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7 Tips to Write an Awesome Twitter Bio for Your Brand

twitter bio tips

Want to scale up your presence on Twitter? Want to attract more followers to your Twitter profile?

Twitter is one of the best platforms for you to grow your brand. There are many different ways by which you can leverage Twitter to grow your brand. One of the easiest ways to do that is by optimizing your Twitter bio. Your Twitter Bio is the first thing that a Twitter user sees when they visit your profile. It is also your chance to grab your audience’s attention and hook them onto your brand.

If you want to get your audience hooked onto your brand on Twitter, you need to get started by working on your Twitter bio. After all, your Twitter bio has an important role to play in establishing an impression about your brand, on the platform.

The tricky part is that you have to use the 160 characters’-long space to impress your target audience.To help you frame a good Twitter bio for your brand, we’ve got a few tips, and tricks that you can start applying.

Give A Brief Description Of Your Brand

What products and/or services are you offering?

Especially if you are a newbie in your respective niche or industry, you need to get started by introducing your brand on the platform. Tell your audience what your brand offers and project your USP in your Twitter bio.

Here’s an example of how you can frame your Twitter bio to inform your audience about your brand and what you can offer to them. The idea is to get your message through to your audience using this 160 character-space.

Keep Your Target Audience In Mind

When framing your Twitter bio, you need to align the tone and language of your content with your audience personas. A Twitter bio targeting middle-aged women may not be framed in the same manner as the Twitter bio targeting university students.

You need to tailor your messaging according to the tastes and preferences, likes and dislikes of your target audience. By doing so, you can attract your audience and keep them hooked enough to explore your content.

You can take inspiration from the messaging style that this brand uses for targeting their prospective male customers. 

Lead Your Audience To Your Other Twitter Handles

You need to be smart with the way you use your Twitter bio. Leverage this space to take your audience to the other Twitter handles of your brand. To place the link to your other Twitter handles, add a ‘@‘ before the name of your Twitter handles.

Popular clothing and apparel brand, Topshop uses its Twitter bio to lead its audience to their online helpdesk.

Use Your Twitter Bio To Showcase Expertise

Since your Twitter bio is the first thing that your audience spots in your Twitter profile, you should use the space smartly, to showcase your expertise and experience. Let your audience know about all the awards and accolades that you have earned.Share about any recognition that you may have received.

Leverage such recognition and awards to capture audience attention. Such titles and accolades alone can help rope your audience in. Once they are hooked, you can wait and let your branded content do the talking.

Lead Your Audience To Take Actions With CTAs

Add relevant calls to action in your Twitter bio. Depending on your social media goals, you can use this 160-character space to push your audience to take actions.

You can ask your target audience to follow another one of your Twitter handles. You can also take your audience to your blog or website using a catchy call to action.

Adopt A Smart SEO Strategy

Your Twitter bio gets indexed by top search engine platforms such as Google and Bing. Use a smart SEO strategy to get maximum reach for your brand on Twitter. Add keywords that are search engine optimized. This will help you not only expand your reach on the platform, but also across search engines.

Capitalize on this 160 character-long space by blending in search engine-optimized keywords into your brand description. Twitter is a great platform to generate awareness about your brand and bring more potential customers on board.

Use Hashtags

Hashtags make for a great discoverability tool. Adding relevant hashtags can help you maximize your chances of getting discovered. While hashtags are important for your Twitter marketing strategy, you need to keep them within limit in order to stay on top of your game. Too many hashtags can make your Twitter profile look spammy.

You can use your Twitter bio to popularize hashtag campaigns for your brand, as well.


Crafting a catchy Twitter bio for your brand is integral for your Twitter marketing strategy. In order to help you optimize your Twitter bio and get more followers, here is a quick snapshot of all the top tricks and tips we just covered here-

  • Provide an introduction to your audience with a brief description about your brand
  • Frame your Twitter bio while keeping your target audience in mind
  • Use your Twitter bio to lead your audience to other handles
  • Leverage your Twitter bio to add relevant calls to action
  • Showcase your expertise as well as any form of recognition in your Twitter bio
  • Be smart with your SEO strategy by using relevant keywords
  • Use Hashtags smartly

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Working with influencers?

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Working with influencers?

Use our brand scan to find who competition works with!


Working with influencers?

Use our brand scan to find who competition works with!