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Twitter Fleets

After rolling out the much-awaited Fleets in Brazil, Twitter has finally activated the new story-like Twitter Fleets feature in India too. The addition is likely to launch in all the other countries in a few days. But what do these Twitter stories mean for brands?

Will these Twitter stories aka Fleets change the way brands promote their products and services on the platform?

Following the footsteps of Instagram and Facebook, Twitter is quite delayed to come up with an update of this sort! However, Fleets have their own characteristics and are different from the stories on other platforms. 

In this post, you’ll learn:

a. What is a Fleet on Twitter?
b. How to get Twitter Fleets?
c. Why Twitter Fleets are a big deal?
d. Twitter Fleets for Marketing

A) What is a Fleet on Twitter?

Just like Instagram stories, Fleets are Twitter stories that disappear after 24 hours. Similar to the stories feature on other platforms, Fleets will help you convey your floating thoughts via stories format. 

However, the thing that differentiates Fleets from other stories is that you cannot retweet or like a Fleet. The only way to respond to Twitter Fleets is to DM! 

According to Twitter experts, this feature is added to give a way to people’s momentary thoughts which they were earlier hesitant to tweet about. The temporary shelf life of Fleets is supposed to encourage people to share more of their worlds. 

  Points to Remember for Twitter Fleets

  • Twitter Fleets just like Instagram stories support text, images, videos and GIFs
  • Twitter Fleets stay for 24 hours on the platform but one can delete them before time too
  • The only way to respond to a fleet is to DM the user 
  • Just like a Twitter post, even Twitter Fleets have a character limit of 280 characters (KEEP IT CRISP HERE TOO)
  • You will be able to check who viewed your Fleets
  • Twitter Fleets feature also has a camera option to help you click on the spot and upload your Fleet!

B) How to get Twitter Fleets?

Twitter stories aka Fleets are almost similar to Instagram stories. Fleets will appear on the top of your home screen in circular icons. You may have to update your Twitter app to get the feature on your mobile phones. Just like Instagram, click on the ‘+’ on your circular profile icon and create your content and then simply press Fleet! 

This new update will surely add an interesting storm in the world of social media marketing for brands. As we all know, brands have been making the most out of Instagram stories. Not to forget, the Instagram stories have also changed the way brands plan their content strategies.  But is the same possible with Twitter Fleets

It is very much possible to use Twitter Fleets for branding and promotional activities. Initially, brands had nothing more to do with Twitter other than curating a Twitter post that was worth retweeting. But with this new feature, they can make better use of the platform. Twitter Fleets can be a game-changer for brands who are heavily using the stories feature on other platforms. 

Moreover, this feature can be trickier to crack because it does not allow instant reactions and shares like other platforms. This means that brands need to be careful of what they Fleet about! 

Though the added Fleets feature gave rise to a meme fest on Twitter, it can be rightly said that brands who are targeting an audience on Twitter cannot ignore the same. 


C) Why Twitter Fleets are a big deal?

Having a Twitter story on your brand’s Twitter account is soon going to be a part of your content strategy. This won’t just bring a shift in your content planning but will also change the way you use Twitter for marketing. Here’s why Twitter Fleets matter!

  • Twitter Fleets will have an impact on audience behaviour

The new update is surely going to change the way the audience pays attention to your content on the platform. Moreover, with a minuscule attention span, as a brand, you will have to now compete for their attention on the Fleets too! 

  • Twitter Fleets is going to change the way we look at reactions 

Drifting away from the norm, Twitter Fleets are not going to have any instant reactions, If a user wants to respond to your Fleet, he/she has to DM. This is surely going to change the way we measure reactions on our stories. 

  • Twitter Fleets will change the way users look at your brand

Initially, a Twitter post would be the only deciding factor for a user to follow you or not. With Twitter stories, it is going to change. Brands now have to be on their toes to keep their Fleets streak active and engaging. This can be both beneficial and tough for brands. 

  • Twitter Fleets will change the way you communicate with your followers

Twitter Fleets can help you build strong relations with your followers. With no retweets to look at and no instant reaction to study, this can surely be your chance as a brand to see what your audience is genuinely interested in. The DMs can help you analyse your audience interest in an unfiltered manner. 

Fleets will also bring a dynamic change in the way influencers use Twitter. As of now, Twitter is not highly preferred for influencer marketing by brands. With Twitter stories, this trend can shift. Let’s see how brands can use Twitter Fleets to their advantage.

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D) Twitter Fleets for Marketing

1. Brands can use Twitter Fleets for interacting with their customers

It is easier to detect who your dedicated audience is when you get to see their DMs! With Twitter Fleets, you can communicate better with your audience. Once you know who is spending those precious seconds to DM you, it becomes easier to frame content for future strategies too. (THIS CAN ALSO HELP YOU SEE IF THERE IS A PASSIVE AUDIENCE FOR YOUR BRAND)

2. Twitter Fleets are apt for live events

Covering live events has always been beneficial for brands in generating high engagement. Be it a product launch or an unboxing live, brands can make the most out of their Twitter story. This can also help increase your followers on Twitter!

3. Twitter Fleets are apt for influencer marketing campaigns 

Be it hosting giveaways or promoting discount promo codes for a particular product or service, Twitter Fleets can be used for several influencer marketing campaigns. These Fleets last only for 24 hours and hence are perfect for time-bound offers and contests hosted by influencers. Such uploads will also keep the audience hooked and will help the brands make sales. 

4. Twitter Fleets will help in increasing brand visibility

The only way a brand could stay in the minds of its Twitter audience was a Twitter post. With Fleets, you no longer need to create posts that are highly timed and filtered. Even a small update can be conveyed to your followers with the help of Fleets. This will keep your audience updated with what is going on in your brand at all times without getting bombarded with back to back tweets. 

5. Twitter Fleets will help you curate content that’s more creative 

The character limitations on Twitter will always be a hindrance to your highly creative content ideas! Well, you can accomplish those with Twitter Fleets. If there’s something your Twitter post has not thoroughly covered, do justice to it with the help of Fleets. The use of GIFs and video formats will surely up your content game! 

6. Twitter Fleets will help you curate relatable content

Every Twitter post does not have to be about selling your products and services, some posts have to be relatable too. In order to not overcrowd the users’ feeds, brands often keep it to the point when posting on Twitter. Well, this can change with Twitter stories. Twitter Fleets can help you post content that’s all about connecting with the audience. Posting relatable content on Twitter can also help you scale up brand presence on the platform. 

Twitter Fleets can surely ease the process of building an audience base on Twitter. Brands often struggle on Twitter because the platform has several limitations and the audience base is broad but not so easy to close in. 

The micro-blogging platform has been more about what’s happening now leaving less room for posts that consume a lot of time. Twitter Fleets can help change that. Even with a sense of urgency, Fleets can help brands create posts that are more visually inclined and high on creativity. 

This new update will also change the way you look at social media analytics. Twitter is soon going to climb the social ladder and brands must start tracking their presence on the platform without any delay! So buckle up and head to the social media analytics tool Unbox Social and start measuring your brand’s Twitter presence now. 

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