10 Best YouTube Analytics Tools in 2021 (Highly Recommended!)

top youtube analytics tools

There’s a lot that goes into creating videos for your YouTube channel.

Trust us, we know what we are talking about.

For a YouTube video to come real, you first need to write a proper script, get the right settings, equipments, shoot the videos, edit them and finally hit the last step – UPLOAD.

(And then you secretly pray for your videos to go VIRAL :))

More than one billion people, that is, one-third of all the people on the internet, are watching YouTube videos every day. You need to make the most of this huge user base YouTube provides. Employing tools for video editing, content optimization, SEO etc, can help you achieve your video marketing goals to a great extent.

But how do you know if all your hard work is giving you the desired results? Enter YouTube analytics.

If you really want to ace your YouTube marketing strategy, you should use the right set of YouTube analytics tools. Well, for those who already know why, feel free to skip below and check the top YouTube analytics tools, others can continue reading.

What is YouTube Analytics?

With YouTube Analytics, you can determine which aspects of your YouTube video strategy need attention and which ones are doing well. These tools will also help you understand what kind of content is drawing more views, watch time and overall engagement.

What is a YouTube Analytics tool?

A YouTube analytics tool can help you in understanding how your subscribers and your target audience are responding to your content on the platform. Additionally, these tools can help you spot all the weak points in your video content which will help you create better videos in the future.
Add to this, there are some good YouTube analytics tools which include features like YouTube competitor analysis- this can help uncover the secret content strategies of your competitor’s YouTube channel.

Make the most of these YouTube tools that will provide you with the right set of data, the right metrics and the right strategies to improve your content and reach your marketing goals on YouTube.

Here is a list of 7 YouTube analytics tools that you can use to improve your video content strategy:

Best YouTube Analytics Tools-

1. Unbox Social

Unbox Social is a handy, versatile tool that helps in tracking your social media performance.

a) Analytics – Track Your Channel Performance

The YouTube analytics tool offered by Unbox Social, you can ascertain the ideal content format to gain traction among your audience. Shape your YouTube strategy based on important data associated with your YouTube channel.

Shape your YouTube strategy based on important data associated with your YouTube channel.

Find the best time to publish videos on your YouTube channel with the help of this tool. You can also get information and insights on video watch time through our tool.

Important insights that our YouTube analytics tool offers include audience retention rate, video video shares, ideal time to post content, and growth rate of subscribers.

Unbox Social - YouTube Analytics Tools

Unbox Social – YouTube Analytics Tool

Unbox Social also provides demographic insights. Through this feature, you can derive information on the age, gender and geographical location of your audience.

Further, our YouTube analytics tool helps you jump into insights around every single video you put out on the platform. Using this, you can plan out your YouTube strategy.

b) YouTube Competitor Analysis – Track Your Competitors

Unbox Social - YouTube Competitor Analysis


Get detailed analysis on your competition’s position and presence on YouTube using Unbox Social’s YouTube competitor analysis feature. Following are some of the metrics you can analyze with this feature-

  • Get an overview on how your brand is faring amongst your competitors
  • Share of voice
  • Top performing posts by engagement and interactions
  • How users are reacting to these videos
  • Advanced features to track every post and channel using keywords

That’s not all.

Get easy to read reports in multiple formats including PDF, XLS and PPT. You can also schedule reports in advance so that you can get a consistent update on how you are performing on YouTube.

Wondering how your videos are fairing on YouTube?
Get data-driven insights for your YouTube videos only with Unbox Social.
Easy to Use, Save Time, Create Reports, Free Demo.

2. YouTube Analytics

YouTube analytics
YouTube analytics

The native analytics tool that YouTube offers, is another option you can go for. It provides basic insights on your YouTube video analytics. With the YouTube analytics tool, you can generate watch time reports, interaction reports and earnings reports.

Each of these reports provides an overall and metric-wise analysis of the performance of your YouTube channel and video. As you explore specific metric reports on your dashboard, you get an in-depth analysis of your performance.

How long a particular video was watched? What is the age of the people watching your videos? Through which sources are your videos drawing traffic? With the YouTube analytics tool, you can get answers to all these questions.

Using inputs derived from this YouTube analytics tool, you can derive a strategy that will help you achieve your goals on this platform.

3. Channel Meter

Channel Meter - YouTube Analytics Tools
Channel Meter – YouTube Analytics Tool

Channel Meter comes with a comprehensive dashboard capturing the overview of data on your video performance. With this tool, you can automatically monitor your performance and gain valuable insights of your audience. You can also track influencers’ activity using this YouTube channel analytics and video tool.

Channel Meter provides intuitive analytics and helps you to generate data quickly and simplifies heavy data-filled spreadsheets. You can also track your YouTube Ads earnings using this tool, whether on a daily basis, monthly basis or weekly basis.

Track your YouTube Ads earnings using this tool.

Through this tool, categorization and analysis of your video data is also made easier and smarter. You can keep a watch on the competitive landscape and monitor your performance against others in the industry, with the help of the Benchmarking feature that comes with this tool.

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2. YouTube Marketing Strategy Guide

4. Tubular Labs

Tubular Labs - YouTube Analytics Tools
Tubular Labs – YouTube Analytics Tool

Tubular Labs is a YouTube analytics tool with which you can benchmark your performance against that of your competition. Measure trend and content opportunities and analyze your performance by different segmentations.

The Video Intelligence feature analyzes videos across industries and also provides information on which content strategies worked and those that did not. It helps you to find a group of videos that align with your business needs. With the Performance Insights feature, you can analyze your performance by video duration, format, genre, etc.

Apart from these features, the tool also provides the audience analytics feature. You can use this tool to gain unique insights on age, gender, location and affinity of your audience.

5. Quintly

Quintly - YouTube analytics tools

Quintly provides an easy-to-use YouTube video analytics tool.  With this tool, you can track and analyze all the data from your videos across different channels that you manage. This YouTube analytics tool help you to optimize your video marketing strategy on YouTube through its neat and comprehensive features.

Quintly comes with a user-friendly metric library, which means that you can easily explore different metrics on this platform and arrange them on their easily-navigable dashboard. You can also draw meaningful reports and insights on your channels as well as benchmark your performance against that of your competitors.

With this tool, getting YouTube analytics reports becomes smooth and streamlined. These reports are highly comprehensive and you can send these out to the desired recipients automatically using this tool. You can export data in JPG, PDF, XLS, and CSV formats and share these as interactive web pages with your clients or colleagues.

6. Klipfolio

Klipfolio - YouTube analytics tools

Klipfolio is a great tool for tracking your performance on YouTube. With the Klipfolio custom dashboard, you can easily monitor your KPIs and metrics. The tool comes with TV Dashboards with insights on your YouTube video marketing efforts. Klipfolio can be used to create customized charts and visualizations of YouTube data.

You can use pre-built YouTube metrics to create a dashboard such as ‘Top 10 videos by views’ for ranking your top 10 videos. You can also determine how well your audience is responding to your content with this tool. Lastly, under the ‘YouTube channel subscribers’ chart, you can track the total number of views on your YouTube channel in the past 30 days.

You can also create custom dashboards by querying your data with the help of the Klipfolio data connector.

7. Socialbakers

Socialbakers - YouTube analytics tools

SocialBakers is a great YouTube analytics tool with which you can get deep insights about your audience and gain content intelligence. With this tool, you can also conduct social media benchmarking and much more.

SocialBakers comes with an ‘Audience Analytics’ tool which uncovers important information about your audience. You can get data on audience affinities, interests and demographics. Through this feature, you can also find top influencers that may have a good impact on your audience.

Another good feature from SocialBakers is their ‘Content Intelligence’ tool. It provides smart recommendations on the best time to publish content, apart from in-depth content analysis and access to top performing content pieces for YouTube. You can gather competitive intelligence and insights that will help you outperform your key competitors.

8. TubeBuddy

Tubebuddy YouTube analytics tool

YouTube can be challenging to understand in terms of content guidelines. Moreover, a lot on the video-sharing platform also depends on the titles, descriptions, and tags. TubeBuddy is specifically designed according to the YouTube guidelines.

This YouTube analytics tool helps you with everything related to curating YouTube content.

TubeBuddy enables you to search for video topics, create perfect titles and descriptions for videos, promote videos across different social media platforms, and lots more. 

The tool is a comprehensive one and lets you create videos that are fit for your audience and brand goals.

9. ViralStat

Viralstat YouTube analytics tool

ViralStat is a YouTube analytics tool that not only allows you to analyse your videos but also helps you track your competitors. 

The tool offers data-driven reports for your video content strategy which helps you gauge where you need to improvise. The analysis from this tool also helps you detect the videos that bring high engagements. 

Right from analysing your competitors’ videos to monitoring your own video performance, ViralStat provides you with several video-centric solutions.

10. Vidyard

Vidyard Youtube analytics tool

Vidyard is designed as a video management platform. This tool helps you with video marketing, video creation, video hosting, video personalisation, and much more. The tool is apt for businesses who rely on video content majorly. 

Be it adding videos to your emails or simply marketing your video content across different platforms, Vidyard helps you with everything.

The above-mentioned tools will surely help measure your brand’s YouTube presence. But there are some metrics that you need to keep a close check on in 2021. Let’s take a look. 

5 Crucial YouTube Metrics to Measure in 2021

1. Subscriber Count

This year, brands need to keep a close eye on their subscriber rate. Subscribers are users that religiously follow your channel and that’s why it is important to keep its track. Brands need to focus on retaining and increasing their subscriber base. See which videos led to an increase in your subscriber count and which videos generated no new subscribers. This will also give you an idea as to what kind of content is working for your channel.

2. Watch Time

The total number of minutes users watch your videos for is the watch time. This matters a lot this year because of the intense competition on the platform. The more watch time your video has, the more it has the chances of coming up in the search results. This can give visibility to your other videos too. 

3. Audience retention

To know at what moment your viewers leave watching your video is audience retention. The more the audience watches your videos the higher is the retention rate. This can be helpful to frame your video content strategies. 

4. Audience demographics

To grow your subscribers and to gain more engagement, you first need to know who your audience is and who is watching your content. This is why analysing audience demographics is important. See where your audience is coming from and whether it is in sync with your intended target audience. 

5. Monitor engagement 

Likes, dislikes, shares, and comments need to be monitored closely. Check the comments and see what the viewers are saying about the content. This can give you insights on what to create next. Similarly, keep a check on the videos that receive a high number of likes and shares so that you can curate videos on similar lines. Also, keep a watch on the videos that have maximum dislikes to know what drives your audience away! 

We’re sure by now you are ready to track your YouTube channel with full attention and resources. Well, here are a few mistakes one should avoid when monitoring YouTube. 

Things To Remember in YouTube Marketing and Monitoring

  • Not using the newly launched features of the platform

It is necessary to use the platform features to the fullest to stay in the minds of the audience. YouTube Shorts is the newest feature on YouTube which allows you to upload videos of up to 60 seconds. The format is similar to that of Instagram Reels wherein you can add music and text too.

  • Not keeping a track of what your competitors are doing

Social media is a competitive field. It is necessary to keep a track of what your industry rivals are doing on the platform. Competition tracking tools can help you analyse what your competitors are up to on YouTube and how they are implementing their strategies. Additionally, this analysis will also tell you where your brand lacks. 

  • No objectives and goals

Whenever you come up with a video for your channel think about whether it is adding any value to your brand. Is the video informative? Is it entertaining? What will you achieve from the video? Does it have the potential to entice action from the viewers like subscribing to your channel or invest in your product? 

  • Lack of consistency in uploading videos

To keep your channel up and running, you must set a consistent schedule for your videos. Make sure you upload new content every now and then to keep the audience engaged. Set a content calendar and stick to it.

  • Simply counting likes and subscribers

There’s more to the performance of your YouTube channel than likes, dislikes, and subscriber count. Make sure you also measure other metrics like watch time, audience demographics, and engagement rate. 


Creating content for and managing your YouTube channel can be overwhelming. You need to monitor and analyze your KPIs and metrics alongside your YouTube video marketing efforts to get the best results. YouTube analytics tools are built to help you carry out the task of gaining insights and data on your YouTube performance.

Such insights are helpful in directing your YouTube video strategy.

Here is a set of top features of the YouTube analytics tools listed above:

  • Unbox Social- Handy, versatile YouTube analytics tool offering easy-to-read reports.
  • YouTube analytics – All in one tool offered by YouTube for free.
  • Channel Meter- Smarter segmentation of Youtube video data and monitoring of influencer activity.
  • Tubular Labs- Video intelligence that monitors videos across industries.
  • Quintly- Easy benchmarking of performance against the competition.
  • Klipfolio- Sophisticated and flexible dashboards that make data visualization interesting.
  • SocialBakers- Content intelligence and insights about audience affinities and interests.
  • TubeBuddy- Search, optimize, analyse and create stunning videos.
  • ViralStat – Create data-driven reports for your channel and track competitors.
  • Vidyard- Helps you with video marketing, video creation, hosting and personalisation.

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