8 Social Media Marketing Myths Debunked

A lot of information and data is available on the internet for social media marketing. It can be rightly assumed that the information overload in this sector has given rise to several myths too.  Just like other marketing techniques, even social media marketing is now filled with several misconceptions and myths. 

Brand managers and marketing professionals who claim to know everything about this industry also fall for these social media myths! The drastic changes on social media platforms have further encouraged the spread of these misconceptions. To create an effective social media marketing strategy, it is important to know about these myths and get a clear picture. Using social media for marketing has several advantages but to get the most out of it, one must know how to utilise the platforms efficiently. 

Simply putting up posts with good pictures is not going to impress your audience anymore. Likewise, there’s so much more to creating captions than just putting up hashtags. In this blog, we will explore the 8 social media marketing myths that can be dreadful for your social media marketing plan. 

Social Media Marketing Myths You Must Do Away With

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 1. It is compulsory to be present on all social media platforms

Brands and businesses create their brand pages and profiles on all social media platforms. Most marketing professionals think if their brands are present on all platforms it will directly get them the desired reach and followers. That’s not true! The user behaviour on social media has changed drastically and hence, brands no longer need to blindly make a presence on all platforms. Check which social media platforms are suitable for your industry, note where your target audience is the most active, and accordingly choose where you want your brand to be present. 

 2. The focus should be on increasing your followers

Every social media marketing plan gives priority to increasing follower count. But there is a lot more to social media marketing than just followers. Brand managers must think beyond and check the quality of followers too. Taking drastic measures to just increase the number of followers will not help you with sales. Tools like Unbox Social can give you deep insights into follower growth and audience demographics. Analyse what kind of audience is attracted to your content and whether you are targeting the right audience for your products and services. 

 3. Social media marketing is only for promotions

Social media platforms are so much more than promotional channels. Sure, you can promote your products and services on these platforms. But there’s so much more these platforms can help you with. Social media marketing can help you connect with other potential buyers. These channels are also necessary to analyse how the users are consuming your brand content on social media. Moreover, the social media performance of your brand can also help you make improvements in marketing strategies. 

 4. Facebook is the only important social media platform

Facebook enjoys the highest user base and is certainly the most used social media platform. However, this does not mean that it is the only important channel for marketing. There are several other social media platforms that are of equal importance. Marketing on social media also means including other platforms in your social media marketing plan like Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. (It is not a dead-end if your business is not on Facebook

 5. Posting more on social media will help you get desired results

For most brand marketing professionals posting more is the key to achieve their goals and objectives. This may not work in today’s scenario. Marketing on social media is no longer just about the number of posts. Users no longer look for how many times you are posting. The audience will be drawn to your brand page only if they find some value in the content. Make sure to focus on the brand message and the content tonality rather than the number of posts. 

 6. Not giving credit where it’s due is okay on social media

Social media is a tricky place to be in. Brands often land in controversial soup because they don’t give credits where it’s due. Be it an image or a feature post, make sure you give credit wherever it is necessary. If users point out this error it can negatively impact your brand image. Marketers often think of this as a small issue to stress upon but when it comes to social media even a tiny glitch can cost the brand a lot! 

 7. Social media marketing will give the quickest results

One of the biggest social media myths in 2021 is that marketers believe they will get instant results when a social media marketing campaign is implemented. This is not at all true. Even for a campaign to get viral, it takes at least a few days. Also, viral campaigns do not guarantee to meet your brand goals and objectives. Suppose your campaign gets you maximum engagement but whether these interactions translate into sales is still a question. Social media marketing works on consistency and quality-oriented content strategies. This simply means every campaign has a different time frame as to when it picks up the interest of the audience.

 8. You can manage without social media marketing tools

Social media has transformed into a marketing hub and requires detailed research and planning. Marketers undermine the significance of social media marketing tools and end up struggling to meet their goals and objectives. Social media analytics tools, competition tracking tools, and other monitoring tools can help you create meaningful strategies that help you achieve your targets. 

Social media marketing tools like Unbox Social can help you streamline the process of planning and executing a social media marketing campaign. Let’s briefly look at the solutions this tool has to offer. 

Unbox Social– Features At a Glance


Unbox Social

The Unbox Social tool has an influencer marketing feature that allows you to find influencers, evaluate influencers, conduct influencer listening and lots more. The solution is well-equipped to help you collaborate with influencers that are in sync with your marketing requirements. The tool also helps you create campaign reports that are highly detailed. 

Unbox Social


Social media marketing campaigns often fail because brands do not take into account the competitors’ performance. The Unbox Social tool has a competition tracking feature that gives you in-depth insights on how your industry rivals are faring on social media. These insights are extremely useful because they also give you a brand score that tells you where you stand in comparison to your competitors. 


Unbox Social tool

Unbox Social tool has a social media analytics solution that gives you data on content performance, audience demographics, and post metrics. This solution can help you frame strategies that are in tow with the audience preferences. Moreover, the tool also helps you figure out what kind of posts are working for your brand.

The mentioned social media myths have ruined several brand campaigns! See to it that you keep a track of data and accordingly create strategies. Here are a few more blogs that will help you with social media marketing.

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