5 Social Media Competitor Analytics Tools That Are Super Useful

‘COMPETITORS’ is a very crucial term for brand marketers. Social media competitors are present on every channel and need to be monitored regularly. Brands these days need to be careful of how their industry competitors are faring on social media because that can impact their performance on all levels. Monitoring competitors can be conducted systematically with the help of social media competitor analytics tools. The tools are specially curated to track social media competitors and that is what makes them important and helpful. Choosing the right social media competitor analysis tools is another challenge. 

The market is full of social media analysis tools and that also includes competitor analysis tools. Brand marketers are often in a fix because they end up subscribing to tools that do not serve their needs. This blog will help you choose from the best competitor monitoring tools available! 

Let’s begin. 

List of Most Useful Social Media Competitor Analytics Tools

 1. Unbox Social

unbox social competition tracking tool

Unbox Social has a dedicated feature for competition tracking. The tool helps you with competitor monitoring and gives you social media insights on how your industry rivals are performing on social media platforms. The Unbox Social tool helps you gather intelligence about your competitors’ strategies. The data can further help you frame effective social media campaigns. The competition tracking feature of the Unbox Social tool helps you get data insights such as competition benchmarking, share of voice, sentiment analysis, brand score, and competition tracking reports. The platform gives you solutions for four major social media platforms namely Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter. The effortless dashboard of the Unbox Social tool makes getting competitors’ data easy and useful.   

2. Rival IQ 

Rival IQ social media competitor analysis tool

Rival IQ  has several social media analytics features and one of them is competitive analysis. The competitive analysis solution allows you to compare your social media performance with your competitors. The data you get can be used to create effective social media strategies. The tool gives you benchmarking data that gives you insights into your competitors’ strengths and weaknesses. 

3. Sociality.io


Sociality.io is a social media management platform that provides you with the competitor analysis feature. The social media competitor analysis feature of this tool gives you competitors’ social media page analysis. The competitor insights give you information on the brand position, content strategy, and social media comparison. 

4. Socialinsider


Socialinsider also offers competitor analysis features. The tool allows you to track and analyse the social media performance of your industry competitors. The Socialinsider dashboard gives you a quick analysis of how your competitors’ social media pages are performing. Furthermore, the tool gives you competitor insights for all major platforms namely TikTok, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

5. Metricool


Metricool is another social media competitor analytics tool that helps you create effective social media strategies. The tool monitors your rivals’ social media growth and gives you accurate data. The tool is helpful for brands and businesses that want to scale up their social media game in comparison to their competitors.  

These five social media competitor analytics tools will help you keep a watchful eye on your competitors and will also provide you with useful insights. Here are a few more blogs to help you with the measurement of competitor performance. 

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