10 Best Social Media Analytics Tools in 2020 for Marketers

social media analytics tools

Brands take a lot of effort to keep their audience engaged on social media. Once the tedious process of executing a strategy is complete it’s time to analyse the success of the campaign. 

Brand marketers often consider the number of likes, shares, and comments to gauge the success of their social media campaign. But that’s not enough! 

Though brands usually rely on native social media analytics tools to measure the content performance, there’s a lot more that needs to be measured and analysed. 

Social media analytics tools give you in-depth insights into your brand’s social media presence. Note that every tool has some unique features and the selection of the tools depends on your brand requirements. 

We’ve created a list of 10 social media analytics tools that will give you useful social media insights

Let’s begin.

1. Unbox Social 

Unbox Social offers an extensive social media analysis solution for brands that gives in-depth social media insights. The tool helps you analyse your brand across various social media platforms namely Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. 

Here are the platform-wise features offered by the tool. 

Unbox Social - Social Media Analytics tool

  • Get an overview of your brand’s presence on social media platforms

The tool gives you an overview of your brand with all the crucial social media data. Check your brand’s page reach, page fans, page views, page impressions, follower growth, impressions, engagement rate, interactions, number of retweets, average views, and other metrics depending on the platform you opt for. 

Unbox Social - Impressions & Reach

  • Get social media insights on your brand’s audience

The success of any social media campaign depends on whether it has reached the intended audience. Unbox Social’s social media analytics solution gives you in-depth social media data on your audience. 

Check the age, gender, location, and language of your audience. 

Know when your followers are the most active on the platform. Track the audience sentiment and audience feedback for your brand content across platforms.

Unbox Social - audience demographics

  • Track your competitors on social media platforms

Unbox Social also allows you to track your competitors on various social media platforms. Get social media insights on how your industry competitors have fared in their campaigns. Know the kind of content they are opting for. 

See what’s getting them a high engagement rate. Track how the audience is responding to your competitor’s content on social media and gauge the audience sentiment for competing brands. Moreover, you can also track what your competitors are posting for trending keywords and hashtags!

Grow your brand on Social Media with data-driven insights from Unbox Social.
Understand how users are interacting and engaging on Social Media using Unbox Social’s Analytics Tool. Easy to Use, Save Time, Create Reports, Free Demo.

2. Talkwalker

Talkwalker is a social media analytics and monitoring tool that enables you to track your social media campaigns. The tool lets you find out trending topics across social media channels which help you curate powerful content for your audience. 

The social media analytics tool gives you insights into consumer sentiment and website traffic.

Moreover, you can also measure your brand’s Share of Voice and measure your campaign’s real-time performance. 

Talkwalker social media analytics tool

3. Awario 

More of a social listening tool, Awario also offers monitoring and social media analytics solutions. The tool gives you timely insights on brand mentions and industry conversations. 

Check the social media presence of your industry competitors and learn from their mistakes! Moreover, the tool also enables you to track the audience reaction to your marketing campaigns. 

The social media analysis on Awario also gives you social media insights on your brand’s online reputation. 

Awario social media analytics tool


4. Squarelovin 

Focused more on Instagram insights, Squarelovin is one of the reliable social media analytics tools that helps you get the most out of your Instagram marketing campaigns. The tool lets you track your account growth, helps you review post performance, and gives you social media data to help you optimize content for Instagram. 

The insights from this tool can help you frame effective content strategies for your brand’s Instagram presence. Moreover, it also makes you aware of what your Insta audience likes.  

Squarelovin social media analytics tool

5. Sotrende

Sotrender is a social media analytics tool that provides you with social media insights that help you improve your social media activities. The reports from this tool give you real-time updates on how your content is performing on different social media platforms. 

Sotrender also gives data on sentiment analysis by monitoring the comments on your brand content! That’s not all, the tool also allows you to keep a watch on your competitors. This data will surely scale up your marketing strategies. 

Sotrender social media analytics tool

6. Wiselytics 

If you are looking for a social media analytics tool dedicated to Facebook and Twitter then Wiselytics is a smart choice. This social media analytics tool helps you track all the crucial metrics and also gives you information on posts that had the highest results. 

Wiselytics also lets you compare your social media presence with your competitors which can be highly advantageous. 

This tool is apt for brands that are majorly active on Facebook and Twitter.

Wiselytics social media analytics tool

7. NetBase 

NetBase is a marketing intelligence platform that also has social media analytics solutions. The platform stresses much on listening to what the audience is saying about your brand on different social media channels. NetBase helps you discover audience behaviour and preferences. 

The platform also has solutions for analysing the audience. Get data on your social media audience and create effective marketing strategies! 

NetBase social media analytics tool

8. Followerwonk 

Followerwonk is completely dedicated to Twitter analytics. This social media analytics tool will give you all the social media data for Twitter. Right from comparing Twitter accounts to target new influencers to analysing your audience on Twitter, this tool helps with everything Twitter-related. 

Followerwonk social media analytics tool

9. Minter.io 

Minter.io is perfect for brands who only want to analyse their Instagram presence. The platform gives advanced Instagram insights which also includes Hashtag analysis. 

It also allows you to benchmark your Instagram performance in comparison to your competitors. 

Minter.io social media analytics tool

10. Tailwind 

Tailwind offers both scheduling and analytics solutions. The platform is centric to Pinterest and Instagram. Tailwind’s analysis feature lets you find trends on the two platforms, allows you to track crucial KPIs, and measure follower growth. 

These social media insights can help you create fruitful strategies for Instagram and Pinterest. 

Tailwind social media analytics tool

Choosing the right set of social media analytics tools can be a tough task. Make sure to keep in mind what you intend to track with these tools! Additionally, don’t forget to check whether the tool has the features you are looking for. 

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