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6 of the Best Instagram Campaigns (That Achieved Big Results!)

instagram campaigns

Users spend nearly an hour on Instagram on a daily basis. With access to such an active audience, you have enormous scope to forge connections and build a loyal base of followers. But without a powerful, fool-proof campaign, it can be very difficult to stand out. 

A well-planned and well-targeted campaign can help you go a long way towards achieving your goals. Brainstorming ideas for building powerful and unique campaigns is not an easy feat either. In fact, every new campaign that you invest in comes with its own set of risks. 

You can keep track of your campaigns with the help of a reliable social media analytics tool. Make the most of your Instagram campaigns by constantly measuring important social media KPIs. 

There are various examples of brands acing it on Instagram. You can take inspiration from such brands to build effective campaigns for your brand and/or products. In this blog, we will take you through some of the top Instagram marketing campaigns which may offer a lot to learn from. 

So, let’s dive straight in!

1. Adobe

Adobe runs monthly hashtag campaigns on its Instagram handle. Adobe is known for building software for creativity and multimedia. Through their Instagram hashtag campaigns, Adobe offers a platform for users to share their content and get it featured on the brand’s Instagram handle. 

Adobe has run various hashtag campaigns such as ‘#Adobe_CelebrateTheWorld’, ‘#Adobe_InColour’ and ‘#Adobe_Wild’. 

Here are some of the snapshots from the campaigns- 

Instagram Campaigns

Adobe Instagram Campaigns

Adobe features high-quality images that have a very mesmerizing appeal to them. The monthly campaigns by Adobe help the brand initiate participation as well as engagement amongst audiences. In the process, Adobe has managed to build a fascinating feed with diverse content that catches the attention of the audience. 

Adobe has a strong follower base of 968K at present and each of the posts from the campaign is generating high levels of engagement. 

Adobe Social Media

2. Swiggy 

The food delivery app managed to build a smart, end-to-end Ads campaign on Instagram. Capitalizing on the power of Instagram stories, Swiggy rolled out Ads to get more app users on board. 

Swiggy built creative assets with a view to generating app downloads. It ran performance tests on the Instagram Story Ads which showed positive results. So, Swiggy drafted intriguing food imagery along with a catchy copy for the Ads. With a vertical video format, Instagram Story Ads created an enticing experience for its audience.

Instagram Marketing Campaigns


One of the first brands in India to push out Ads in Instagram Stories, Swiggy has been able to gain many new users with this campaign. This campaign ran for a period of 3 months from January to March 31st, 2018, which helped the brand cut down on the costs for every install by almost 30%. There was a 17% increase in the total app installs as a result of the campaign. 

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3. Cleartrip

When it comes to marketing your brand on Instagram, user-generated content is one of the best content types. Apart from Adobe’s monthly UGC campaigns, Cleartrip is another brand leveraging the power of UGC on Instagram. Cleartrip combined the power of UGC with the appeal and excitement of a contest.

The brand ran a contest as a part of the UGC campaign with monetary rewards for the winners. Here’s a snapshot of the campaign- 

Social Media Contests


Instagram UGC Campaign


User Generated Content Campaign

The Instagram contest by Cleartrip helped encourage the participation of more than 2,000 users and generated twice the average engagement rate on the platform. Their total Instagram followers increased by 50% as a result of the campaign. 

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4. Nordstrom 

To mark its anniversary sale, Nordstrom set up a 55-foot tall 3D installation of one of its dresses on sale on the top of their terrace on their 25-story tall building. The brand covered how the dress was built piece by piece live, on Instagram. The final piece put together with the Instagram logo at the top, likes and comments, and an aerial shot of the same was then put on Instagram. 

All the material that was used in the installation was to be repurposed and used to make more than 1,000 shopping bags for the clientele.

Nordstrom combined the power of a not-for-profit cause with the appeal of a larger than life 3D installation of a dress to drive traction. The campaign helped introduce new followers to the brand and generated brand exposure, as well. 

Social Media Campaign

5. Netflix

Netflix knows how to ride on trending fandoms and the virality of their shows. The entertainment brand does this by following a multi-faceted approach. From famous TV show/movie references to interviews with famous characters, Netflix does it all. 

Instagram Campaign Examples

And they sure know how to build buzz and excitement ahead of a new release. 

Best Instagram Campaigns


They don’t shy away from sharing behind the scenes experiences and stories too. 

6. Michael’s Stores

Learn from Michael’s Stores’ hashtag campaign on Instagram. Michael’s Stores is an arts and crafts supply store that is using a hashtag-based UGC campaign on the platform. The brand showcases creations crafted from supplies from their stores. In this way, Michael’s Stores puts out content featuring their products in action. The brand encourages users to employ the hashtag- #MakeItWithMichaels to get featured on their feed.

Hashtag Campaigns


At times, you may run out of ideas for your Instagram marketing plan. Fortunately, there are so many campaigns out there, from which you can take inspiration. You can learn from 6 of the top Instagram campaigns out there to build effective strategies for your brand as well. 

So, which campaign was your favourite? 

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Working with influencers?

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Working with influencers?

Use our brand scan to find who competition works with!