Blueprint to Know All About Social Media Monitoring

Social media monitoring was only a part of analytics until now. The pandemic has forced brands and businesses to look beyond sales and the number of followers. The data retrieved from social media monitoring will help you check how your brand is being perceived on social media channels and in what context users are mentioning your brand. 

Often social media monitoring is not restricted to only social media channels but keywords too. In social media monitoring, the brand managers consider everything associated with the brand- queries, compliments, suggestions, complaints, etc. This gives them data on which areas they need to improvise on. 

In most social media analysis processes, there is an overload of data. Brand managers often cannot segregate what is important and what is not. With the help of social media monitoring, you can delve deeper into significant information that actually matters to your strategy planning. Social media monitoring tools further help you ease the overall process. Instead of manually gathering data and analysing it, it is best to rely on a social media monitoring tool. The tools are designed to give you meaningful insights that are different from your usual analytical data. 

Now that we have understood the gist of social media monitoring, let’s go ahead with its other aspects. 

Why Do We Need Social Media Monitoring?

1. Social media monitoring helps you focus on relevant data 

Often when brand managers conduct analysis they end up gathering irrelevant data. The volume of data is not important but its usefulness plays an important role here. Social media monitoring helps you get data that is relevant to your business. 

2. Helps you track competition too

With the help of social media monitoring, you can also track your competitors. Shortlist your industry rivals and monitor their presence with this technique. Track their mentions on social media channels and gauge how their brand presence is as compared to yours. 

3. It helps you analyse the audience

Monitoring social media also means analysing the audience base. Social media monitoring enables you to check whether your audience base is active and responsive to your strategies. Moreover, it also tells you whether your target audience selection is apt.  

4. Helps you discover potential customer base

Conducting social media monitoring will help you discover potential customers too. Many times brand managers fail to target users who are already in favour of the brand. This monitoring helps you recognise those customers. 

5. Helps you discover influencers, new keywords, and competitors

Social media monitoring is a technique that can help you discover influencers, keywords, and competitors. The data obtained from this analysis will introduce you to new brand advocates and upcoming and potential industry competitors. Moreover, this analysis can also be used to discover new brand keywords and hashtags. 

How To Conduct Social Media Monitoring?

  • Know what you want to analyse

Social media monitoring is conducted when you want to find out about something particular related to your brand presence on social media. Before you go ahead with data collection make sure you know why are you going for this monitoring. This will help you collect data systematically. 

  • Collect data

There are several ways to collect data for social media. There are native social media tools too that give you insights on your brand performance but the best is to rely on social media analytics tools. Gather all the information you need for social media monitoring. If you are opting for social media monitoring tools then the tool will help you with data gathering and analysis. 

  • Classify the data as per your requirements

Suppose you want to find out about audience preferences wrt to your brand, there are several metrics that can give you insights into the same. Social media analytics tools also have data that can help you streamline the monitoring process. Classify the data gathered as per the objectives of the research you wish to conduct for your brand. 

  • Analyse the patterns you find in the monitoring process

The distinct feature of social media monitoring is that it is not a one-time process. The monitoring needs to be conducted on a regular basis so that patterns can be identified and accordingly steps can be taken to improve the brand presence on different social media channels. 

  • Implement the insights into your strategies

Once you have analysed the data, it is time to implement the findings into your strategies and campaigns. Check the results of your monitoring and make improvements in your brand campaigns accordingly. 

Social media monitoring needs to be carried out with a lot of focus. Social media tracking with monitoring goes beyond likes and comments. If you rely on social media monitoring tools, choose the tools that equip you with all the needed features! Here are a few blogs to help you with social media analytics. 

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