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5 Instagram Metrics You Must Track to Measure Brand Performance

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The biggest challenge that you may face as a marketer, on Instagram, is when you don’t receive the desired ROI on your marketing efforts. Instagram marketing involves investments in terms of time, money and effort. But, you should not let this investment go in vain by letting stagnation take over. 

Instagram has a huge user base of about 1 billion monthly active users. As such, the platform offers enormous scope for reaching out to diverse target audiences. So, even as you are putting your content on the platform, are you deriving any value from your actions? 

Whether you are using Instagram to build brand awareness or expand your base of customers, you need to always be on top of your Instagram activity. If you aren’t getting the desired response from your Instagram audience, maybe it’s time to revamp your Instagram strategy. 

Here’s another challenge facing brands and marketers on Instagram

What do you need to change in your Instagram strategy to attain your business goals? 

How can you make your Instagram strategy work in favour of your brand? 

If you are looking at your Instagram followers, likes and comments to figure out why you’re stagnating, then you are leaving out on very vital data about your Instagram activity. You need to dig deep into the data behind your Instagram performance in order to understand what’s working for your brand and what isn’t. 

In order to ace your Instagram strategy, you need to understand how the Instagram algorithm works. The Instagram algorithm determines what appears on the feed of a user on the platform. To put it simply, it determines how your content will appear on the feed. Once you know how the Instagram algorithm works, you can focus on leveraging factors that you must take into account. 

For this, you need a reliable social media analytics tool that will help you capture important data around your Instagram performance. Unbox Social offers a social media analytics tool that lets you in on actionable insights about your Instagram activity and helps you build an effective strategy for your brand. 

In this blog, we will take you through the 5 important Instagram metrics you need to track in order to start building traction around your brand. 

So, without much further ado, let’s get started. 

Instagram Metrics to Track:

1) Track Follower Growth and Impressions 

First and foremost, you need to constantly monitor your follower growth and impressions. 

Simply looking at the number of followers you gained over a period of time is not going to suffice. Analyzing your follower growth at a deeper level will help you catch on to trends and patterns that you may miss out on otherwise. 

If you are experiencing stagnation in your Instagram activity, you may want to find out what was the follower growth rate during a given time period. Ideally, you should conduct checks on your follower growth on a weekly basis, so as to be entirely on top of your Instagram strategy. 

Apart from your follower growth, also find out how many people are actually viewing your content and how many times your content has been viewed in totality. Capturing the total impressions and reach for your content helps you understand what kind of content draws the audience’s attention.

With Unbox Social, you can discover in-depth details about your Instagram reach, impressions and follower growth. 

Look at your follower growth and impressions for each day. Find out why there was a drop in the follower growth on a particular day. At the same time, what drove a higher reach and a good number of impressions on a certain day and what caused a drop in these, on another day? 

Meanwhile, also watch the day-wise traffic for your Instagram handle. 

Conduct a study of this data along with the content you posted on the corresponding dates. 

Do you spot any patterns or trends? Carefully analyze this data to find out what caused a hike or drop in your follower growth and impressions. 

Keep an eye on your Instagram follower growth and impressions to make sure that your brand is visible to your target audience. After all, building brand awareness and creating a loyal community of followers is the first step towards achieving your business goals.  

Grow your brand on Instagram with data-driven decisions.
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2) Measure Engagement Levels

One way to gain traction around your brand and get your Instagram page back in action is by pushing for engagement. 

Note that your relationship with your target audience plays an important role in the way content appears on their feed, as per the Instagram algorithm. It basically means that the more often the audience interacts with your content, the more likely they are to see your content. Focus on creating content that draws engagement amongst your audience. 

To generate more engagement around your brand, you need to look at the performance of your content. In other words, you need to know how your Instagram performance is faring in terms of engagement. 

Simply counting the number of likes and comments that you receive on your content is not going to be enough. The social media analytics feature by Unbox Social allows you to deep dive into your Instagram engagement levels and helps you understand the nitty-gritty details. 

Here’s a snapshot of the tool: 


You can track the engagement rate for your brand against your followers and your reach to get the larger picture. This tool also allows you to monitor the average engagement for every content format against the number of followers as well as against the reach. 

Note the dates on which you saw a spike in your engagement rate. 

Which content pieces did you post during these days? 

How many content pieces did you put out these days? 

What time did you post your content? 

Point out relevant trends and patterns in your Instagram engagement activity.  


Capture the data for the average engagement rate for your brand. This information gives you an insight into what content formats are drawing more engagement and which content formats you need to work on. This is vital information you can use to build content that helps generate more engagement. 

3) Gather Audience Insights

The key to putting your Instagram strategy on the fast track is studying your audience. So, you have audiences interacting with your content and brand but what do you know about them? 

While you know what number of people are following your Instagram handle, you also need to understand who these people are? 

Tap into vital insights about your audience with the help of Unbox Social. To begin with, understand who your followers are? What is their age and gender composition?


At the same time, capture the geographical location demographics for your target audience to complete your consumer persona. 

All this data will help direct your content creation strategy. Keeping in mind the demographics of your audience, you can create content that will appeal to them. 

With this tool, you can also tap into important data about what percentage of your followers are active and what percentage of them is passive. This will help you get a sense of the effectiveness of your content marketing strategy. If you see a high percentage of your followers showing a passive behavior on the platform, maybe it’s time for you to revamp your strategy. 

Unbox Social also puts all your Instagram content into context and captures the main themes around which your content is revolving. Further, you can look into the number of posts generated under every content theme, as well as the engagement rate for every topic. 

Sentiment analysis for all audience interactions with your content helps you comprehend the audience sentiment and accordingly maneuver your Instagram strategy. 


A strategy that is driven by intelligence around your target audience is more likely to help you gain traction and build an effective presence on the platform. 

4) Capture Post & Story-Wise Analytics 

Reviewing the response for every single piece of content that you put out on the platform is very crucial in helping you analyze what’s working for you and what’s not. Micro-managing your Instagram activity can be a challenging and time-consuming task. 

Unbox Social’s Instagram Analytics makes the job easier for you. It provides you with comprehensive insights and intelligence for every Instagram post as well as story that you put out on the platform. 

For every Instagram post, the tool provides you with in-depth analytics including the engagement rate, reach, impressions and engagement rate by reach.

Know more on how to track Instagram Stories Insights 

By looking at these insights, you are better able to understand what kind of content is working for your brand and generating engagement. So, in the future, you can create content that compels audiences to engage with your brand. 

The tool further makes your job easier by recommending posts that can be promoted on the platform. Based on engagement rates, reach, impressions and other vital metrics, the tool generates a list of Instagram posts that you can boost amongst your target audience. 

5) Find the Ideal Time to Post Your Content 

You are posting content consistently on your Instagram handle, but not only are you receiving a minimal engagement rate, but also a low reach. What could probably have gone wrong? 

While it is important to populate your feed with top-notch content, it is also important that your content gets seen by your audience. 

Remember that time is a vital factor influencing the Instagram algorithm. So, if you are posting content when your audience may not necessarily be active, your content gets lost amongst all the other posts. 

Posting content when your audience is active on the platform is the best way to ensure that maximum people see your content. 

Unbox Social studies your audience’s peak activity and provides you with the best time during the day when you should post content. 


Now that you know when your audience is most active, you need to make sure that you follow the practice of posting content when you experience peak audience activity. 

Summing It Up 

As a brand, you are investing your time, money and efforts into building your presence on Instagram. If you are not receiving the desired level of traction on your Instagram handle, you probably need to rethink your strategy. 

Here are the 5 metrics you need to track if you are experiencing stagnation on Instagram- 

  • Dig deeper into your follower growth and reach metrics
  • Measure your engagement levels
  • Build an in-depth understanding of your target audience
  • Capture the post-wise and story-wise analytics for your brand
  • Track audience peak activity

By reviewing these aspects of your strategy, you can find out what’s causing the stagnation in your Instagram growth. 

Put your Instagram growth back on the fast track. Start tracking vital Instagram Analytics now!

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Working with influencers?

Use our brand scan to find who competition works with!


Working with influencers?

Use our brand scan to find who competition works with!