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8 Best Twitter Analytics Tools in 2021 (Highly Recommended!)

Twitter Analytics Tools

Looking to increase your follower base on Twitter in 2021? Well, simply sitting on your couch broadcasting tweets won’t help. You need to play around with analytics to make sure every tweet you make hits the bull’s eye. Of course, things aren’t easy if you do it manually. It’s where best Twitter analytics tools come to play.

Twitter Analytics tools provide you the much-needed data insights to earn high ROIs out of Twitter marketing efforts. 

Helping you know the leaks in your Twitter strategy, these tools put your brand on the right track to acquire more followers with every tweet. Want to dig deeper into the topic? Be on our roller coaster as we enlighten you with an in-depth understanding of Twitter analysis.

What is Twitter analytics?

Twitter analytics gives you insights on how each of your posts on Twitter has performed analyzing various metrics. It is basically a performance report of your content on the platform. It calculates metrics like reach, impressions, click, and engagement rate to help you gauge your content’s performance. 

Importance of Tracking Twitter analytics

Twitter can become a passive medium for your marketing strategy if you don’t know its significance. Paying attention to Twitter analytics can have a huge impact on your online strategy. Brands often turn a blind eye to this social media platform but trust us, having an audience on Twitter can be highly beneficial for your brand presence. Likewise, just tweeting will not give you any results, brands need to focus on Twitter insights and analyse them on a regular basis. Here is how Twitter analytics can help you.

  • Twitter insights Help you know your audience better

  • Twitter stats give you information on your top tweets

  • Twitter analysis helps you track your follower growth

  • Tells you about profile visits

  • Twitter insights lets you know about the mentions

The data for the above-mentioned points can help in framing accurate content strategies.For instance, you know what kind of content works for your brand when you have information on the top tweets! These analytics can be a guide to your content planning and curation.

Here are the Top 8 Twitter Analytics Tools

1. Unbox Social

Unbox Social Twitter Analytics Tool

With powerful insights into your Twitter account, Unbox Social offers the best of both the worlds. It is one of the best Twitter analytics tools you would ever need to gain quantum of followers in 2021.

Offering a whole suite of premium features, it lets you measure ROIs out of every Twitter activity you perform. The top features include:

  • Gain Twitter Insights into Post Level Performance

    Get to know how your tweets are performing at the post level with Unbox Social’s Twitter Analytics. Use intelligent insights to monitor and improve your content performance.

  • Capture Crucial Twitter Analytics on the Go

    Get a clear picture of your Twitter engagements through easy-to-understand graphs and charts. Leverage the insights to spice up your engagement levels to build killer Twitter marketing campaigns.The image below shows the glimpse of the tool’s Twitter analytics feature where it tells you how the audience has interacted with your tweets (Favourites/Retweets). 

    twitter analytics

  • Understand Your Audience with Twitter demographics

    twitter demographics

    The Unbox Social tool also allows you to track Twitter demographics with regards to audience interest, audience age, gender, location, and language. Moreover, it also tells you how many followers does your follower have! (Exciting right?). Here’s a snapshot of the tool depicting audience interest.

  • Mention Tracking

    Get to know how your audiences are responding to your brand on Twitter. See who has mentioned your brand and check its frequency! Moreover, you can also check if any influential accounts have mentioned your brand in their tweets. Take a look!

    mention tracking

  • Brand Mentions

    Receive notifications whenever your brand gets mentioned on Twitter. Create and target campaigns that resonate closely with the audiences’ sentiments to gain more followers base.

  • Generate Custom Reports at a Click

    Create reports of each and every metrics of your Twitter performance with Unbox Social. Get customized reports in multiple formats that are easy-to-read to take business decisions in a flash.

Grow your brand on Twitter with data-driven decisions.
Get powerful insights into your account with Unbox Social’s Twitter analytics tool. Easy to Use, Save Time, Create Reports, Free Demo.

2. Union Metrics

Best Twitter Analytics Tool - Union Metrics

Want to track your Twitter account’s activity and performance in the easiest way? Union Metrics comes handy! It’s an analytics tool for social media that provides you the overall performance of your Twitter activity in real-time through easy-to-understand colorful graphics.
Get to know how your tweets are performing with quick audit reports to spearhead your Twitter follower base growth in the right direction.

3. Twitter Analytics

Love freebies? Who doesn’t? It’s where Twitter Analytics tool serves your interests! It’s a perfect solution for businesses that don’t want to invest right away in a premium solution yet want to reveal their tweets’ performance.
Wondering how to use twitter analytics? It’s fairly easy as most of the performance metrics are right there on its dashboard for you to access and make the right decisions to grow your fan base.

4. Tweepsmap

Best Twitter Analytics Tool - Tweepsmap

Want to boost up your Twitter followers’ count in 2021? Then, you need to dig deeper into your audiences’ demographics, purchasing behavior, topics interests and beyond. Tweepsmap is a freemium tool to get you started with all of these insights.

Ready to serve you with free analytics and paid publishing features, this tool lets you handle your Twitter account’s performance in a better way by helping you identify the most influential followers.

it comes to Twitter follower analysis, Bluenod is a step ahead. Discover what’s behind the curtain that drives more Twitter engagements to you. With eagle’s eyes on identifying influencers that have the potential to grow your brand, it brings tangible results to your table that you will applaud.

By narrowing down influencers’ hashtags, it gives you clear insight to help you outreach to the right influencer that really grows your follower base rather than shooting in the dark.

5. Followerwonk

Followerwonk - best twitter analytics tool

Interested to broaden your follower base? Followerwonk brings you the best of Twitter analytics to grow your network and eventually business. From finding the right influencers by locating the keywords in Twitter bios or optimizing your social profile, this Twitter analytics tool works wonders for you.

Segment your followers by their demographics or monitor the brand’s performance on Twitter, the tool has everything that you need to help you gain followers that matter to your business.

6. Mentionmapp

Best twitter analytics tool - Mentionmapp

Grow your Twitter network beyond possibilities, Mentionmapp lets you taste that chunk of success without losing sight on key analytics.  Identify discussions that matter to your brand. Build a meaningful network that steps up the game in business.

Discover the depth of engagements with the state-of-art real-time network map. Turn Twitter conversations into revenue-making opportunities with this perfect Twitter Analytics tool that steals the show with its high performance.

7. Tweepi

tweepi twitter analytics tool

Tweepi is a Twitter analytics tool that is beneficial for digging into audience insights. The tool searches for an audience base for you which also includes industry experts and influencers. Once you fill in the details regarding the audience you want to target their artificial intelligence setup gives you recommendations. 

Once you put out content for the audience you intend to target you will automatically attract more followers who are interested in your niche. 

8. Tweet Binder

tweet binder twitter analytics tool

Tweet Binder gives you analytics reports for Twitter and Instagram. The tool is known for its hashtag tracking features. The insights from this Twitter analytics tool will tell you about your overall campaign performance on the platform. Additionally, it also provides real-time monitoring for hashtags. 

These Twitter insights will help you curate effective strategies. 

The native Twitter analytics dashboard is widely used by brand managers but using the stated Twitter analytics tools can surely up your Tweet game. Here are a few benefits of using these tools. (Incase you are still in a dilemma).

Benefits of Using Twitter Analytics Tools 

1. Twitter insights will tell you whether you are targeting the right audience

Twitter analysis is not just about knowing how well your tweets are doing on the platform. Using Twitter analytics tools can help you understand whether you are attracting the right audience. The audience insights from these tools will tell you about audience location, audience gender, audience age, and audience interests. This will also help you produce content that relates to your audience. 

2. See how many people on Twitter you reached with Twitter analytics

With the help of Twitter analytics tools, you can see how many users saw your tweets. This will help you gauge whether your tweets are impactful enough. Make sure you are active on the platform to get the most of this insight. 

3. Twitter analytics tools tell you what your audience is interested in

The way your tweets perform can tell you what your audience is interested in. Twitter analytics tools will give you details on your tweet performance which will indirectly tell you what should you tweet about more. For instance, if video tweets are getting you more attention on Twitter then the Twitter analytics from the tool will show you the statistics for the same.

4. Know what to post about with the help of Twitter analytics tool

Coming up with new content every now and then for Twitter is surely a tiring process. Twitter analytics tools give you a hint of what is trending on the platform. Moreover, a tool like Unbox Social will also tell you what your competitors are posting on Twitter. This way you can decide what you should post about. Know what works in your niche and post accordingly.

5. Know the best time to post on Twitter with Twitter insights

Posting at the right time can impact the performance of your post. Twitter analytics tool will tell you when your audience is most active on the platform. This way you can schedule your tweets in advance and get the most out of your content.

Key Twitter Metrics to Track in Twitter Analytics

twitter tweets

Everyone wants to leverage Twitter’s potential to its best to grow their business. However, only handfuls of them actually know how to hit the right node. But don’t worry! Here is the list of key Twitter metrics that should be on your radar the next time if you want to stop wasting your time around tweets that don’t deliver:

  • Twitter Engagement Rate

    You need to pull curtains off your Twitter engagements. Analyze the metrics to see whether people are interacting with your posts, retweeting your posts, following you back, replying or using your brand’s hashtag.

    • These Twitter insights will help you gauge audience behaviour. 
  • Twitter Impressions

    Analyze if your tweets are getting eyeballs they deserve. If so, how many impressions your tweets are getting over a period of time?

  • Video Completion Rate

    People love visuals and that’s not a secret anymore. But you shouldn’t celebrate just after seeing a large number of video clicks on the metrics’ chart. It is the video completion rate that matters the most for your brand as it truly ensures if your videos are really contributing to your online success or just faking one.

  • Average Tweet Performance

    Performing on Twitter gets trickier at times. On some days, your tweets’ performance might explode over the roof while other days, it miserably shows you the backdoor. So stick to average tweet performance rather than focusing on individual tweets. Or else, it would get more complicated than you can handle.

  • Brand Follower Growth

    Twitter followers are the bread and butter of your online business? Then, you couldn’t miss out on the brand follower growth metrics. It lets you identify the kind of tweets that help you gain more followers. You can also rely on a Twitter follower tracker to get regular insights.

  • Type of Engagement

    While all those ‘likes’ on your tweets show your users’ interests but retweets from your followers reflect a deeper engagement level. So you might like to distinguish among the type of engagements and step up your follower acquisition game using the insight from the analytics.

  • Twitter Hashtag Performance

    Hashtags aren’t there just for a show but can prove a real game-changer if you keep Twitter metrics w.r.t hashtag performance on your top priority list. With the data on the performance of your past hashtags, you could build a killer marketing campaign on Twitter.

  • Content Performance

    Content on Twitter not only means the text in your tweets. Right from images to videos, all forms of content have a role to play in a brand’s Twitter presence. Conducting regular Twitter analysis can help you measure the content performance accurately.  The easiest way to do this is to decode the Twitter metrics like engagement rate, impressions, views, retweets, and favourites.

  • Audience Type

    Not everyone on Twitter is your audience. This is where Audience type metrics come into the picture. It lets you segment your audiences based on their interests, demographics and gender. Revealing the ones that frequently interact with you, the metrics gives you the much-needed insight. Twitter demographics can tell you if you are reaching the right audience and getting the attention of the intended audience.

  • Returns on Investments

    Whichever strategy you opt for in amplifying your follower base on Twitter, it should bring high ROIs to your table. Or else, you need to change your strategy. But the decision to re-invent the marketing strategy shouldn’t come from your heart but Twitter analytics. With Twitter Analytics tools, you get useful Twitter insights to make your marketing efforts work for you in achieving your business goals.

    Unlike other social media platforms, generating popularity and follower base on Twitter can be a tough task. With character limits and an audience that’s only interested in what’s happening NOW, it definitely is not easy to crack. 

Useful Tips For Twitter Marketing

Having insightful and engaging Twitter marketing strategies will surely give you positive figures on your analytics reports. But how do you frame an effective Twitter marketing strategy for your brand? 

Twitter has a lot of content rush and with those limited characters it is hard to make a lasting impact. Here are a few Twitter marketing tips for your brand. 

1. Be clear about what your brand is all about

starbucks twitter profile

Right from your profile picture to bio, everything should convey what your brand is all about. Make sure your Twitter profile is in sync with your brand tonality. This should also reflect in the way you plan and curate your tweets. This is important because it helps you attract the kind of audience you want. 

2. Use hashtags smartly on Twitter

mac cosmetics tweet

Brand managers can go overboard with hashtags especially on Twitter. It is necessary to note that Twitter audiences are all about getting value from the content. Simply adding hashtags might not give you much in return. Also, posts that have too many hashtags can also look spammy. With the limited characters, use your hashtags wisely and see what value is your tweet giving to the audience. Use relevant hashtags and keep a watch on the trends. 

3. Schedule your tweets in advance and be consistent in your tweet activities

It is not a compulsion to tweet daily but it sure is important to be consistent on the platform. Be consistent in your tweet activity so that your followers don’t forget about your presence. You can also keep a check on your competitors to see how often they post. 

4. Don’t ignore the just launched feature ‘Twitter Fleets’

Twitter’s just launched story feature ‘Twitter Fleets’ is an excellent way to keep your audience engaged. The fear of crowding your users’ feed with back to back tweets can be avoided with the help of Twitter Fleets. Twitter Fleets are apt for timely announcements. Using this feature you can also curate conversational content. 

5. Make sure to include CTAs in your tweets

With Twitter, brands can be direct and witty with their CTAs. Twitter marketing can help you increase sales, increase website visits, and lots more. Make sure you include the necessary CTAs in your tweets and Fleets. 

Marketing on Twitter is not as simple as other platforms. However, with unique content strategies you can keep your audience engaged and get the best out of your strategies. See to it that you choose the right Twitter analytics tool for your brand to keep a track of your performance. 

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So are you ready to try one of the best Twitter analytics tools available in the market as of today to gain more followers than your competitors do? Signup now with Unbox Social for a demo and test ride your drive to success on Twitter.

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