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How Entertainment Industry Can Do Social Media Promotions (The Complete Checklist)

social media for entertainment industry

What would have happened if we didn’t have YouTube to release all the movie trailers ahead of the release? How would music labels and artists reach out to an international audience? Can you even imagine an entertainment industry without the perks of social media?

Social media is the perfect medium by which the entertainment industry can target audiences. Social media allows you enormous scope to leverage the multiple tools, features, and formats to generate buzz. It cannot be denied that social media has become an integral part of marketing for brands from different niches and industries. Entertainment brands too can use social media to market their brand.

The advent of social media is, in fact, a boon for the entertainment industry. As an entertainment brand, you no longer have to rely on offline marketing strategies which often demand a huge budget which you can cut down on by using social media. Not only is social media a cost-effective medium to market your content, but it also allows you access to a larger audience.

You no longer have to rely on the word-of-mouth alone, for marketing. Social media works faster than word of mouth and also allows you to reach out to more people. You too can capitalise on the power of social media by running campaigns, building a presence on different platforms etc. You can take inspiration from campaigns by various entertainment-focused brands and even from typical business to consumer brands.

Social media marketing has become an integral part of movie-marketing. Take the example of the social media marketing campaign launched by Deadpool on Twitter, ahead of their release.

Movie marketing

The music industry too is going beyond just sharing videos on YouTube. Series, sitcoms and reality shows are also leveraging the power of social media to market themselves.

There are many ways in which you can use social media marketing for entertainment industry.

Using Social Media Marketing For Entertainment Industry

Each social media platform has its own formats, USPs and features. You should try and make the most of all these features and tools to market your movie, artist or series/sitcom.

A) YouTube Marketing For Entertainment Industry

1. Launch Trailers, Teasers, Snippets

YouTube is one of the most ideal platforms that you can rely on for generating a buzz about a movie or series, show or sitcom, music video etc. amongst the audiences online. You can first build excitement about an upcoming trailer launch by sharing a short, intriguing teaser. Following this, you can post the trailer on YouTube and promote it through Ads and by sharing it across platforms.

2. Use YouTube Ads

YouTube Ads are one of the sure-shot ways to reach out to your target audience and get more people to see your video content. YouTube allows you to add short, skippable snippets from your trailers or videos to be added before another video that a viewer is watching. Use these TrueView in-stream Ads to circulate your videos and build anticipation and excitement. Video trailers alone can play a very important role in compelling your audience to take the desired action.

3. Leverage YouTube Tools And Action Buttons

You can use YouTube to create excitement about music tracks as well. Create playlists and lead your audience to your songs, trailers etc. using different tools such as cards and end screens.

4. Take Your Audience Behind The Scenes Through Your YouTube Channel

You can showcase all the behind-the-scenes action through your YouTube videos and playlists. The audience loves to see what actors, singers, artists etc. are like behind the camera. They are also intrigued by the way in which such famous videos are shot. By providing them with a view of what is happening behind the scenes, you can help build a connection with them.

5. Keep Sharing Across Social Media Platforms

YouTube allows you to share videos to other social media platforms. Encourage viewers to share videos by adding calls to action buttons where you can. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Reddit, you can share your videos to all these platforms through YouTube.

6. Actively Engage With Your Audience On YouTube

Are you responding to the comments that you receive on your YouTube videos?

If you are not, you should start responding back to all the feedback, compliments and comments on your videos. This will help you enhance engagement on YouTube and build a community on the platform.

B) Facebook Marketing For Entertainment Industry

1. Post A Variety Of Content

What kind of content can the Entertainment Industry Focus on for Facebook?

Most importantly, make your Facebook page visually stimulating by adding a nice cover photo and profile picture. Optimise your Facebook page to entice your audience. You need to make sure that the overall design of your Facebook page is of top-quality.

On Facebook, you can post videos, photos, hold live-streams and so on. There is a lot that you can do on Facebook to market your show, movie, or music video/album. You can use Facebook to launch the first look of your movie, music video/album or entertainment show on Facebook. In fact, you can make an announcement through the Facebook page to create anticipation before the release of the first look. You can post pictures across associated Facebook Pages.

2. Post And Cross-post Actively On Facebook Pages

Facebook is one of the best platforms where you can push for organic reach as well as paid reach. You can begin by creating a Facebook page. You can post interactive and engaging content through this page. Social media teams play it smartly by cross-posting through the Facebook page of your parent label/production company/TV Channel. This will allow you to reach out to a larger audience segment.

3. Start Running Facebook Campaigns During The Production Phase

Many entertainment brands, especially in the movie and TV industry start running campaigns during the production phase itself. Marketing campaigns for movies and TV shows are no longer restricted to short-term, pre-release phases of 1-2 weeks. Social media teams for movies and TV shows are dedicating entire months to campaigning and marketing ahead of the release.

4. Launch The First Look, Trailers, And Teasers On Facebook

Launch the first look of your movie, music video/album, TV series/ Web series on Facebook to create curiosity amongst your target audience. You can then share trailers, videos, song videos, snippets and behind-the-scenes footage on Facebook.

5. Post Content Featuring Artists, Celebrities, Casts etc.

A smart strategy to push for ticket sales, video views, downloads, or viewership of shows is to simply add videos or photos with calls to action buttons to direct your target audience. You can bring celebrities, artists etc. on-board for compelling the audience to take the desired action.

Augmented reality on Facebook

Augmented reality on Facebook

6. Employ Augmented Reality As A Part Of Your Facebook Strategy

Augmented reality has taken over the social media industry. Social media teams for movies and shows are leveraging this trend as a part of promotions ahead of the movie release. Given above are 2 examples of movies employing augmented reality as a part of their social media marketing strategy.

7. Run Facebook Ads

You can run Facebook Ad campaigns with customised targeting. Facebook Ads can be shared in multiple formats such as photo Ads, Video Ads, Story Ads, Carousel Ads, Slide Shows, messenger Ads, playable Ads etc.

8. Conduct Interactive Live Streaming Sessions

Live streaming is one of the best ways to generate engagement, and that too in real time. You can conduct an interactive session between celebrities or artists and fans. You can also use live streams to cover interviews, promotion shows etc.

9. Push For User-Generated Content

One very smart way to engage your audience is to run social media campaigns in which the audience can also participate. Branded hashtag campaigns, which are common in the business to consumer industry, are also being employed to involve the audience.

C) Instagram Marketing For Entertainment Industry

Instagram is one of the most popular platforms amongst brands. Use the different tools and formats that this platform offers. Like Facebook, you can use Instagram to release the first look of your music video, movie or show. Posting a picture with an announcement on when you will be launching the trailer or teaser.

1. Release The First Look, Teaser, Trailer, And Snippets Through Instagram Posts And Stories

Instagram allows you to add video posts as long as 1 minute. Post videos or photos from the first look, trailer, teaser or snippets from your movie, music video/album, Web series etc. to entice your audience.

Instagram allows you to use the Instagram stories format to do this as well. Since the Instagram stories appear at the top of your homepage, you can leverage this format to your advantage. If you have more than 10 K followers on Instagram, you can also add a link to your stories that will lead your audience to the video.

Use Instagram stories to add snippets from movies, videos, shows, music etc. Take your audience behind the scenes by sharing posts as well as videos of all the off-camera footage.

2. Conduct Insta-Live Sessions

You can conduct interactive Insta-live sessions as well. Bring the cast on board to answer fans’ questions and interact with them. Cover interviews and promotional events with Instagram live. By doing this, you can generate real-time engagement.  

3. Use Instagram Ads For Promotions

You can also run Instagram Ads as a part of your social media marketing campaign. There are many different formats that you can use for running Instagram Ads.

4. Employ User-Generated Posts and Instagram Stories + Create AR Filters

User-generated content is another type of content that will help you boost engagement on the platform. With Instagram stories, you can also leverage the power of augmented reality to add branded filters. Just like on Facebook, you can create filters based on augmented reality as a part of building buzz and excitement. This is one way to run user-generated content campaigns.

Create hashtag campaigns around your movie, music video or TV show and ask your audience to post content around it.

5. Capitalise On The Power Of IGTV

Instagram offers you the option of creating vertical videos with its new vertical video app, IGTV. Unlike typical video posts on Instagram, with IGTV, you can create videos as long as 10 minutes. Feature interviews of music artists, actors, celebrities, filmmakers etc. in your IGTV videos. You can also collaborate with social media creators and Influencers to create unique content.

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Social media offers great scope for the entertainment industry to build the much-needed buzz around your movie, music video, or TV show. Here’s a quick snapshot on how you can leverage social media marketing for entertainment industry:

1. Use YouTube marketing for entertainment industry by:

  • Launching trailers, teasers, snippets and promoting them through YouTube Ads and sharing on other channels
  • Employing all YouTube tools and action buttons
  • Adding videos which take your audience behind the scenes
  • Engaging with your audience actively by responding to all comments

2. Use Facebook marketing for entertainment industry by:

  • Posting and cross-posting videos, posters, photos, video, and photo snippets etc.
  • Beginning Facebook campaigns from the production phase itself
  • Adding video and photo content featuring artists, celebrities, cast etc.
  • Using augmented reality-based content
  • Leveraging Facebook Ads for your content
  • Conducting interactive live streaming sessions featuring artists, celebrities, musicians etc.
  • Pushing for user-generated content with branded hashtag campaigns

3. Use Instagram marketing for entertainment by:

  • Releasing the first look, teaser/trailers and more through Instagram posts and stories for building the hype
  • Bringing different movie/music/ series’ cast to feature in live videos
  • Employing Instagram Ads in different formats for promotions
  • Posting user-generated content on Instagram posts and stories with augmented reality-based filters
  • Leveraging the power of long-form vertical videos with IGTV
  • 6

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Working with influencers?

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Working with influencers?

Use our brand scan to find who competition works with!