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How to Write Awesome Social Media Captions: Tips, Styles and Tricks

social media captions

Visual content is undoubtedly the most enticing form of content. If you want to catch your audience’s attention on social media, visual content can do the magic for you. However, visual content alone cannot be enough to lead your audience to take the action that you want them to take. You need powerful, solid social media captions that tell them what to do.

Putting a picture without an appropriate message is not going to leave a good impression on your target audience. You need to compliment your pictures, videos, infographics, stories etc. with relevant social media captions.

Whether it is organic content or paid Ads that you are putting out on your social media accounts, you need to add good social media captions.

Creating social media captions that push your audience to engage and convert is a challenging task. But to help you ace your social media strategy through your captions, we have compiled a set of tips, styles and tricks that you can go through. Based on these, you can revamp your social media strategy and create a strong campaign that converts.

1. Show And Tell Through Stories  

Use your social media captions to tell a story. Whether you are putting out picture content or video content on your social media, storytelling can help you put your message across in a subtle, yet effective manner.

For instance, you want to sell your beauty products through social media. You can tell your target audience how your beauty products can be helpful for them and add value to them.

The idea is to show through visual content and tell the ‘what, why and how’ through your captions. So if you are posting images or videos of your products, let your captions do the talking.

Rather than just mentioning the name of your products, or writing a description about them, you should tell your audience how your products can help solve a problem for them. Salesy captions can irk your audience and push them away. Tell stories through your captions so as to pique the interest in your brand and your products.

2. Let Your Target Audience Dictate Your Tone

It is very important to take your audience into account when framing your captions.

What is the age and gender composition of your target audience? Is it teenagers or is it middle-aged people? Is it females that you are trying to target or males? Or are you trying to reach out to a mixed set of audience?  

Depending upon the answers to these questions, you can get a clear idea about your target audience. Understand the lifestyle, likes, preferences and aspirations of your target audience. Let this understanding of your target audience lead the tone of all your social media captions.

If you are reaching out to a segment of audience composed of young adults, you may want to keep your language simple. If you really want to provoke action, you should employ a vocabulary with which your target audience will relate.

Once you know what kind of tone appeals to your target audience, you should make sure to apply the tone to your captions.

At the same time, you should make sure to maintain the consistency in your tone. A consistent tone will help you build brand recall, which will help you build a connection with your audience. This will help you generate sales in the long run.

3. Use Engaging Captions

Use captions that push your audience to engage with your brand. This will help you build a connection with your target audience.

One of the best ways to generate interactions through social media captions is by posing questions to your target audience. Ask questions that push your audience to respond. You can also ask for opinions or suggestions that lead your audience to comment on your posts.

There are various social media caption examples that you can take inspiration from and frame a caption that pushes them to comment. A lot of brands are using the ‘Caption this’ strategy with their social media posts. Here is one such brand using that strategy to push for engagement on social media.

Tauck is an organisation that offers guided river tours and cruises. In the post given below, they use the same ‘Caption this’ strategy with a contest to drive engagement.

 Engaging Social Media Captions

4. Add Calls To Action

Add relevant calls to action to your captions.

What is your social media objective or goal at this point of time? Is it to drive more engagement or is it to convert your audience into customers? Depending upon your social media goals, you can frame a caption that includes calls to action.

Your visual content plays an important role in attracting your audience, but if you want them to take action, it is the calls to action that will do the work. So, by adding calls to action you can push your audience to take the desired action.

When you are adding calls to action in your captions, you need to make sure to not be too pushy or salesy. This can put off your target audience. You should go for a caption that leads your audience to take the desired action, without being too direct.

5. Add Value To Your Audience Through Informative Captions

The audience is very curious and always looking for content that helps them gain more knowledge and information. Use social media captions to add to the knowledge of your target audience.

Add knowledgeable and informative facts where possible. You can also offer tips, tricks and hacks in social media captions. Another way by which you can add value to your target audience is by adding industry updates in your social media captions.

In this way, you can build a loyal following and enhance engagement. In the longer run, this will help you enhance conversions as well.

6. Monitor Your Social Media Activity

While it is important to keep working on enhancing your social media caption, it is also important to evaluate how your captions are faring across platforms.

Use a good social media analytics tool that will help you track your social media activity. Unbox Social is one such social media tool that lets you capture important insights and intelligence on your social media activity. Based on these insights, you can find out about your social media posts that did well and those of which did not.

In the process, you can find out which of your social media captions are helping you generate results and which ones aren’t. Accordingly, you can make changes in your social media captions’ strategy.


Writing social media captions for business can be quite a tricky job. It is your social media captions that add value to your visuals and so, it is important to frame good copies that will generate reactions from the audience.

Here are some tips you can follow to generate a response from the audience:

  • Use storytelling to market your products and your brand in general
  • Frame your brand voice on the basis of your target audience
  • Use captions to push for engagement
  • Add relevant calls to action where necessary
  • Bring value to your audience with informative and knowledgeable captions
  • Monitor your social media activity to understand what is working for you and what is not



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Working with influencers?

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Working with influencers?

Use our brand scan to find who competition works with!


Working with influencers?

Use our brand scan to find who competition works with!