How to Master Social Media Marketing

Like every brand wanting to leverage on the benefits of social media, you also have social accounts on various social media platforms. In fact, social media should actually be a strong suit for you given its growing usage as a source of information and entertainment.

But, is having social media presence alone going to bring you any results?

Similarly, to what extent can you generate leads, just by posting content?

A lot needs to go into levelling up on your social media game. It requires good amount of planning and preparation. You need to have a thorough strategy in place to get the best ROI on your social media efforts.

To become a successful social media marketer, you have to be proactive in the pre and post stages of posting content on social media. You also need to be very particular with respect to your content posting strategy.

A social media marketeer has to be an all rounder in all social media activities and should bring a good ROI on social media efforts.

Here’s what you can do to master your social media game and become a pro social media marketeer-

1. Identify your target audience

The first and foremost step in mastering social media is to identify your target audience. When you have a set target audience in mind, planning and strategizing becomes much easier. Without having identified your target audience, you will end up wasting your efforts and resources.

What is the point of marketing the services of an audit consultancy to everyone else apart from corporate firms? Well, this case is too extreme and probably the lowest level of criteria when it comes to segmenting your target audience.

Having no target audience in mind is like shooting in the dark. Define your audience by age group, gender, location and occupation to begin with. You can segment your audience further by implementing more filters depending on your products or services.

2. Zero down on social media platforms

To efficiently capitalise on the power of social media, you need to pick the right social media platforms. The idea that less is more holds true to a great extent in this context. This however, does not mean that you should be concentrating on only 1 or 2 platforms.

Social media marketeer, Social media platforms

Depending entirely upon the nature of your business and the products you sell, you can come to a decision on this. For instance, if you are a B2B brand, you should focus on LinkedIn more than other social media platforms. In case of B2C businesses, platforms like Instagram and Facebook are more relevant.

Marketing on platforms that do not have the right audience for your products/services will serve no purpose. It will lead to unnecessary social media spending with no returns.

3. Identifying the type of content to post

One of the top social media skills to develop is to identify the type of content to post. Create content that is engaging to your audience and also helps build on your brand image.

Social media marketeer, Best time to post on social media

It is has been found that visual content, particularly video content is found to be most engaging. Unboxing videos, product demonstrations and reviews, informative and educative videos and Q&A videos tend to be engaging.

The products that you are offering will also affect your content creation strategy. For electrical appliances, for instance, video demos can be helpful. At the same time, each social media platform offers its own features and tools. You need to leverage on the most engaging tools and features of each social media platform.

Add calls to action wherever possible to generate more leads and conversions.

4. Find the right time to post on social media

It is important to identify the right time to post on social media. There is a great deal of competition among brands for home page rankings. To get maximum reach on your content, you should know the best time to post on social media. For every social media platform, there are particular days and time periods during which your target audience is most active.

Find out the right time to post on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and schedule your posts accordingly.

5. Use automation tools

Combine your hard work with a good amount of smart work. One way for doing so is to employ

automation tools for social media. You can use automation tools for scheduling your social media posts, responding to social media inbox(es) and also track and report social media performance.

Social media automation tools help save a lot of time and also help ensure a flow and consistency in your social media activities. In fact, once you know the right time to post on social media, you just have to input this time on the automation tool. Now, all you have to do is to build an inventory of posts and add them to the automation tool. These posts will automatically be shared on the allocated social media platforms and on the allocated days and time.

6. Collaborate with influencers

Collaborate with influencers to increase your outreach and followers. Influencers are individuals with big fan followings. They tend to have a particular niche or expertise. Influencers tend to shape audience’s purchasing and lifestyle decisions among various other things.

By bringing influencers on board you can leverage their voice and therefore, their huge fan following online. Find out about the micro influencers in your niche industry and approach them for collaborations. You can ask them to do product reviews or bring them in as your social media ambassador for a long term partnership.

You can use Unbox Social’s tool for keeping an eye on the top social media influencers in any niche. Using a single dashboard, you can track all the top trends in your industry and even personalize it.

7. Actively engage with your audience

In order to become a successful social media marketeer, you need to actively engage with your audience. You should be posting content that generates more likes, comments and reactions from your audience. Apart from that, you also need to be actively responding to comments on your posts. Always like and respond to all compliments with a thank you note. You should also make sure to actively respond to the feedback, complaints and suggestions on your posts or even in your social inbox.

The more engagement your content will generate, the more your reach and the better your brand presence on social media. This will increase your chances at generating leads and pushing up conversion rates.

8. Monitor and Report Your Social Media Growth

Track and monitor your social media performance to determine what results your social media activities are bringing. To become a social media expert, you need to be keeping track on how your audience responds to the content that you share on social media. You can use social media analytics tools to monitor your social media growth and also create reports with insights about the same.

Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram come with default analytics tools of their own. There are third party analytics tools as well. Unbox Social analytics’ tool helps track your engagement, reach and impressions along with in depth audience analytics.

With Unbox Social, you can generate customized social media reports. You may pick any of the social media platforms or accounts for which you want to create a report. You also have the option of getting reports tailored to your requirements in pdf, excel sheet or ppt form. You can also avail the option of generating scheduled reports sent directly to your email inbox.


Becoming a successful social media marketeer is important if you want to be on top of your game. Social media is being used by your audience as well as your rivals.

Here’s how you can ace your social media skills and become a social media expert:

  • Identify who your target audience is
  • Pick the social media platforms you want to share your content on
  • Identify the type of content that will engage your audience
  • Post content when the audience is most active
  • Do smart work over hard work by using automation tools
  • Collaborate with influencers
  • Actively engage with your audience
  • Use social media analytics tools to monitor and track your social media growth



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