Unbox Social VS Sprout Social: Which Is The Best Social Media Tool For 2021

Social media marketing starts with ideation and ends up with a thorough analysis of the strategy implemented. Simply relying on the native social media analytics dashboards is not going to give you deep insights. This is why it is best to rely on social media analytics tools that offer different features. 

Brands are doing all they can to go viral on social media but simply coming up with creative strategies is not enough. Analysing the performance of those strategies is equally important. There are social media management platforms that let you manage your social media profiles and brand presence. Some platforms are also dedicated to social media analysis. In this blog, we will compare two platforms namely Unbox Social and Sprout Social

Unbox Social VS Sprout Social

  •  Overview of the tools in review

Unbox Social is a platform that helps brands and businesses analyse, compare, and create social media strategies. The platform offers three major features namely influencer marketing, competition tracking, and social media analytics. The bucket of features Unbox Social offers is sufficient for every brand wanting to make a mark on social media. The tool lets you use the features for all major social media platforms- Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. Be it established brands wanting to track their social media presence and competitors or newly launched brands wanting to improve their social media strategy, the tool is super useful, to say the least.

Sprout Social is more of a social media management platform wherein you can analyse, schedule, monitor, and listen to your brand presence on social media platforms. The platform is useful for brands that are looking out for scheduling and posting features. The tool gives you everything you need in terms of streamlining your posts on social media platforms and listening to how your content is being perceived by the audience. The Sprout Social features are mainly focused on streamlining your social media marketing process and building responsiveness. 

  • Dashboard comparison

Coming to the dashboard comparison, let’s begin with Unbox Social. The Unbox Social dashboard is easy to comprehend which makes it user-friendly. The features of the tool you opt for will be visible on the dashboard and all you need to do is connect your social media profiles with the platform. The dashboard also allows you to take tutorials on how to use the features of Unbox Social in the best possible way. This tool is simple to use and gives in-depth details. The dashboard is easy to navigate and every feature is explained to give you an idea of what to expect. 

Sprout Social dashboard is loaded with different sections catering to different features of the tool. New users might find the information overwhelming and might get confused as to where to start from. The dashboard first gives you a glimpse of everything that the platform comprises and then gives you brief data on your brand’s recent social media activities. The Sprout Social dashboard is elaborative but requires you to get used to it. Initially, it can be quite confusing because it has a lot of details.

  • Features offered

The Unbox Social tool has three features as we mentioned above (Influencer Marketing, Competition Tracking, and Social Media Analytics). The tool is an allrounder when it comes to measuring a brand’s social media presence. The influencer marketing platform the tool offers is also useful for framing effective social media strategies. The three solutions offered by Unbox Social are further categorised into different sections which give in-depth details that are essential in every way. Right from the post metrics, video metrics to audience demographics, Unbox Social’s platform-wise bifurcation will give you data systematically. 

The Sprout Social analytics data is bound to be different from Unbox Social because the features offered by these tools differ a lot. Sprout Social requires you to connect to your social media profiles beforehand and then gives you the required information based on the feature you choose. Sprout Social insights are orderly and the user can easily analyse the patterns in their brand’s performance. This can be helpful for brands looking for engagement analysis and brand listening. 

  • Reports

Both Unbox Social and Sprout Social are elaborative when it comes to the report structure. The basic elements like the date range and bifurcation of elements like overview, analysis, and insights are similar. The reports on both these social media tools are easy to access and give you the detailed information. 

The Sprout Social review in comparison to Unbox Social is difficult to measure because both these platforms offer distinct features that are essential for a brand’s social media presence. Nevertheless, Unbox Social’s competitive analysis feature becomes a lot more crucial because of the competition on every social media platform. Brands need to gauge their competitors on social media to come up with effective strategies that can help them achieve their goals and objectives. 

Lastly, choosing the right social media tool depends entirely on what you want to analyse and what are your brand requirements. Make sure you consider the tool features and accordingly decide which tool works the best for you. 

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