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Remember the Ice bucket challenge? This campaign was conducted to generate support for and awareness about ALS disease.  Millions of people around the globe, including celebrities and famous personalities, took part in this campaign. 4-5 years ago, Facebook, YouTube and other popular social media feeds were full of Ice bucket challenge videos. It was one of those most viral social media campaigns ever. This is one example of a very popular and influential social media campaign that took the world by the storm.

Today, brand marketing has crossed the bounds of the traditional and conventional media sources of television and radio. It goes beyond to now include Facebook marketing, Instagram marketing, YouTube promotions and Ads, etc.

People around the globe are proactively using these social media channels to interact with others, entertain themselves, keep up with the trends and discover new products. Brands are also actively promoting and publicising their products through creative and innovative marketing campaigns on these platforms.

The ultimate goal of your social media campaign is to market and promote your brand.

But what are the goals your social media marketing campaigns?

Is it to get more likes and comments? Is it to get more shares? Or are you aiming at converting your followers/ viewers/ subscribers into customers? You have to decide what your social media marketing campaign objectives are, and devise plans and strategies accordingly. With analytics tools such as the Unbox Social Analytics, you can study the relevant metrics and understand how you can enhance your performance accordingly.

While the Ice Bucket Challenge is one of the top social media marketing campaigns, there are a few other social media marketing campaign ideas that have been very influential.

We will now take you through our first set of social media campaigns that drew attention in 2018.

Here’s the First Set of Social Media Campaigns:

1. Ixigo’s ‘Train mein ghar waali baat’ campaign:



what are social media marketing campaigns, ixigo

In the days running up to the republic day, ixigo, a travel and hotel bookings’ website launched their digital Ad campaign. 2 ½ minute’s long, this video had a voice over by renowned actor – Sanjay Mishra. This video will make you want to hop on a train for your next outstation trip. Showcasing the typical Indian train journey highlights, this Ad campaign takes you back to the forgotten days when people loved the adventures of train travel. As a social media campaign the focus should be on

We’re putting this campaign on our list for the sheer ability of this campaign to hit the right chords with the audience. Ixigo also played it smart by picking a time when the audience is gearing up for a short vacation owing to Republic day.

Stirring memories and invoking nostalgia amongst the audience, the video has had a total reach of 27 million. The ‘Train mein ghar waali baat’ campaign aimed at boosting their railway bookings’ segment was well received by the audience, resulting  in a 20 percent rise in downloads for the ixigo app.

2. Pepsi’s #Kyunsookhesookhehi

what are social media marketing campaigns, Pepsi

Pepsi’s Instagram handle emphasises on the hashtag – #kyunsookhesookhehi. The hashtag comes from an Ad campaign launched by the brand, featuring the characters from the movie Fukrey. Pepsi has smartly leveraged the funny characters from the film to market their brand.  

The Ad gets a funny twist when one of the characters gets snacks for their friend on a moving train, only to be rebuked for not getting any beverage for accompanying the snack. This is when Pepsi comes into the picture. Pitching together the elements of friendship and food along with Pepsi, this campaign tried to put Pepsi as an indispensable part of occasions and get togethers.

As a part of the campaign, Pepsi also launched a series of friendship day special videos on Instagram, featuring 2 characters of the movie Fukrey. Roping- in these characters as a part of their social media content strategy has been a very smart move for Pepsi.

We are putting Pepsi on our list because of their genius strategy of using popular characters in their true elements for promoting the product . The 1-minute Ad featuring the famous characters of ‘Choocha’ and ‘Hunny’ has garnered more than 23 million views.  One of their videos from the friendship day series on Instagram has more than 66K views.

3. Saregama Carvaan

what are social media marketing campaigns, Carvaan

This product by Saregama is quite the topic of the town. A music device loaded with 5000 Hindi songs from the 70s, 80s and the older epoch, this one is a rage amongst the pre-millennial generations. This brand has followed a simple strategy to market their product.

The brand intelligently taps not into their target audience but the millennials today. Given the spending habits of millennials and greater exposure to technology, Saregama campaign targets them. The campaign uses the catchline- ‘The perfect gift for your loved ones’ to invoke the 20-somethings and 30-somethings to buy Caarvaan as gifts for their parents, grandparents and others from the older generations.

The YouTube channel for Sa re ga ma pa consists of videos featuring different artists and personalities like Ranbir Kapoor, Radhika Apte, Raghav Sachaar and other celebrities endorsing the products as well.

Simple and straightforward, the Saregama campaign for Carvaan makes for a very clever way to market and send the message to the right audience.

All the digital Ads on the YouTube channel for Carvaan have garnered hundreds of thousands of views, with the one featuring Raghav Saachar hitting almost 900 k views and the Rakhi special video hitting 930 k views.

4. Padman

what are social media marketing campaigns, Padman

Movies are also using social media platforms to promote their films both in the pre and post release period. Right from showcasing the behind the scenes, the making to live streams of promotional events and many other things.

Padman launched the #Padmanchallenge on Instagram and Twitter after the trailer of the movie was launched. Many celebrities including the likes of Aamir Khan posed with a sanitary pad, further nominating other celebs to take up the challenge on the 2 social media platforms.

The social media team for Padman very smartly the cause based- campaign. To add to it, the participation of celebrities made it any even greater movement and drew attention of the masses.

The impact of social media marketing campaigns can play a huge role in the success of your brand or product. In this case, the social media campaign for Padman played an important role in the promotion of the movie.

The campaign saw the participation of celebrities like Aamir Khan, Shabhana Azmi, Aalia Bhatt, Karan Johar, Anil Kapoor and almost everyone from Bollywood. Each of the posts featuring the celebrities taking up the #PadmanChallenge invoked a lot of conversations and engaged thousands of people.

5. Schmitten’s Raksha Bandhan special Ad

what are social media marketing campaigns, Schmitten

When it comes to occasions, brands do not leave a stone unturned. Brands often build their social media campaigns around occasions and festivities to drive sales and engagement.

One such example is Schmitten chocolates campaign for Rakshabandhan- #Ekrakhiaur. The Ad campaign featuring a brother and sister shows the ceremony of rakhi tying and gifting of schmitten chocolates by the brother. Capturing the typical brother-sister moments, all siblings relate to this Ad. It leaves an impression on the minds of the target audience, such that the next time they go out for gift shopping, they will definitely consider the brand as an option.

We put this brand in our list of top social media campaigns for its ability to leverage a special occasion for engaging their audience.The Ad has close to 1 million views on YouTube.

6. Levis’ #Ishapemyworld

what are social media marketing campaigns, Levis’

Levis’ India launched a campaign for women’s day, bringing together women from different occupations. Stand up comedian Mallika Dua, actress Huma qureshi , transgender model Anjali Lama and more women were brought together for #Ishapemyworld.

This campaign touches upon the issue of women being constantly subjected to judgements by society. By roping in women from different walks of life in this Ad campaign, Levis’ brings forward inspiring stories for women. Through this campaign, Levis’ pushes women to break barriers and stereotypes and inspires to live confidently.

The #Ishapemyworld campaign has received a great response across social media channels. We give it to Levis’ for creating such an inspiring and influential set of stories to celebrate the occasion of Women’s day. Without explicitly marketing their product, jeans, they have been able to bring about an impactful social media campaign.

The video campaign featuring Huma Qureshu garnered 927 k views and about 36 k reactions, while the one featuring Sapna Bhavani received 1.2 million views and 29 k reactions.

7. Times of India’s #Flirtwithyourcity campaign:

what are social media marketing campaigns, Times of India

Times of India launched the #Flirtwithyourcity campaign for its supplementary issues- Bangalore times, Delhi Times, Chennari Times, Bombay Times etc. Times of India shared videos for each of the supplements with raps composed for each cities. The videos feature elements and glimpses from different parts of each of the city.

The idea behind the campaign was to publicize and promote printed content in these supplements through social media. This campaign was directed at positioning the city supplements as the incomparable source of gossip, fashion, bollywood news and city highlights.

We loved the idea of actively employing social media to promote printed content. Peeks and glimpses from the different cities coupled with catchy music, the campaign take you for a voyage into the city. It speaks for the supplements’ role as the ultimate source of all the events, happenings, latest food and drink, shopping, festivals and fairs etc.

Most of the videos under the #Flirtwithyourcity digital Ads’ campaign have received more than 3 million views.

8. Hersheys’ Meethey Bahaane

what are social media marketing campaigns, Hersheys

Hersheys’ India has launched the Meethe Bahaane campaign in collaboration with celebrity Chef, Ranveer Brar. This campaign targets mothers who find it difficult to create recipes that children enjoy eating. In weekly episodes of less than 5 minutes, Chef Ranveer Brar demonstrates recipes for children using Hersheys’ products.

We have to give it to Hersheys’ for collaborating with an influencer Chef for marketing their brand. By demonstrating the use of their products in creative ways, Hersheys’ speeds up the decision making process for the audience. The first recipe video featuring Chef Ranveer Brar received 1.7 million views, while the rest of the videos garnered at least 600 k+ views.


Brands and businesses today are coming up with some very innovative and creative social media campaigns. The best social media marketing plans are ones that leave an impact on the audience and boost engagement. To sum it up, a good social media marketing campaign must have at least one or more of these :

  • An impactful message
  • A collaboration with influencer (s)
  • A social cause
  • An element of nostalgia
  • A celebration of an occasion

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