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What are Twitter Impressions And Its Significance

There are numerous Twitter metrics to track and each metric holds a significant value that can help your brand scale up on the platform. Brands often track favourites and reach when it comes to Twitter analytics. Nonetheless, there is one crucial metric that deserves equal attention and that is Twitter impressions. 

Having said that, impressions work in tandem with other metrics that dictate the performance of your brand on Twitter. But in this blog, we will focus on Twitter impressions and how they impact your overall brand presence on the micro-blogging platform. Twitter impressions are often confused with reach but the two metrics differ a lot from one another. 

Analytics on Twitter is meant to show you how your brand is faring on the platform and whether your strategies are getting you the desired results. Before we move ahead with what needs to be done to increase impressions on Twitter, let’s understand what Twitter impressions are. 

What are Twitter Impressions?

Twitter impressions are metrics that tell you how many times your tweets have been seen a total number of times. Even when a single user sees the tweet multiple times it is counted in impressions. When the impressions are higher than the reach it simply means your tweet has had repeated views. All Twitter analytics tools give you this data. Note that Twitter impressions only count the number of times the tweet has been seen on the Twitter platform. 

Want to know more about Twitter insights? Check out the guide on Twitter analytics to know it all. 

Importance of Twitter Impressions

  • Tells you whether your tweets are relevant to your audience

In many cases, brands witness a higher number of impressions than reach. This simply means that the tweet was relevant enough and was repeatedly seen by the users. Content that is relevant to the audience has higher chances of getting shared which indirectly benefits the brand presence. Impressions help you measure the same. If your tweet activity on Twitter always reflects low impressions, it might also be the reason for low tweet engagement. 

  • Tweet impressions help you gauge the effectiveness of your Twitter marketing strategy

When tweet impressions are high, the Twitter marketing strategy you have implemented is being seen and getting attention. Work on your strategy or simply upgrade your content if you are seeing low impressions consistently. 

  • Gives you an insight into your audience quality

Having a high number of followers is not enough. The audience that follows you needs to interact with your content too. When the number of impressions is high it can also highlight the fact that your followers are looking at your content. Having impressions that are lesser than the follower count can also mean your follower base is inactive. 

  • Tells you whether the tweets are helping you reach your brand goals

Twitter data can help you measure how well your strategies are helping you reach the brand goals and objectives. Good numbers on Twitter analytics including Twitter impressions can give you an idea of whether the strategies are working for your brand. 

  • Gives you an idea of what kind of hashtags are working for your brand

When a tweet with hashtags performs well it tells you what kind of hashtags are working for your brand and audience. This can also give you an idea of what hashtags to use in future. 

By now you have surely understood the significance of Twitter impressions when it comes to analytics on Twitter. Let’s understand what can you do to increase Twitter impressions. 

Tips to Increase Twitter Impressions

1. Initiate a conversation on the platform 

Merely following a few random accounts will not be of use on Twitter. As a brand, try and follow influencers, users, and other brands on Twitter. Initiate a conversation by liking a tweet or responding to a users’ tweet about your brand. This will also help you connect with your audience and build brand awareness.

2. Keep your content up-to-date

When it comes to Twitter timeliness and consistency are two important pillars. It is necessary to keep the Twitter account active by posting relevant content. Moreover, brand managers must also tweet videos because they are known to garner attention. 

 3. Use the features offered by the platform

Content curation on Twitter should not be restricted to text-oriented tweets. Brands must experiment with their content strategy and also post videos that get them impressions and reach. Videos are surely more effective as compared to textual tweets because with videos you can showcase your brand message more creatively. 

Try and post tweets that encourage the audience to interact with your brand. 

 4. Create shareable content

Creating shareable content works for all social media platforms including Twitter. When the content is relatable it leads to more reach which, in turn, leads to increased Twitter impressions. Content that gets shared a lot can have a positive impact on your Twitter insights.

 5. Share links along with the tweets

It is okay to share interesting content from other sources in your tweets. This can enhance the brand impression too. Including links in your tweets can help you connect with a like-minded audience base that is interested in your content. 

 6. Schedule your tweets smartly

Social media platforms are crowded with content all the time. This is why it is necessary to time the posts well. Twitter analytics tools like Unbox Social can help you check what time most of your followers are online. This makes it easier for brands to schedule their posts and get the most out of them.

 7. Use hashtags 

Hashtags play a very important role on Twitter and can fetch you amazing results. When conducting Twitter analysis make sure to check the hashtags that are fetching you good numbers on the Twitter dashboard. Most Twitter analytics tools also give you these insights. 

 8. Make use of Twitter polls

Twitter polls are a great way to understand what the audience prefers. As brand marketers, it is necessary to use this feature because it can also increase Twitter engagement and impressions. Ask their opinions about trending topics or simply ask a question related to your products and services! 

These above-mentioned tips if followed in the right manner can help you get high Twitter impressions. Want to know more about Twitter? Read the blogs below. 


What is Unbox Social?

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Working with influencers?

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Working with influencers?

Use our brand scan to find who competition works with!


Working with influencers?

Use our brand scan to find who competition works with!