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Social media tools allow you to streamline your marketing efforts on the digital front. The dynamic nature of social media platforms has led to the emergence of social media tools. Initially, businesses only focused on creating content that portrayed their brand to the audience in a particular way but with the growing competition on these platforms, analysis and evaluating that presence has become equally important. This is where social media tools come into the picture. 

The digital market is flooded with all kinds of social media tools for business but to choose the right one is a tricky task. Every tool is designed to tackle one of the digital marketing challenges and businesses need to know where they need assistance! 

The social media tools you opt for must help you save time and resources so that you can focus on ideation and content creation.

Planning and implementing a social media marketing campaign involves several steps starting from data collection, analysis to post scheduling. Even minor errors in any of these steps can have a huge impact on the content’s reach and engagement. This is why it is best to use a set of social media tools to systematically implement a social media campaign.

Businesses nowadays have a presence on multiple social media platforms and therefore, it becomes all the more necessary to rely on social media tools. But how do you assess the usefulness of a social media tool? Let’s find out.

Parameters To Choose The Right Social Media Tools For Business

  • Usability

Marketers and business managers fail to use social media tools optimally simply because they do not understand their functionality. The social media tools you opt for must be easy to use. See to it that you take trial sessions of the tools before you purchase them. This will give you an idea as to how comfortable you are with using the tool. 

  • Features offered

Every social media tool is designed to serve you a specific purpose. Make a list of why you need a social media tool and accordingly shortlist the tools that offer the solutions. Check whether the features align with your needs.

  • Time-saving

If the social media tools you choose are tedious to work on and taking a lot of time to process results then it is all in vain. See to it that the tools you choose are responsive and give you quick results in the least amount of time.

  • Customer support

When you opt for social media tools you are likely to face certain problems or have doubts. This is why the tool you choose must have prompt customer service.

  • Pricing structure

The tools you opt for must be suitable for the pockets too. Before you choose a social media tool compare it with similar tools to get competitive pricing. Compare the features and pricing mindfully and then decide. 

Let’s take a look at the list of social media tools for business. 

List of Social Media Tools That Will Help You Grow Your Business

1. Unbox Social

Unbox Social social media analytics toolMonitoring your businesses’ social media presence is more than just about the total number of likes and comments. Unbox Social is a social media tool that allows you to analyse your social media presence in depth. The tool has three major solutions namely, influencer marketing, social media analytics, and competition tracking. 

The tool gives you in-depth insights into how your content is performing on different social media platforms. Additionally, it also allows you to analyse your audience base. The Unbox Social tool caters to all the major social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube). The tool also has a competition tracking solution that allows you to compare your business with your industry competitors. 

The data insights from the tool can help you frame effective strategies for the future. 

2. BuzzSumo


BuzzSumo is a tool to measure social reach. This tool comes with a number of features such as brand monitoring, content insights, and competitor research.

BuzzSumo’s feature of powerful content insights lets you identify the content that your audience relates with and optimizes your content marketing strategy to drive engagement. Through their reports and insights, you can gain valuable information to enhance your campaigns.

Not just that, the tool also helps you find influencers that can enhance your content strategy.

3. Buffer


Buffer is a tool that gives you solutions for publishing, analytics, and engagement. The tool helps you figure out what content is working for your brand and what is not. Moreover, it also gives you insights into audience demographics. Businesses can generate reports for post and stories performance and frame relevant content plans. Buffer provides a single dashboard for you to reply to the audience comments. This helps in prioritizing important conversations. 

4. Hootsuite


Hootsuite is a multifaceted social media tool to drive a campaign and promote business. It covers almost all the major social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and Pinterest.

It offers the multiple features of scheduling your content, monitoring what you’re sharing, and curating content for you. Apart from that, it comes with a feature of analytics for social media. Here, you can get reports and insights into your performance on the social media front.

5. Agorapulse


Agorapuse is a social media management tool that helps you with multiple tasks like social media publishing, social media monitoring, and social media reporting. Additionally, the tool also has a social media inbox that allows you to manage all the messages under one dashboard. The inbox feature of the tool helps you assign, label, and bookmark important conversations so that you do not miss out on any important messages. 

6. Sprout Social

Sprout Social

The Sprout Social tool helps you with publishing, social listening, engagement, and analytics. The tool gives you a detailed report of how your business is faring on different social media platforms. The social listening feature allows you to look into trends and gives you actionable data. With the publishing and scheduling feature, you can plan and implement your content strategies smoothly. 

7. SocialBee


Timing is very crucial in social media marketing. Brands and businesses need to remain consistent with their content posting on social media platforms. SocialBee helps with the same. The tool helps you organize your posts systematically. The features include content scheduling, content sharing, post editing, collaboration, and performance analysis.  

8. Mention


Mention is a useful social media tool that helps you track brand mentions and generate reports on your social media performance. The platform also offers social media data and lets you analyse your social media posts. These insights will help you improve your social media strategies. Moreover, the tool also has compare and filter features that will give you deep insights into your audience and industry competitors.

The above-mentioned tools will help you streamline your social media presence. Right from creating a social media marketing strategy to scheduling posts for the same, these tools can help you with all. See to it that you weigh your business requirements smartly and accordingly choose your social media tools. Here are a few more blogs to help you with social media marketing. Take a look-

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