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Interacting with your target audience is the key to building a connection with them. Once you’ve got your audience hooked and engaged, it becomes easier to convert them into customers for your brand. 

Audience engagement lays the groundwork for your brand on social media. Generating social media engagement is no easy feat, especially given the complex social media algorithms on every platform. Fortunately, there are many social media tools out there that can help you push up engagement on your social media handle (s). 

In this blog, we will cover all the different tools that can be helpful in generating engagement for your brand. So, without much further ado, let’s jump straight into the different tools that will be helpful in generating engagement for your brand. 

The Social Media Analytics Tool By Unbox Social 

A social media tool that helps you get data on your social media posts can help you go a long way in building an effective social media plan. 

The Social Media Analytics tool by Unbox Social helps you derive important data related to your engagement levels on the platform. Once you have connected your social media handles on the tool, you will start receiving important data related to your social media performance. 

Unbox Social covers important insights including reach, follower growth, engagement, audience insights, and post-wise insights. The tool, not only helps you look into the overall engagement for your brand on every platform but also lets you get engagement insights for every social media post. 

Monitoring the data for the engagement levels on your content will help you understand what kind of content your audience engages with more. Based on this data, you can create more such content that is likely to generate engagement with your brand. Take cues from highly engaging content and use these insights to create fresh content for your brand. 

Here’s a glimpse into the tool which allows you to monitor engagement levels for your brand-

Social Media Analytics


Video is one of the most engaging content formats across platforms. If you want to generate engagement with your videos, you need to make sure that your videos stand out in a huge pool of other video content on the platform. Your videos should be edited to perfection so that you can draw attention, and get your audience engaged. 

This is where Animoto comes in handy. Animoto is one of the best video editing tools out there. With Animoto, you can create dynamic social videos featuring photos, videos, infographics and more. 

You can pick from a range of templates that the tool offers or create one from scratch. You can also add relevant fonts, graphics, and other elements to tune it to perfection. 

A well-prepared video can help you garner audience engagement and take your brand to the next level. 

Social Media Video


A good social media engagement strategy involves a steady flow of content on the platform. Only when you are posting content on a consistent basis, you can get your audience to see your content and generate engagement. 

Mavsocial helps you with just that. Mavsocial is a social media scheduling tool lets you schedule and publish content in a streamlined manner. All you have to do is add posts to your campaign calendar and then schedule them accordingly. 

Not only does this tool help you ensure that you put out a steady flow of content, but it also allows you to save time that you could’ve otherwise spent on engaging your audiences. Mavsocial lets you view all your replies and comments in a single inbox, such that you can reply, retweet or like your posts directly from your social inbox. 

Social Media Scheduling


The quality of your visual content plays an important role in provoking conversations from your audience. The more visually appealing your content, the more engagement it will generate. 

Canva is a photo-editing and design tool you can use for creating engaging social media posts.

The tool comes with a whole range of templates, photos, and various other elements that can help you generate visuals that stand out. You can create content for Ads, posts, video covers, thumbnails and all other social media content using Canva. 

Using good photo content, you can attract audience attention, get them hooked and make them want to interact with your brand. 

 Social Media Design Tool


When it comes to social media engagement, visual content definitely takes the first place. But you need to back it up with relevant captions and copies. Your caption compliments your caption and you need to use it the right way to help generate engagement. 

There’s nothing that turns off people than a poorly constructed sentenced or bad grammar and spelling mistakes. But with Grammarly, you can avoid making such errors and start putting out well-crafted copies that go with your content. 

This tool helps you correct all grammar and spelling mistakes so that you can create captions that engage your audiences. 

Social Media Captions



A good social media content campaign should include the right mix of content types and formats. User-generated content is one such type of content that tends to compel engagement amongst audiences. After all, one cannot underestimate the power of peer review. 

TINT is a UGC platform that helps you find, curate, own and use it as a part of your content across platforms. Whether you want to push out social media posts or Ads featuring UGCs, TINT is the go-to tool for your needs. 

User generated content

The Influencer Marketing Platform By Unbox Social 

Influencer marketing is very powerful and can generate engagement not just amongst your audiences but those of your Influencer partners as well. 

The Influencer marketing platform by Unbox Social is one such tool using which you can find Influencers, send out campaigns to them and also, monitor the campaigns. Using this multi-faceted Influencer marketing platform, you can run fruitful Influencer campaigns and generate engagement in the process. 

Summing It Up 

Engagement generation is the foundation on which you can build a strong follower base and gradually a base of customers. While it can be difficult to generate engagement across social media platforms, these tools can come in handy- 

  • The social media analytics tool by Unbox Social to generate data on social media engagement, across platforms
  • Animoto to enhance your visual content to make it worth engaging with 
  • Mavsocial for ensuring a steady and consistent stream of content
  • Canva for creating top-quality visuals for your platforms that push audiences to engage
  • Grammarly for creating polished captions and copies
  • TINT for creating user-generated content campaigns 
  • The Influencer marketing platform by Unbox Social to run engaging Influencer marketing campaigns

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