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How to Transform Your Loyal Customers to Brand Advocates

brand advocates

Building customer loyalty for your brand is one thing. But turning your loyal customers into brand advocates is another level of engagement by your audience for your brand.

Brand advocacy is more than just customer satisfaction. It goes beyond to establish a deeper, emotional connection with the audience. When you establish such an emotional connection with your customers, they become more involved with your brand. In the process, you build your loyal customers turn into brand advocates.

They support your brand naturally, through actions such as spreading the word about your brand. Such actions are driven by the very personal, emotional connect they have built with your brand. Social media is just the right platform to turn loyal customers into brand advocates. Here, you have the access to a large audience and you can easily build a strong, loyal customer base. Once you have built a loyal customer base, you need to take actions that will transform your customers into brand advocates.

Peer reviews are very powerful and brand advocates are so involved with your brand that they play an important role in spreading a word about your brand.

You need to have a proper brand advocacy strategy for social media to ensure that your audience engages and becomes part of your brigade of brand advocates. Here is a simple strategy you can use to convert your loyal customers into brand advocates:

1. Analyse Your Audience

If you really want to get your audience to eventually become brand advocates, you need to understand them first.

What is it that your audience is looking for? What are their interests and aspirations?

You need to study your audience first. Let your audience’s aspirations, hopes and motivations guide your brand advocacy strategy on social media. It is important to have a clear idea about what your audience wants and want appeals to them.

Use a social media analytics tool to derive important data insights about your audience. Unbox Social is a social media analytics and reporting tool you can rely on. With the help of this tool, you can uncover important intelligence on how your audience behaves in response to the content you put out on social media.

A good brand advocacy strategy calls for taking stock of your audience’s motivations and using them to build your social media strategy. This will make reaching the point of connection with your audience much easier.    

2. Create Content That Engages

Build content that will push your audience to react. Generating engagement is an important step in your brand advocacy strategy. Using authentic content that aligns with your brand’s values and mission, you can bring new customers on-board.

Your content plays an important role in building a connection with your audience. The more engagement you drive with your content, the more connected your audience will feel with your brand.

Post content that adds value to your customers. Informative content through videos, blogs, podcasts, infographics etc. will help add to the knowledge of your audience, especially your customers. It is, in fact, a very smart way to retain your customers.

If you have launched a new product, for instance, you can create content about how it can be used in many different ways using blogs or demonstration videos. You can keep adding resourceful content that adds value to your customers.

By providing content that adds value, you can establish yourself as an important source of valuable information. In the process, you will not only earn more customers but also convert them into loyal brand advocates.

3. Offer Top Quality Customer Service

An important part of your brand advocacy strategy is to make sure that you have a strong, responsive customer service mechanism. In fact, your customer service management system can play a major role in influencing your customers’ opinion about your brand.

customer service management through social media

As customers have become more social media savvy, you cannot rely on the outdated telecall based customer service and complaint resolution. Customers are using social media to share their concerns. Posting complaints and feedback on social media has become commonplace. Customers are also using the social media inbox to communicate their complaints, queries, and feedback.

 As such, it is important to have a quick and responsive customer service management. A good customer service management system helps establish a strong relationship with your customers. This enhances the overall brand experience for your customers and compels them to recommend your brand across social media platforms.

Offering top-quality customer service management system is essential for turning your loyal customers into brand advocates. Customer service is an integral part of the overall purchase experience. Through an enhanced experience, you can build a brigade of customer brand advocates that will further promote your brand by word of mouth marketing across social

4. Provide Good Online And Offline Experiences

Offer unique, immersive online and offline customer experiences. One way to do that is by conducting live online streams. Live videos are a good source of generating real-time engagement. Live online streams also allow you to add the personal touch and show the human side of your brand, which is essential for building a connection with your customers.

You can also streamline the purchasing experience for your clients, by using on-platform tools such as the shoppable feed on Instagram. This allows your customers to shop products on your feed without having to exit the platform.

Shoppable Instagram posts

The trend of augmented-reality based content is also expected to take over social media this year. If relevant to your brand, you can inculcate this into your social media strategy and create a unique, exciting experience for your customers.

At the same time, there is enormous scope for offering immersive experiences offline. Workshops, pop-ups, interviews etc. are some ways by which you can engage with your audience and create an experience through which you can connect with them. You can build a buzz about such events using different social media platforms.

The idea is to use such experiences to leave an impression on your customers’ minds. If you offer an experience worth remembering, your customers will speak in favour of your brand and refer your brand to others as well.

5. Enhance Post- purchase engagement with your customers

As a part of your brand advocacy strategy, you need to remember that your interactions with your customers does not end there. The post-purchase interactions with your customers are most crucial. At this point, you need to employ smart  customer retention strategies.

Firstly, make sure to send out thank you e-mails/ messages etc. to all your customers for making the purchase.

You can also target them with content featuring products complementary to their recent purchase.

Ask them to share feedback or suggestions for improvement. You can also post customer testimonials, feedback and suggestions on social media. Further, you can acknowledge your customers’ suggestions whenever you apply them. Send out personal thank you notes via email or through the relevant social media inbox. You can also dedicate social media posts to acknowledge such customers. In this way, you can build a close-knit community of customer advocates who will always pass a good word about your brand.

At the same time, it is important to use social media to constantly enhance brand engagement. This too well help you build a cadre of brand advocates.

6. Incentivize Your Loyal Customers

To make the most of your loyal customer base, offer attractive incentives and offers. Build incentive programs that will ensure customer retention and also push your loyal customers to further recommend your brand to others.

You can use reward points systems to incentivize your customers. You could give out reward points for bringing more users/customers for your app/social media followers, for instance. You can use the reward points system in many ways to retain existing customers and convert them into brand advocates.

As a part of the customer loyalty program, you can also offer your customers with special services. Complementary services that help  add to your customers’ convenience will keep your customers satisfied and become loyal advocates of your brand. This will also push them to recommend your brand to others, in favour of your brand.


Building a brigade of loyal customers is one thing but converting them into advocates of your brand is a whole challenge in itself. If you too want to build a community of brand advocates out of your customers, you can go through the following tips:

  • Understand the needs, motivations, interests, and aspirations of your customers using social media analytical tools.
  • Post content that adds value to your customers in the form of blogs, videos, and other content. Your content should establish your position as an important source of information.
  • Offer top-quality customer service for an enhanced brand experience for your customers.
  • Provide immersive online and offline experiences that leave a positive impression on the mind of your audience and push them to advocate your brand.
  • Enhance post purchase engagement and interactions with your customers to turn them into loyal brand advocates.
  • Offer incentives to your customers to turn them into brand advocates.


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Working with influencers?

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Working with influencers?

Use our brand scan to find who competition works with!


Working with influencers?

Use our brand scan to find who competition works with!