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7 Tips on Using Social Media for Healthcare Industry

From the fashion industry to FMCG firms, entertainment to travel industry, all brands have made social media an integral part of their business model. With the constantly growing usage of social media, it is important that even medical practitioners and other healthcare professionals and businesses use it for marketing.

Social media marketing has a lot of untapped potential for the healthcare industry. Because your customers are going to invest their money to avail your services, they would want to get as much information as they can, about your brand. Today social media is one of the main sources for gathering information about brands. As such, having a social media presence is very important for your brand.

There is great scope for you to use social media platforms for creating brand awareness and engaging with your audience. For the healthcare industry, in particular, social media offers just the right platform to showcase expertise and knowledge. You can build a loyal community of followers and potential customers. In fact, you can use social media to carry out your customer service interactions as well.

If you want to leverage social media to build an effective presence for your healthcare brand, follow the tips given below.

7 Simple Tips On Using Social Media For Healthcare Industry

1. Showcase Your Expertise On Social Media As A Healthcare Expert

First and foremost, you need to set up your business accounts on different social media platforms. Once you have your profile up and ready to go, you have to start planning out your content strategy. Your content will play a very important role in projecting your image as an expert in the healthcare field.

Share home remedies on social media

Because you are using social media for healthcare, it is important that you showcase your knowledge through your content on social media. Post important facts and information about diseases, disorders, remedies, treatments etc. on social media. Use photos, graphics, infographics to share information on health and associated topics.

You can also use social media to share daily tips on maintaining health and wellness. The idea is to engage your audience with your content and eventually, build a loyal group of customers through social media.

2. Offer A Platform For Asking Questions

Another way to establish your expertise in the field is by offering a platform where your audience can pose questions. You could have weekly Q&A sessions for your audience where they can ask questions in comments and you respond to their queries as replies. All you have to do is make an announcement or put out a post to alert your audience ahead of starting the Q&A session.

Your topics may range from disease and health-related queries to questions about your business. Such Q&A sessions can help you enhance your social media engagement rate.

3. Share Customer Feedback

Peer-to-peer reviews can work like wonder for any brand. For healthcare brands, good feedback and recommendations are very helpful in enhancing your brand image and pushing for leads on the platform.

One of the top social media trends today, is how brands are leveraging user-generated content. UGCs featuring products or brands play a very important role in ensuring the credibility and trust associated with brands.

As a healthcare brand, you can collect customer feedback or testimonials and share it on social media. You can also ask customers to give their feedback in the video format. Post it on social media after taking their permission. This will help build a positive image around your brand. Eventually, it will also contribute toward generating conversions.

4. Use Live Streaming

Using social media for healthcare involves making the most of all the top features and tools at your disposal. The live streaming feature is an important tool you can use to boost real time engagement.

What are the ways by which you can leverage the live streaming feature on social media for the healthcare industry?

Bring subject matter experts on board for live streaming sessions. You can conduct live interviews with experts and professionals such as dieticians, academicians from the healthcare field and health insurance professionals. This can make for a great option for brands to conduct live Q&A sessions.

Conduct live sessions with medical practitioners

Apart from that, you can also broadcast seminars and other such important events using the live streaming option. With live video streaming, you can increase your real-time interactions and take your engagement to the next level.

5. Leverage Social Media For Customer Service

Use social media for streamlined customer service management. Customer service is an integral part of every product and/or service-providing business. Social media allows you to build a cost-effective system for customer service management.

Brand presence on social media also means that the audience can now approach them easily. Whether it is to give feedback or make complaints or inquiries, the audience is now approaching brands directly on social media. In the case of a services-focused industry, such as that of healthcare, a good customer service system should be put in place.

Build a team of customer service professionals to handle customer queries on social media. You can also employ chatbots to handle social inbox queries. Offering quick and real-time responses to customers queries will help you build a stronger relationship with your prospective clients.

6. Invest In Social Media Ads

If you want to maximise your social media reach, you need to invest in paid marketing. Relying on organic marketing alone is not going to be enough.

Every social media platform offers you the option of using Ads and sponsored posts in multiple formats to reach out to a large number of people. Make your Ads compelling enough to push your audience to take the desired action.

Whether your goal is to increase awareness about your brand or to generate more engagement, social media Ads will help you achieve these. Add calls to action to your content to lead your audience to take action.

7. Constantly Measure Your Social Media Efforts

Keeping stock of your audience’s response to your social media activity is very important for proper healthcare social media management. Is your content reaching the right set of people or not? What is the level of engagement on your content? Which is the most popular type of content from which you can take inspiration?

Use a social media analytics tool to find answers to all these questions. Unbox Social is one such tool that can help you uncover important insights about your social; media activity. You can uncover important insights into your reach and engagement levels, along with important social media metrics. You can also track important insights on your audience through this tool.

Using these insights and information, frame a social media strategy that willl help you achieve your goals and objectives.


Marketing on social media for healthcare will soon become entirely mainstream.  A more conscious consumer resorts to social media for gaining more information about different brands, including healthcare.

Here is a set of tips on how you can ace social media marketing as a healthcare brand or professional:

  • Use social media to establish your position as an expert in the healthcare field
  • Let your audience ask you questions on the platform
  • Share customer feedback on social media to showcase brand credibility
  • Conduct live streaming sessions for better engagement
  • Carry out your customer services operations through social media
  • Invest in social media Ads for better reach and engagement
  • Measure your social media efforts on a constant basis for best results




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Working with influencers?

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Working with influencers?

Use our brand scan to find who competition works with!


Working with influencers?

Use our brand scan to find who competition works with!