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12 of the Best Social Media Tools (Tried & Tested)

social media tools

Social media is more than just a super useful marketing channel for brands and businesses. These platforms carry a goldmine of data that can help you attract a potential consumer base.

Keeping a track of your social media reach and impressions is crucial in order to get to know your audience and to improve your marketing strategy.

Once you have all the right data in your hands, you can set out to analyze and build your marketing strategy around it. Social media tools can help you analyse your data systematically. (More on this later!)

The social media presence of a brand depends on several aspects like content, posting schedule, strategies, and lots more. Here are a few elements marketers must monitor to keep a track of their brand’s social media presence.

  1. Brand hashtags
  2. Mentions
  3. Keywords
  4. Feedback forums and blogs
  5. Your social media profiles and posts
  6. Your competitor’s social media reach

The more people you reach, the more people will engage with your brand. In order to generate more reach, traction and brand engagement, you should be able to track the performance of your social media strategy. 

Does trying to keep a tab on every single comment, tweet or conversation concerning your brand sound like tedious work? It absolutely is, but you need not get overwhelmed!

There is an assortment of social media tools that can help you create an optimum social media marketing strategy. From creating content to scheduling the posting of that content and monitoring the response, there are social media tools to cater to various aspects of your social media planning.   

There are some that even let you track specific keywords or monitor your competitor’s social outreach – all from the same dashboard.

It’s a good idea to give these social media tools a try for gathering data and analysis so that you can find the ones that suit your needs the best.

We have saved you some research by making a list of social media tools that we believe are worth your consideration. If you want to know how to get your content noticed through social media and how to increase your social media reach, any combination of these social media tools can help you.

In this blog, we have categorized different social media tools that will help you with different aspects of creating a social media strategy and analysis.

Check Out the Best Social Media Tools in 2021

1. Unbox Social

Unbox Social - Social media analytics tool

Here’s a quick fact: generating social media organic reach is not an easy feat. In order to increase your social media reach, you need to track it. Understand the patterns and find out what’s working for your brand and what isn’t. With the help of this tool, you can measure the reach for your brand along with other important social media KPIs.

Tracking your own brand and product mentions is not enough if you want to know how to increase your social reach. You need to know how well your posts are faring, how well your competitors are doing and everything in between.

Not to toot our own horn, but our social media analytics feature is pretty great if you want to have real-time insights into your social media accounts. Unbox Social provides you with all the right information such as follower demographics, engagement rates, reach and impressions of your posts (and even your Instagram and Facebook stories).

From a single dashboard, you can also track your campaigns and measure your social reach against that of your competitor’s performance.

You can even compare hashtag performance to see how well your brand hashtags are being received by your target audiences. Such comprehensive data can help you create better strategies for your content marketing campaigns.

The Takeaway: Detailed insights into social media posts, the ability to manage and track social reach through campaigns, facilitate influencer marketing, competitive analysis, ability to track hashtag performance.

Grow your brand on Social Media with data-driven decisions.
Get powerful insights into your account with Unbox Social’s Social Media analytics tool. Easy to Use, Save Time, Create Reports, Free Demo.

2. Optin Monster

Optinmonster social media tool

OptinMonster is a great tool to get your website visitors to engage through visually appealing lightboxes, landing pages, and pop-ups that help capture leads. The best part about this tool is the chatbot integrations that it offers. From helping you improve engagement amongst customers to expanding your brand reach, the chatbot element by Optin Monster backs up your social media efforts. 

With the chatbot integration, you can reach users through Facebook messenger. Now, you can use the messenger marketing efforts for content delivery, lead generation, and also get customer feedback. 

The Takeaway: Connect with your audience, bring leads and build strong relationships with your customers through the chatbot element by  Optin Monster.

3. Tweepi

social media tools

Looking for leads on Twitter? In that case, we recommend you to try Tweepi!

With a huge user-base on Twitter, it becomes impossible to identify leads. Even if you have a strong content marketing plan for your Twitter handle unless you target it at the right set of users, your efforts are in vain. Tweepi helps you spot users relevant to your brand. 

Get started by setting up Tweepi with hashtags and users relevant to your brand. Tweepi will then help you identify the best tweets and users you can engage with. 

The Takeaway: Identify relevant Twitter users, along with their interests, name, company name, geographical location, and so on. Cancel out the noise by eliminating undesirable users- spammers, egg profiles, etc.   

4. Audiense

socialmedia tools

Audiense helps you identify opportunities by looking at audience segments that will matter to your brand. The tool powers up your social media marketing efforts with powerful insights. 

Audiense Connect is great for Twitter marketing. You can create chatbots to quickly engage with customers and users through direct messages. Customize interactions through conversation trees and use community analysis and management to actively engage with your Twitter audience. 

The Takeaway: Identify opportunities and power up your marketing efforts by using and accessing relevant audience insights.

5. TweetReach

Tweet reach social media tool

TweetReach is a great social reach tool if you want to monitor how far your tweets travel. TweetReach measures the actual impact of your social media interactions.

You can also learn who your most influential followers are. Which can in turn help you know whom to aim your content at.

TweetReach also allows you to track relevant topics through hashtags and keywords.

TweetReach to track tweets

The Takeaway: Actual impact of your tweets, real-time updates on relevant topics, measure the effectiveness of campaigns

6. Tailwind


social media tools

Since we have already covered a Twitter-specific tool, let’s look into one that specialises in Pinterest and Instagram – the two popular visual social media platforms. Tailwind is one of the most popular Pinterest and Instagram analytics tools.

With Tailwind, you can not only schedule and manage your feeds, but you can also get detailed analytic reports. Tailwind also allows you to monitor your content and your competitors.

Tailwind for Instagram and Pinterest analytics

The Takeaway: In-depth analytics, monitor your accounts, track hashtags, manage feed

7. BuzzSumo



Use BuzzSumo to identify patterns and create content that will work for your audience. BuzzSumo is a great tool for carrying out social media content research and ideation. Based on these insights, you can come up with a range of ideas for your content strategy. 

Content Discovery by BuzzSumo lets you track real-time views of viral trends for any topic, location, or domain. You can predict viral content, use geographic filters, create and share customized feeds on relevant topics. With Content Research, BuzzSumo lets you find popular content relevant to your niche on social media and the web.

The Takeaway: Discover viral content relevant to your niche and use the insights to plan out your content marketing strategy.

8. ZeroFOX


ZeroFOX helps protect your social media properties. While it is important to populate your social media handles with top-notch content, it is equally important to keep security threats and hackers at bay. 

With ZeroFOX, you can protect all your social media handles against hackers and security threats. Hackers taking over your social media handles can lead to major PR crises. ZeroFOX ensures that your social media handles are free from not only hackers but also offensive content and impersonation profiles. It also protects your brand from phishing attacks, brand hijacking, data thefts, and so on.

The Takeaway: Safeguard your social media handles against takeovers by hackers and security risks. 

9. Canva 


Use Canva to generate content that catches your audience’s attention. This is a design tool that every marketer must include in their arsenal of social media tools. 

Canva allows you to create designer-quality content without having to rely on any graphic designers. With the features and templates that Canva offers, you can easily create content that will stand out. There is a whole range of ready-to-use social media templates that you can explore on Canva. 

Whether you want to create a YouTube thumbnail or an Instagram post, Canva will have you covered. Besides social media templates, Canva also comes with a whole range of elements including icons, graphics, images, texts, frames and more. With Canva, you can play around with your creativity and build attractive social media content. 

The Takeaway: Attract audience attention with top-notch visuals. Explore a range of ready-made social media templates, graphics, icons, and features on Canva to build eye-catching content. 

10. Animoto

animoto social media tool

Video content can draw a lot of engagement for your brand. Invest in this video-maker cum editor to create powerful video content for your social media properties. 

The drag-and-drop video maker by Animoto allows you to create your videos in a matter of just a few minutes. That too, without having any prior video-making experience. 

All you have to do is add your videos, pictures, and clips using the simple drag and drop feature. Power it up with fonts, colors, music, and other elements. Once your video is ready to go, share it on your social media handles. 

 The Takeaway: Create viral video content with Animoto. Use the simple drag and drop interface to build your videos, explore templates, and share across social media platforms. 


social media tools

IFTTT is a great tool for combining actions between different tools. The IFTTT acronym stands for ‘If this, then that’. Using IFTTT, you can connect various tools and devices using the if this, then that statements. 

Want to send an Instagram post update every time you Tweet? You can set an IFTTT instruction to allow this action to take place. This tool can help you carry out a lot of important social media actions productively. Automation helps you save time for more important and productive tasks such as content creation and planning. 

The Takeaway: Connect various tools with IFTTT instructions to save time for more important tasks and activities.

12. Feedly


Feedly is your go-to news discovery tool. Your brand does not exist in isolation from the top trends and events in the industry. Viral trends and updates also shape the way you put out content on your social media handles. 

With Feedly, you get instant access to the best topics and trends that matter to your brand. You can collect and curate content from your trusted sources into a single feed. Use this information and insights to create content that will have an impact on your target audience. 
The Takeaway:
Stay on top of the latest trends and updates in your industry using Feedly.  

Social Media Tools Summary

While all the tools for social media strategy mentioned above are great in their own ways, they all serve different needs.

This is why you have to test them to figure out the best fit for your business.

Social media reach highly depends on the content you post. Hence, it is necessary to focus on your content strategy to get the desired numbers. 

Here are a few effective tips to improve your brand’s social media reach. 

1. Check the best time to post

Timing is everything on social media. Social media analytics tools can tell you the best time to post your content to gain maximum reach. This is the time when most of your audience is active on the platform! Make sure you check this before you click on POST!

unbox social - social media analytics tool

2. Focus on quality content

Posting regularly on your brand page will definitely get you noticed but to get the right social media reach your content has to be relevant. This can also benefit the engagement rate. Schedule your posts in advance and prepare a content calendar. See what is trending on social media and curate content on the same. 

See to it that your posts are high on quality and have something for the audience.

3. Don’t underestimate the power of interacting with your audience

Engaging with the audience is crucial for brands on social media. Reply to their comments, complaints, and compliments. This will not only impact your brand presence but also your social media reach statistics. This majorly influences the engagement rate. 

4. Keep a check on the content type that works in your niche

Brands must be aware of what works in their industry. For most social media platforms video content works the best but maybe in your niche images generate better results. This can highly impact your brand’s social media reach. So before you go on curating content for your brand keep a check on the content type that garners attention. 

The best way to save efforts and resources is to check what your industry competitors are doing! 

5. Create opportunities on other platforms

Instead of focusing on only one social media platform make sure your brand has a presence on multiple platforms. This way you can target the audience on other platforms too. Moreover, exploring different social media platforms lets you experiment with content too.

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Working with influencers?

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