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It’s 2019, and if your business isn’t present on any social media platforms yet, you’re missing out on a lot! Social media marketing is a booming field, and you should leverage social platforms to build brand presence. With a robust digital marketing strategy in place, your business will be prospering in no time.

But, if you already have a digital strategy in place and if it’s still not working out, chances are you’re prioritizing on wrong social media platforms. Every social media platform has a distinctive audience, and to get the maximum engagement/business out of your audiences, you need to cater to their sensitivities. Social media agencies and companies, such as ValueHits, can assist you in these situations, by analyzing your target audiences and perfecting the strategy, therefore. If you’re looking out for social media platforms to market on, here’s what you need to keep in mind:


With the tag of being the world’s largest social media platform, Facebook has become the honeypot of social media marketers. With a diverse userbase from all over the world, this platform has made it easy for businesses to expand across the globe. 

The audiences are widespread too – from teenagers tagging their friends on memes to grandparents searching for their grandchildren’s photos. Facebook is also cost-effective, as businesses can create a free account and run ads to target audiences.  

Facebook also allows you to add a website URL to your page which is beneficial in diverting traffic on to your website. Small businesses often prefer having a Facebook page over a website, as it helps them gain access to a broader audience and drive traffic in the process.  Opt for ValueHits’ social media services and watch your business grow sevenfold. 

To dig deeper into your Facebook activity, you can use a social media analytics tool such as Unbox Social. This tool not only helps you uncover important data associated with your page as well as individual posts. 


Being the second-largest social media platform, Instagram has a different primary audience. This platform is entirely mobile, and the primary audiences are millennials and teens. Instagram has the job cut for you – visual content!

If your business involves a lot of images and videos, this is the platform you should be on. Instagram is a visual platform, entirely dependent on photos and videos. Instagram works best when there are crisp, beautiful images with high-quality content. 

Remember, you’re catering to a young audience here; therefore, your content should resonate with them. This platform can be utilised to show the human side of your business, with live videos, stories, hashtags etc. An SMM agency with young talent can help make it easy with Instagram – like us at Valuehits.

Staying on top of what’s working and what’s not working on Instagram is crucial for getting a good RoI on all your time, money, and efforts. Get Unbox Social to monitor your Instagram activity and track competitor activity. Unbox Social also offers an Influencer marketing platform where you can discover Influencers across platforms and run fruitful campaigns with them. 


Twitter is famous for being the ‘viral’ platform. With the majority of the audience being young, this platform is great to communicate in crisp 280 characters. Businesses who have a more significant focus on visuals and are not into blogs may avoid this platform since Twitter focuses on short updates and sharing links. 

However, if you have a compelling brand voice that can capture your audience’s eye, this can be a great platform to go for. Twitter is great for handling customer services, and people can interact with your brand with likes and retweets. If you’re looking out to make your business go viral with interesting hashtags, considering consulting an SMM agency like us at ValueHits!

To take a step further, you can use the social listening feature by Unbox Social. This feature allows you to capture audience conversations around specific hashtags or keywords associated with your brand. With the help of the social media analytics feature, you can track important metrics including engagement, reach, and so on. 


If you are a B2B company, you need to have a LinkedIn profile! This platform is the most business-oriented and a great way to connect with other businesses and professionals. 

LinkedIn helps you form connections with other companies and employees. LinkedIn might not be popular, but it is a great way to find top talent, become an industry leader, and to promote your business. You can join industry-specific groups, ask and answer questions and bring people to your company’s page and website.


If your business is video-oriented, this is the platform you should be on. Youtube has risen to a new level in recent years, with viral videos hitting millions of views. If your business has a creative, visual or educational component, YouTube might do the trick.


Snapchat is yet another mobile-only, visual platform. Content on Snapchat is known to disappear after 24 hours. Snapchat allows you to create stories which your users can view – which helps you personify your brand effectively. 


This platform is also visually oriented, where users can save content by ‘pinning’ them to their boards. These boards can be organized categorically, e.g. an automobile board can be dedicated to everything automobile, a food board for recipes, food photography, etc. Pinterest is great for niche businesses and is famous with brands like fashion, exercise, beauty etc.

Social media makes for an integral part of every digital marketing strategy as long as you make optimum use of the platforms you are present on. Adopting to every social media platform may not always work for your brand. Choose those platforms which resonate well with your brand. 

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