Twitter Audience Insights: All You Need To Know About Your Followers

Twitter audience insights

Twitter if used smartly can do wonders for your brand/business. The micro-blogging platform enjoys a unique reputation in the digital world which works for brand marketing. Launching a Twitter campaign has a lot to do with the audience behaviour because the platform does not have features similar to Facebook and Instagram. Additionally, the content shared on Twitter is also nothing like the other popular social media platforms. 

It can be rightly said that Twitter is an infotainment medium wherein users come for their share of news, information, and entertainment. To engage an audience that only wants to know what is trending and being talked about at the moment is a tricky task. Most users still follow Twitter for timely news updates. This also gives the platform a wide audience base which makes it suitable for brands and businesses to promote their products and services. 

By now most of us are aware of how significant Twitter is for marketing activities but the question that troubles most marketing professionals is how to get the desired audience base for the campaigns. This is where Twitter audience insights play a crucial role. Apart from analysing how your tweets are performing, it is also necessary to check the audience behaviour and engagement rate. Twitter audience insights not only help you keep a track of your follower base but also tell you a lot about audience behaviour on the platform. These Twitter metrics can be used in framing effective campaigns. 

In this blog, we will tell you about conducting Twitter audience analytics with Unbox Social. 

Before we begin with Twitter analysis for the audience, let’s figure out why Twitter is important for any brand or business. 

Significance of Twitter Marketing

According to statistics, Twitter has 187 million monetizable daily users already as of 2021. The data itself suggests that the platform must inevitably be a part of your brand marketing strategy. Furthermore, apart from the huge number, Twitter has also witnessed a rise in organic content marketing in the last 12 months. The popularity of video content on the platform cannot be ignored either! Another important aspect of why Twitter deserves the attention of brand marketers is its user base. Most of Twitter’s follower base comprises of millennials followed by Gen Z. These two generations are always on the lookout for something new and do not shy away from trying new brands. This makes them the target audience for most products and services. Marketing on Twitter helps you increase your brand reach and also helps in brand recognition. 

Lately, the user behaviour on Twitter has transformed quite a bit because they are no longer on the platform simply for news and information but also to discover new brands, products, and services. This gives businesses a big opportunity to market themselves to a wider audience base. Now that we know how important Twitter’s audience is, let’s know everything about analysing Twitter audience demographics. 

Twitter Audience Insights With Unbox Social

Unbox Social has a dedicated solution for social media analytics. Brands can check their social media presence with the help of the tool and improve their strategies. Here is how you can use Unbox Social for Twitter analysis and Twitter audience insights. 

  • Get in-depth insights on your brand’s Twitter presence

The Unbox Social tool gives you all the in-depth insights you need for your Twitter account. The dashboard gives you an account for tweet timeline, total interactions, favourited tweets, retweets, engagement rate, mode of interaction, total tweets with the content format, and lots more. The insights help you figure out how your tweet posts have been over a period of time and what needs to improve. Further, this feature also gives you Twitter data for top mentions, top hashtags, top linked sources, and the most engaging tweets. 

  • Twitter audience insights

Twitter analytics by Unbox Social

The best way to know more about your Twitter followers is to conduct Twitter follower analysis with Unbox Social. The social media analytics solution of the tool gives you accurate data on your followers. Apart from the general data like number of followers, number of mentions, number of tweets, and number of retweets, the tool gives you a complete account of your follower base. The Twitter insights in this section of the tool include a list of mentions, a list of retweets, gender split, tweet source, audience interest, audience location, audience language, top linked sources by mentions, your audience’s follower account, and list of recent followers. The Twitter insights derived from this tool tell you a lot about audience interest, the relevance of the campaign, audience selection, and content performance. 

  • Twitter post insights

Twitter insights

The social media analytics feature from Unbox Social gives you post-wise insights too. Check how your tweets have performed on the platform and make wise decisions for your future content strategies. The tool gives you detailed data on how each tweet has fared. This will also help you understand what kind of content is not working for your audience. 

We hope this blog helps you get started with Twitter audience insights. Make sure you choose your audience carefully because only then will you get the desired results from your campaigns. Here are a few more blogs to help you with Twitter marketing.

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