand, offers analytics, publishing, and monitoring features. 

Let’s know more about these two tools. 


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  • Features offered

Both Unbox Social and Iconosquare share one common feature that is social media analytics. Other than the stated, the approach of both these tools is quite distinct. The Unbox Social tool features are more inclined towards analytics, competitor analysis, and influencer marketing. Talking about Iconosquare, the features are more about analytics and social media management. 

  • Solutions and platforms offered

Unbox Social offers solutions for YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Iconosquare caters to Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. 

The Unbox Social solutions include influencer marketing, social media analytics, and competition tracking and platform-wise solutions for the above-mentioned social media platforms. Iconosquare offers analysis, scheduling, and monitoring solutions along with competitor tracking, hashtag analysis, and profile activity. 

  • Ideal for

The Unbox Social tool is ideal for businesses and brands that are looking for an umbrella of tools to upscale their presence on social media. The Unbox Social tool has a dedicated social media analytics dashboard along with solutions for competitor analysis and influencer marketing. This tool equips you with all you need to come up with a successful social media strategy that helps save time and resources. 

Iconosquare is apt for businesses and brands that are majorly looking for a management tool and need part analysis. The tool is designed to give you all the management features that will ease your scheduling hassles. Marketers facing scheduling and monitoring problems can go ahead with the tool. 

Hope these above-mentioned pointers will give you an idea of which tool suits your brand/business better. Before you rely on any tool, make sure to keep in mind the points below. 

Factors To Keep In Mind Before Choosing a Social Media Analytics Tool

  • Features of the tool

Make sure you are completely aware of what the tool has to offer. The features of the social media analytics tool you choose must match your brand needs and requirements. 

  • Ease of use

Tools that are complex to use can sometimes be time-consuming. Before relying on a tool make sure you take a trial session to see if you are comfortable with the tool’s functioning. 

  • Customer service

Initially, every user faces challenges when using a new tool. This is why having prompt customer service is very important. 

  • Pricing

Lastly, compare the prices of the tools you have shortlisted to choose the one that fits your pocket the best. See to it that you subscribe to tools that are actually in sync with your requirements.

The three above-mentioned pointers are crucial when choosing a social media analytics tool. Want to know more about social media tools? Take a look at our blogs below. 

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