Top Tips to Maximise Conversions of Social Media Campaigns

social media campaign conversions

Social media marketing is no easy feat, especially with the continuously evolving algorithms and policies on the different social media platforms. Building social media campaigns involves a lot of creative input along with huge investments in terms of money, time and efforts.  

In this sense, getting results or returns on your social media activities is crucial for your brand. So you are getting likes on your facebook page or more followers on your Instagram and Twitter profiles. But, are these social media metrics, alone, a valuable return on investment for all your social media efforts? The number of followers or likes you have are only vanity metrics. The true value of your social media activity lies in your social media conversions.

In fact, looking at your social media conversions is an integral part of measuring the effectiveness of your social media activities. Bringing social media followers on board as customers or leads is the ultimate return on investment.

It can be a challenging task to boost conversions on social media. It involves a long way down the bottom of the sales funnel. Firstly, you need to build a social media presence for your brand and increase your outreach. Then, you need to engage your audience with your content. Once you have built awareness for your brand and engaged your followers, you can start pushing for conversions through social.

By leveraging the features and tools on each of the social media platforms, you can create social media campaigns that lead to conversions.

Here are a few tips you can follow for maximizing the conversions on your social media campaigns:


#1 : Know Your Target Audience

Putting out content, whether paid or organic, without taking your target audience into account is a waste of your effort. Your audience will only react to content that adds value to them.

A teenager will not be interested in knowing the latest kitchen hacks or weekday meal preparation ideas. He/she will simply scroll past your content as it is of no interest to them. Blindly putting out content, without having a clear idea about who your audience is, or what their interests and preferences are, is a clear waste of efforts.

Know your audience, study their interests, preferences and demographics and target with your content accordingly. This will help you increase your social media conversions.

#2: Schedule Your Posts 

The key to maximum social media conversions is to increase exposure and expand the reach for your content. You may have a target audience coming from different parts of the world. In order to reach out to all the audience segments, it is important to schedule posts according to different time zones.

Prepare a scheduling plan for your posts according to different time zones. While you can manually post to some audience segments, it may be difficult to manage to post content to all the audience segments.  

The best way to manage posting across platforms and to different social media segments is by using automation tools for scheduling. All you will have to do is set the time and date for each content post and the tool will do the job of posting it automatically.

What are the peak audience activity times for every platform? Using these details, you can plan out your social media posting schedules.

The more consistently you post content, the better your chances will be at building a relationship with your audience and enhancing customer loyalty. Building customer loyalty will eventually help feed to boost social media conversions.

#3: Repurpose and Reuse Your Content

Repurpose and reshare your social media content to boost conversions. The trick is to capitalize on your older content posts to drive more reach and engagement.

Use older pieces of content and reshare them in a different manner every time. For instance, if you used an excerpt from your content piece last time, this time you can go for a quote or add a fresh new copy. The more you share your content, the better are your chances at increasing engagement and driving your social media conversions.

#4: Optimizing Your Social Media Copies

Whether it is organic content or social media Ads, your copy can make or break your social media game at once. You need to create social media copies that draw the attention of your audience. After putting in so much effort into creating content, you don’t want your audience to scroll past your content.

In order to get your audience to hit the link or make the purchase, you need to put it in your words. Use calls to action for directing your audience to take the next step. Using numbers in your social media copies, especially Ads will also work for your brand.

Another thing to keep in mind is to frame copies according to the stage at which the audience is on the sales funnel. If it is at the top of the sales funnel, you need to inform your audience about your brand, while also putting out the call to action. For audience segments at the bottom of the sales funnel, you can frame a caption based on their latest action. For instance, they visited a page on your website without making a purchase. You can frame your copy accordingly.

The more clarity in your social media copies, the better your chances at boosting conversions.

#5: Add Links To Relevant Landing Pages

Make sure that your links lead your audience to the right landing page. If your link promises to offer a solution for something, then your landing page should make sure to deliver it. This will help you develop a good rapport with your audience.

It is also very important to add social media icons and widgets to your website as well as to your emails and forums. This will help you increase your visibility and reach across platforms, all of which helps in boosting social media conversions.

#6: Offer Content That Adds Value To Your Audience

If you want to boost conversions, offer content that adds value to your audience. Informative content such as how-to videos, product demonstrations, and other such content can help you engage your audience.

With your content, provide valuable solutions and information to your audience. Not only will this enhance your social media presence, but it will also help you set your image as a subject matter expert or a niche expert. This enhances your credibility as a brand and helps build brand loyalty. As such, your audience will be inclined to engage with your brand, which will eventually lead to more social media conversions.

#7: Optimize Your Social Media Ads

Optimize your social media Ads to boost conversion amongst your audiences. Whether you are using Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or YouTube, targeting audience with your Ads the right way is important for boosting social media conversions. Design different Ad creatives and copies for different audience segments. Keep conducting split testing to see which audience segment is responding to which type of content.

Always include calls to action on social media Ad copies. Pick different Ad formats for different types of content. You can use the carousel Ad format to build an engaging panoramic Ad creative or spin a story using the different slides, for instance.

Optimizing your Ads is crucial to boost conversions. The more inviting and enticing your Ad creative and copy, the better chances at boosting your conversions.

#8: Track what is working and what is not working for you on social media

Get a social media analytics tool to measure your performance on different platforms. With Unbox Social, you can derive relevant and valuable analytics and insights on your social media efforts.

Using this information, you can identify which content pieces are getting more engagement and interactions and which ones don’t. This will help you frame your content strategy in a way that it increases engagement, which will lead to more social media conversions.

#9: Work with niche Influencers

There are many perks of bringing niche Influencers on board your social media marketing strategy. Not only do you get access to their content creation skills but also to their large audience base.

Leverage their huge follower base and content creation skills to promote your brand and boost conversions.

You can use Influencer Suite, an Influencer marketing platform by Unbox Social to discover Influencers as well as run and manage Influencer campaigns across platforms.

Winding It Up

Social media is not about increasing the number of followers or likes on your profile. True value of your social media activity comes from getting your audience to convert to customers.

You can maximize your social media conversions by following these tips:

  • Study your target audience for better messaging
  • Schedule content posting according to different time zones so that maximum people view your content
  • Repurpose your content and reshare it in a different manner to enhance engagement
  • Optimize your social media copies to draw the attention of your audience and increase your chances of getting more conversions
  • Add links to the relevant landing pages to deliver what you promise
  • Offer informative content to position yourself as a niche expert
  • Optimize your Ad creatives and copies with calls to action
  • Track how your content is faring across platforms
  • Work with Influencers to leverage their content creation skills and huge follower base



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