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Top 6 Visual Social Media Cues That Impact Email Marketing

Email Marketing

Digital marketing means the lifeblood to most businesses and especially small businesses. However, if you thought email marketing was yesteryear, and social media marketing is the new kid in town, you are absolutely wrong. Email marketing still tends to be the most effective marketing tactic and it is far from being obsolete.  

Nevertheless, this doesn’t mean that you should completely erase social media from your digital marketing strategy. In fact, email marketing works better when integrated with social media strategies. Social media platforms are the abode of millennials who can be seen as potential clients of every business. Thus, integrating social media, and email marketing together will help businesses market to the millennials directly.

Additionally, the visual contents used in social media have become powerful tools that help brandscommunicate directly with their followers. Once, you have found your email marketing automation software a dash of visual content is all that you need to make your campaign work.

Here Are the Top 6 Visual Digital Marketing Trends to Stay Aware of in 2019

1. Video Content

There is no denying the fact that videos are the most engaging form of visual content. According to Kleiner Perkins, mobile video usage rose by around 10 million daily viewing minutes in the past two years.

A well-crafted video can immediately leave a meaningful impression on your target audience. Most importantly, it isn’t necessary that you have professional videography skills or expensive tools to create a video. All you need would be a smartphone and some time.

Use an excellent email marketing automation platform, and incorporate videos into your emails to turn your communication more relatable. The videos could be about a recent event in your organisation, a thank you note to your customers or a feature on your employees.

Video Content

2. Infographics

Want your data to tell a story in through your email marketing automation software? Use infographics, and thank me later. Infographics are boon to businesses who would want to convey complicated graphs and cramped tables in a digestible format. There are plenty of tools available online that helps you create infographics for free and most of them offer templates as well.

When creating infographics, make sure you have a story to convey. Tell your audience how your company evolved, the benefits that your services offer, or how your product can make their life easier. Once you decide upon the story that you would like to convey, choose a template that best fit your needs and proceed further.


                                                                                        Source: Canva

3. GIFs and Memes

If you would like to catch your audience’s attention with movement than a story, animated GIF’s are your thing. Moreover, to spike up your interest in gif’s fissionstrategy states that gifs bring in 12% higher ROI than the emails devoid of gif’s.

Not all gifs have to be made funny and cheesy. You can use your content to create gif’s that highlights a celebration in your organisation, reminds your audience about an upcoming event, or feature a part of your new video. Your gifs should support your message and thus should be more subtle and shouldn’t be too fast.

GIFs and Memes

                                                                                           Via Giphy

4. Real-Time Marketing

Personalised and well-segmented emails bring in high open rates and better click performance. Traditional email marketing approaches turn less effective as time passes by. Thus, interactive emails should be your next strategy for your email to perform well.

Contextual email marketing performed using email marketing automation software shows the most relevant content as the recipient opens the mail. The content featured is gathered from social networks, custom feeds, and websites and are delivered using different methods such as image display, timers, etc.

Real Time Marketing

5. Emojis

Oh, yes we do love them! But, did you ever think that they would make for a great marketing strategy?

Mobile traffic means the top traffic in the online world. Thus, more often, your customers will be reading your emails using their mobile devices. Keeping that in mind, efficient marketers have to come up with content that their audiences are familiar with.

Though emojis aren’t the best choice, using them in your newsletters every now and then can spike up your conversion rate. Additionally, when emojis are placed in the headline, it will immediately light up the social media neurons in your customers, and there are chances for a quicker response.


6. Images

According to the Industry Report 2018, over 32% of marketers find visual images to be the most important form of content after blogging.

Humans are visual beings. Images and any other form of visual content thus invoke emotion in us. Thus, by incorporating images into your content created in emails marketing automation platforms, you increase the chances of actions being taken by your audiences.

Every small business ought to have an image library from which they could incorporate the most relevant ones into the emails. Real photos overpower stock photos, and adding text on top of the image can boost the overall effect.

Whether you are integrating social media marketing and email marketing together or not, it is important that you have an end goal in mind. The goal can be a wider branch reach, something in the lines of the spectrum of marketing, or conversion. Incorporating the variety of visuals listed here can have a positive impact on your campaign conducted through email marketing automation platforms, and can leave a lasting impression on your customers.



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Working with influencers?

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Working with influencers?

Use our brand scan to find who competition works with!


Working with influencers?

Use our brand scan to find who competition works with!