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7 Secret Tips Pros Use to Write Facebook Ads

If you are not using Facebook Ads to push your products in front of your target audience, you are missing out on a great opportunity. It has been almost a year since Facebook updated its newsfeed algorithm. It has made organic reach more difficult than ever before as brands are constantly competing to have their posts appear on the newsfeed.

Facebook Ads is a sure shot way to put your content before your audience. It is cost effective and easy to use. In a matter of few steps you can put your content out there, ready to be consumed by your target audience.

Because Facebook Ads is paid, it is important to ensure that you make it worth the money you are spending. Everything from your visual creatives to your Facebook Ad copies need to be on point. In this blog, we will focus on how you can create the best Facebook Ad Copies.

You need to focus on creating Facebook Ad copies that push your audience to take the desired action. You may want to take them to a particular page on your website or to complete the action of purchasing a product (s) that they have been eyeing. Your Facebook Ad copies should be framed and placed in such a manner that it catches the eye of your audience.

Before we dive deeper into how you can create great Facebook Ad copies, let’s briefly look at how you can create one. This is a quick snapshot of how you can create Facebook Ads:

  1. Pick your objective (Brand awareness, Store visits, App Installs)
  2. Select your audience based on demographics, interests, behaviours
  3. Decide on your Ad placement
  4. Decide on your budget
  5. Pick your format- Photo, Stories, Videos, Messenger, Carousel, Slideshow, Collection, Playables
  6. Place your orders for Ad auctions
  7. Measure and manage your Ads

Now that you have gone through the basics of creating Facebook Ads, let’s dive into some pro Facebook Ad Copy Guidelines that you can follow.

Tips To Write Good Facebook Ad Copies

1. Keeping your objective in mind

Keeping your objective in mind, while writing Facebook Ad copies will give you a sense of direction. Facebook Ads allow you to pick an objective while creating your Ads. So, when you are framing your Facebook Ad copies, you should focus on this objective.

There are many Facebook Ad copy examples that you can look at, for inspiration. One such example is that of Renault India’s Facebook Ad copy. The brand was able to scale its brand awareness and sales through its Ad campaign. An important element of the Ad campaign being the Ad copies, played a role in this.

Creating Ad copies with your objectives

2. Write for your target audience

Facebook allows you to set your target audience while posting Ads. The idea is to ensure optimum targeting. You can set your target audience by demographics, interests and behaviours. So, when you write your Facebook Ad copies, you can keep this very audience targeting in mind. For instance, Ads targeting teenagers could employ a teenage lingo with words that they can relate with immediately.

This will help draw the attention of your target audience, beyond just scrolling past your Ad creative.

Take the example of AirBnB. They have created a Facebook Ad for business/working travelers. This Ad is clearly trying to draw the attention of those planning for work and business tours.

Facebook Ad Copies-Target Audience

Like AirBnB, there are many other examples that focus on target audience. You too can use your target audience to come up with a good caption for your Facebook Ads.

3. Matching your Ad copy with your Ad visuals

It is very important to ensure that your Facebook Ad copy template has an Ad copy that matches with the visuals. Whether you are using a photo, a video, a carousel or a story, your Ad copy should go with your visuals.

Take the example of Origin Energy. Their Facebook Ad consists of a video carousel with steps on how their audience can switch to Origin Energy. The Facebook Ad copy simply directs the audience to follow these steps.

Facebook Ad Copies

4. Keep it short and simple

Create short and simple Facebook Ad copies. Create an Ad that captures your message in a few words. With a shorter message, you provide quick gratification to your audience.

Clearly talk about what you are offering to you audience. Highlight your USP.

It can be tempting to write long descriptions about your product/ brand given you are paying for the Ad. However, the right way to leverage Facebook Ads is by keeping it short and simple, on point.

Your Facebook Ad creative is not the space to use heavy jargon or long descriptions. A few words that lead your audience to take the desired action is the ideal way to leverage this feature.

5. Add CTAs clearly

What message do you want to relay to your audience with your Ad? What action do you want your audience to take?

Tell your audience what to do by adding clear calls to action. Want to draw attention to a new range of products you just launched? Add a call to action directing them to the link on your Ads.

Is there a new online course you want to promote?

Simply ask them to ‘subscribe now’.

Built a new series of video Ads to boost brand engagement?

Tell them to watch it now!

Take the example of this Ad that HDFC created for their audience on Facebook.

Calls to action in Facebook Ad copies

In this Facebook Ad by HDFC, there is a clear call to action directing the audience to watch the video that appears below.

Add calls to actions to your Facebook Ad copies for best results.

6. Test Your Copy

On Facebook, you can test your Ads using the Split testing option. With Split testing, you can put different variables of your Ad to test. You can change your audience, your Ad creative, placements and product sets.

The Facebook split testing feature allows you to test different Ad creatives. This means you can try using different Ad copies. Test different calls to action, word lengths and tones to see which one works best for you. You can then use the Facebook Ad copy that gets you the desired results.

7. Use sales promotion techniques on your Facebook Ad copies

Sales promotion techniques such as extras, offers, exclusive deals, coupons and discounts can inspire your Facebook Ad copies. Using terms such as ‘50% off’ or ‘20% extra’ help attract the attention of your audience.

If you are offering discounts or any other offers to your audience, you must put it out in your Facebook Ads. Make mentions about the same in your Facebook Ad copies. Discounts, offers, coupons etc. will always attract your audience.

Here is an Ad by Lulu & Sky which puts out a smart sales promotion technique. They are offering lucrative discounts to their audience through their Facebook Ad copies. They add coupon codes to the Ad copies as well, pushing the audience to take the action of purchasing quickly.

Using sales promotion techniques


Facebook Ads offers a great platform for you to get your products or brand noticed in a cost effective manner. It also allows you to customize and tailor your Ads as per your needs and requirements. You need to make sure that your Ad creatives are top notch and bring you the desired results. Your copies form an integral part of your Ads and you need to ensure that your Ads work in your favour.

Here is a quick snapshot of how you can create great Facebook Ad copies:

  • Use your Ad objective to derive inspiration for your Facebook Ad copy
  • Write it with your target audience in mind, catering to their interests and/or behaviours
  • Make sure that your Ad copy aligns with your Ad visual(s)
  • Keep it short, concise, simple and to the point
  • Add clear Calls to action so that your audience knows what action to take
  • Conduct split tests for your Ads
  • Add sales promotion terms such as coupons, discounts, deals etc.

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Working with influencers?

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Working with influencers?

Use our brand scan to find who competition works with!


Working with influencers?

Use our brand scan to find who competition works with!