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A Complete Guide For Twitter Marketing In 2021


Twitter is often the last social media platform brands want to market on but in reality, this micro-blogging site can help brands in many ways. Twitter marketing needs to be an important part of your social media marketing plan because it has a huge audience base and potential to increase brand awareness. Moreover, the audience behaviour on Twitter is different from other platforms which can be beneficial to the brands. 

Twitter as a platform functions differently than Facebook and Instagram which is why most brand owners are unable to understand it clearly. As opposed to the general belief, using Twitter for marketing is not just about driving sales, it also aids in identifying consumer preferences. The biggest challenge on Twitter is to gain the audience’s attention. The platform is always experiencing a rush of content which makes it difficult for brands to make a mark. This simply means brands need to have an impactful Twitter content strategy if they want to achieve their goals and objectives. 

Coming to the audience demographics, Twitter does not enjoy much fan following with the younger generations but appeals a lot to the mature audience who are usually the ones with the purchasing power. 

Let’s understand why Twitter deserves to be a crucial part of your social media strategy.

Why Brands Must Consider Marketing On Twitter


1. Ease of access to all kinds of audience

Once you implement a Twitter marketing strategy, your brand gets exposed to a variety of audiences. This gives your brand an opportunity to connect with both active and passive consumers. Additionally, in many cases, Twitter has helped brands discover an unexplored audience base too. This way brands can also gauge the demand for their products and services. 

2. Gives you the flexibility with content creation

Twitter is no longer used only as a micro-blogging platform, it has several other features that will help you create amazing content. Be it videos, Twitter Fleets or images, Twitter gives a lot of flexibility when it comes to content creation. Brands can experiment with several content strategies which can help them connect with the audiences. 

3. Real-time functioning of the platform

Most users on Twitter are looking for some informational content that is timely. This helps brands stay relevant to their target audience. From giving live updates on product launch events to informing the audience about an upcoming sale, Twitter is the best platform to put out real-time content. With the help of real-time content, you can keep the audience engaged successfully. 

4. Gives you the liberty to post multiple times!

If you post continuously on other social media platforms, your brand may come across as spammy. However, that’s not the case with Twitter. On Twitter, you can take the liberty to post multiple times a day without annoying the users. The life of a tweet is very short and hence, brands have to keep the audience updated with multiple tweets. This is how the platform functions and the user behaviour on the platform is well-tuned with it. 

5. Twitter helps you build a rapport with your audience

Twitter as a platform helps you engage with your audience. Retweets, shares, favourites, replies on Fleets, etc. help you build a rapport with your audience. Moreover, it also allows your consumers to share their thoughts on your products and services. This gives brand owners a glimpse of how consumers are responding to their products and which are the parameters they need to improve on. 

Well, now that we have understood why a Twitter marketing strategy for 2021 is unavoidable, it is also important to know how to plan effective Twitter marketing strategies. In this blog, we will tell you how to use Twitter for marketing.

How To Create An Effective Twitter Marketing Strategy For Brands


The following points will guide you on creating a successful Twitter campaign.

1. Analyse your current Twitter presence

The case with most brands is that they have a Twitter account but are hardly active. And some brands do not have a Twitter marketing plan but they post randomly which gets them nothing in return. Before you start planning a Twitter marketing strategy, you should know where your brand stands currently. See what kind of response you have got for your Twitter posts until now and which hashtags have you used. 

This will help you see what has worked for your brand and where it needs to improvise. 

2. Check the Twitter data to see your overall Twitter performance

Twitter has a native analytics dashboard that helps you see tweet performance. Further, platforms like Unbox Social also help in data analysis for Twitter. Analysing the data will help you find out which tweets managed to get you the maximum reach and engagement and which tweets did not work with your target audience. Additionally, these analytics also give data on audience demographics which will help you frame better Twitter marketing strategies

3. Decide what you want to convey to your Twitter audience


Every brand has something to convey to its audience and hence, they use social media platforms. Twitter is another way to engage with your target audience. Audiences on Twitter are more likely to consume informational content and that is something you must consider when using Twitter for marketing. Decide whether you will use Twitter only for promotions or you want to keep posting to increase brand awareness and engagement. Some brands prefer to post only when they are launching something new while some post every now and then because their marketing plan involves engaging with the audience.

Decide how you want to present your brand on the platform.

4. Find out about what’s trending in your niche

Social media marketing on Twitter also involves knowing about what’s trending in your niche. Currently, several brands have started using Twitter Fleets for brand communication. Brands are coming up with interesting video content and are using Fleets to update their audience instead of simply tweeting with text. Using GIFs, videos, images, can help you enhance your Twitter content strategy. Brands can also make use of trending hashtags to increase their reach on the platform. See what people are tweeting about and which hashtags are trending on Twitter. 

5. See what your competitors are doing on Twitter                  

business competition

Keeping a check on what your competitors are doing on Twitter will help you see what kind of content works better on the platform. Additionally, it will also help you frame a better Twitter marketing strategy. Analysing your competitors will also tell you what the audience is more interested in. Keep a check on your competitors’ tweet frequency, content style, and tonality. 

6. Keep a check on who is engaging with your content 

Sometimes even with a strong Twitter marketing strategy brands fail to make a mark on the platform and that is because they are targeting the wrong audience. Analyse who is engaging with your content to see if it is your desired target audience. Keeping a check on your follower count will tell you which posts helped you gain followers. 

7. Start interacting with your followers

Once you are active on Twitter with engaging content you are likely to receive some kind of response from your followers. It is necessary to interact with your followers so that they can connect with your brand. Sometimes brands also have to deal with complaints on their Twitter handle and this can get tricky because anything you tweet is going to be public. Make sure you handle such situations carefully and professionally. 

8. Start curating content specifically for your Twitter presence

Simply reposting what you posted on Facebook does not always work. As we mentioned earlier, Twitter needs a proper content strategy because of its audience behaviour and preferences. Additionally, brands must also make optimum use of the latest features on the platform to stay in the game.  Plan your content well in advance and keep updating your content as and how the trends change. This can be easily done for upcoming festivals, sale promotions, and other important days. See to it that you have your content calendar ready for a few weeks.

9. Check the performance of your Twitter marketing strategy with the help of analytics


After the strategy is implemented, it is necessary to check how your campaign has performed. This can be done with the help of the native Twitter analytics tool or you can opt for a platform like Unbox Social that offers a special social media analytics solution for brands. Make sure you analyse all the Twitter metrics carefully. Some of the most important metrics to keep an eye on are reach, impressions, top tweet, engagement rate, and audience demographics. Relying on a professional social media analytics tool will give you more in-depth insights on your Twitter marketing plan

10. Compare the results of your present and previous Twitter marketing strategies

Simply analysing the performance of your ongoing campaign is not enough. To plan an effective Twitter marketing strategy, it is important to compare the results of your present campaign with your past campaigns. This will help you understand where your brand has improved and what it lacks. Also, comparing the performance of your campaigns will help you know your brand tonality on Twitter. 

Well, now that you have all the information on planning Twitter marketing strategies, it’s time to draw some inspiration. 

Twitter Marketing Examples

1. Doritos

Doritos recently launched the ‘Crash From Home’ campaign on Twitter. The brand is popular on Twitter for its humorous and witty posts. The Crash From Home campaign was to increase user participation wherein the brand asked its fans to come up with ideas for a Doritos commercial. The selected winners were also to be rewarded with some prize money! Twitter marketing with such campaigns can be beneficial to increase engagement. 

Doritos Twitter campaign

2. Disney+

OTT platforms are heavily active on social media because that is the only way to let their audience know what’s new on their platform. Disney+ is coming up with back to back content on its streaming service and keeps the audience informed with the help of tweets. Be it announcing a new series or posting about an ongoing series, Disney+ always has something going on. The brand posts both images and videos related to its streaming content to keep the audience hooked. 

Disney+ Twitter post

3. Tinder

The online dating application that helps people find dates has an interesting Twitter content strategy. The brand experiments a lot with simple tweets but their tweets are engaging and interactive. Tinder comes up with amazing polls and questions on its Twitter handle which helps in increasing user participation. 

Tinder Twitter profile

4. Spotify

Twitter marketing strategies need to connect with the audience and must hold some value for the fans. Spotify enjoys an impressive following on Twitter and keeps increasing its audience base with the help of its engaging content. Spotify’s Twitter marketing strategy is simple because it involves no major plans and tweets. Even with simple interactive tweets, Spotify manages to steal the show because these tweets are curated keeping in mind its value for the audience. 

Spotify Twitter post

5. Zomato India

Twitter for marketers is a great way to be aware of what’s trending in their niche and what the people are talking about. Zomato India does an excellent job when it comes to posting relevant content that connects with its audience. Recently, a small eatery got viral on social media, and Zomato India took it upon themselves to list them on their app. Banking on instances like these can help your brand grow. Moreover, Zomato India regularly hosts interesting polls that generate amazing user participation. 

Zomato India Twitter post

The above-mentioned Twitter marketing examples will surely help you frame effective Twitter marketing strategies. To enhance your campaigns, take a look at a few handy tips for marketing on Twitter.

Twitter Marketing Tips


  1. Always keep your Twitter profile updated with a proper header image, profile picture, and bio
  2.  Check the social media analytics solution by Unbox Social to know the best time to tweet
  3. Choose the hashtags wisely and don’t go overboard
  4. Experiment with your Twitter content strategy
  5. Keep your audience engaged with live Tweet updates for important events

Marketing with Twitter is all about knowing what your audience wants and incorporating your brand objectives while doing so. Make sure you keep your brand tonality on the platform consistent. See who is mentioning you in your tweets, keep a check on hashtags, and make sure to schedule your tweets! Want to know more about social media marketing for brands? Read the blogs below- 


What is Unbox Social?

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Working with influencers?

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Working with influencers?

Use our brand scan to find who competition works with!