8 Best Social Media Management Software You Need To Know About

Creating content for social media and managing the same requires a lot of effort. Social media platforms are highly competitive and loaded with metrics that need to be tracked on a regular basis. In order to keep things consistent on social media platforms, it is necessary to schedule, manage notifications, replies, and lots more. Social media management software helps you do all of that effortlessly.

Just like social media management tools, the software helps you manage your social media profiles with ease. Choosing the right tools is very crucial to get the most out of them. Every software is usually built to solve a particular problem wrt analysis, posting, scheduling, managing, etc. Make sure you have a clear idea of what your brand needs before opting for a particular tool. 

In this blog, we will help you with the list of social media management software that you can use for your brand/business. Let’s begin. 

  1. Unbox Social

Unbox Social dashboard

The Unbox Social is one tool that can be used as a social media management software solution. The tool has useful features like social media analytics and competition tracking. The tool helps you keep a track of how your social media posts are performing on different platforms. With the help of this tool, it becomes easier to keep track of all crucial metrics that impact your brand’s performance on social media. 

Unbox Social caters to four major social media platforms namely Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter. 

The dashboard of the tool is easy to use and prompt. 

 2. Zoho


Social media management also requires one to network and connect effectively. Zoho Corp helps you manage the business ecosystem easily with its integrated features that let you manage teams, store files, assist in CRM, and lots more. The software is built with a view to help you manage and run your business smoothly. 

3. Sendible


Sendible is a social media management tool that helps with analysis, collaboration, publishing, and listening. The tool is apt for brands and businesses that are looking for managing their social media posts in particular. The tool will ensure that your brand has a smooth workflow in terms of posting content and reporting. 

4. Tailwind


Tailwind is a social media management tool that helps with Instagram and Pinterest scheduling and analytics. Brands and businesses that are heavily active on the stated platforms must rely on this tool for assistance. The tool helps you plan your content for the feed that will smoothen the workflow. 

5. Airtable


Airtable is a popular social media management software because it offers a spreadsheet-like model for all your managerial tasks. The tool helps you create a systematic content calendar, allows you to filter and sort data, and lots more. Airtable also has more than 50 prebuilt apps to help you with data planning. 

6. Loomly


Loomly is a brand and content management software that has features to manage your content posts on different platforms. Loomly gives you post ideas too and updates you with the best social media practices. The tool also has features for scheduling and audience segmentation.

7. Later


Later is one of the most preferred platforms for Instagram marketing. Brands and businesses that only want to focus on Instagram must have this management platform. This tool helps you plan, analyse, and publish your content. Additionally, this management software also has features for Pinterest, LinkedIn, and TikTok.

8. Audiense


Planning and scheduling social media posts is important but knowing audience insights is equally crucial. Audiense is a social media management software that solely caters to features like audience segmentation, knowing audience insights, and so on. 

These above-mentioned social media management software will help you streamline your social media presence with ease. Hope this blog will help you choose the best social media management software in 2021. Here are a few more blogs to help you with social media marketing and management.

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