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How to Relaunch Brand With Social Media Marketing (A Simple and Useful Guide)

social media marketing

Creating an identity on social media that is ideally positioned and unique is a tough task for brands. Brands time and again reassess their strategies to suit the preferences of the audiences. These rapid and constant changes keep the brands distinguished from their competitors. With the change in the attitudes of the audience and alterations in the social media platforms, it has become necessary to upgrade social media marketing strategies. Additionally, this also means brands often need to rebrand themselves with the help of social media marketing.

Brand relaunch campaigns are tough to execute and plan. This is simply because you want people to see the same brand in a new light and changing perceptions is more difficult than you think. Brand relaunch in simple terms means repositioning your brand to meet the desired goals and objectives. There can be many reasons why a brand needs to be relaunched like-

  • Change in the products and services
  • Change in the target audience
  • Change in the ownership 
  • Change in brand name and logo

Apart from the stated, brands sometimes also need to reposition themselves on social media because they want to bring out a change in their brand values and objectives. And to convey the same, it is necessary to communicate with the audience. A brand relaunch campaign has several phases. Right from deciding what you want to change to implementing the plan of action, everything needs to be considered carefully. Social media marketing is the best way to reposition a brand. This marketing technique is easier to measure and implement as compared to traditional forms of marketing. 

Let’s understand how to frame a social media marketing strategy for a brand relaunch campaign. But before we go ahead, let’s go deeper into understanding social media marketing as a whole. 

Why social media marketing?

  1. Social media marketing helps you reach the right audience base
  2. Social media marketing can help convey the brand message effectively
  3. Social media marketing helps in boosting sales
  4. Social media marketing keeps you in the minds of the audience
  5. Social media marketing helps you race ahead of industry competitors

The social media reach of a brand has a huge impact on the sales front because most consumers now depend on social media when making buying decisions. Having said that, let’s get started with the brand relaunch process with the help of social media marketing.

Steps to Relaunch Brand With Social Media Marketing

social media marketing

Step 1- Decide the purpose of rebranding

To implement a social media marketing strategy, you must first decide the purpose of your rebranding. Why do you want to reposition your brand on social media? Map out your objectives clearly so that your social media strategy is created according to the goals and objectives. Defining your brand goals will also help you choose the marketing channels properly. 

Step 2- Schedule the brand relaunch campaign

The most crucial part of relaunching a brand is to know the timing. Know when your audience is most active on the social media platforms and accordingly choose. The timing of your relaunch must not get entangled with any other major events happening on social media because that can steal your thunder. See to it that you have created a buzz about the same. 

Step 3- Run social media analytics

Before you go ahead and start posting heaps of content about your revamped brand, make sure to conduct social media analytics. Social media analytics can be conducted platform-wise 

(Twitter analytics, Facebook analytics, Instagram analytics). Additionally, this analytics process can also help you with audience insights which will be useful in framing strategies. 

Step 4- Decide how you want to convey the relaunch message to the audience

There are many ways to convey the brand message to the audience. Create a content strategy to streamline your posts and schedule them right. The content you choose to put out on your social media profiles must be in sync with your relaunch goals. You can opt for the following content styles to convey your relaunch message-

  • Images with detailed captions to convey the brand image
  • Videos depicting the revamped brand 
  • Live videos to launch new products and services
  • Influencers to talk about your brand’s new upgrade
  • Carousel posts to describe the new additions to your brand
  • Instagram Stories and Facebook Stories to generate curiosity about your brand

All of the above-mentioned post ideas can be used to convey your brand’s relaunch. 

Step 5- Choose channels where you will implement the strategy

With the help of social media analytics and competition tracking, check which platforms are a must for your brand marketing. The channels here are of utmost importance because only then will your brand reach the intended audience. Check where most of our consumer base is and accordingly implement the strategies. 

Step 6- Track where your audience was present before the relaunch

It is necessary to trace your previous audience base because you don’t want to lose out on your already existing consumer base. Strategize your marketing plan smartly so that your previous audience base follows your brand on newer channels as well. This is the best way to increase the audience base.

Step 7- Keep a check on your competitors

Along with social media analytics, make sure you keep a track of your competitors too. All your relaunch posts must be in tune with the trends so that they can fetch a higher reach and engagement rate. Don’t copy your competitors but be aware of what the top players in your industry are doing. 

Step 8- Connect with new users

The audience is likely to shift its perception with the relaunch because not your entire user base will follow the new changes. This is also the right time to connect with new users and identify who is likely to embrace these changes in your brand. The best way to do this is to connect with them through social media. Apart from social media platforms, you can also use email marketing, influencer marketing, and paid ads to connect. 

These 8 steps will help you rebuild your brand with a new image on social media. Social media marketing tools and social media monitoring tools are very helpful when you want to implement such strategies. Tools like Unbox Social have solutions for influencer marketing, social media analytics, and competition tracking which can help frame your marketing plan efficiently.

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What is Unbox Social?

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Working with influencers?

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Working with influencers?

Use our brand scan to find who competition works with!


Working with influencers?

Use our brand scan to find who competition works with!