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Instagram Marketing Guide For F&B Industry

Every business wants to have a strong Instagram presence. This is simply because Instagram enjoys a large and interactive user base which works for the brand reach. Moreover, the platform gives you a lot of content curation features that can keep the brand active. Instagram marketing has proved to be very beneficial for the food and beverage industry. The platform has not only given the restaurants and cafes a space to promote themselves but has also enabled them to interact with their target audience. 

To use Instagram for marketing, one has to create strategies that can connect with the users. Additionally, the cutthroat competition between restaurants and cafes on social media cannot be ruled out. Competing with giants like McDonald’s and KFC makes it all the more necessary to come up with unique Instagram marketing strategies. 

To make a mark on this competitive platform, it is important to focus on a result-driven Instagram content strategy. Right from using different features of the platform to coming up with interesting post ideas, everything needs to convey the essence of your brand.

When it comes to restaurants and brands it is necessary to check what kind of audience you intend to reach. Audience demographics play a crucial role in this sector.

Let’s figure out how to go about restaurant Instagram marketing in 2021!

Steps To Conduct Restaurant Instagram Marketing

Instagram marketing

Step 1- Make sure your profile on Instagram is complete and updated

The first step to start with Instagram marketing for F&B is to create a profile on the platform. The profile must have all the crucial information like contact details, location, and so on. The profile must have your brand logo so that people can identify you amidst competitors. 

Step 2- Take time to plan your Instagram content strategy

Now that you have a page on the platform, you must also have a content plan in place. The posts will help you connect with the audience. See to it that initially you convey what your restaurant/cafe offers. 

Step 3- Try to create posts that help you interact with the audience

Once you achieve a basic follower count try and create posts that entice responses from the users. Instagram has several features that help you come up with creative posts. Try and ask for the users’ preferences and opinions in your posts. 

Step 4- Host giveaways and focus on the target audience

As you start posting, you will get a hint of who is attracted to your posts. Moreover, social media analytics tools like Unbox Social will also give you data on audience demographics. 

Step 5- Monitor your competitors and frame a unique Instagram marketing strategy

Building an identity on Instagram will require you to monitor competitors too. The platform is loaded with both established and new businesses. Restaurants and cafes are heavily active on Instagram because it gives them the right exposure. To create an effective Instagram marketing plan, one must keep an eye on what the industry competitors are up to. 

These five basic steps will help you get started with Instagram marketing for your F&B business. Now that we have acquainted you with the basic process, let’s move on to the details of implementing an Instagram marketing plan for the food and beverage industry. 

Guide To Instagram Marketing For Restaurants and Cafes

Instagram marketing

  • Make your Instagram profile eye-pleasing

Restaurants and cafes have so much to showcase to the audience. Your Instagram profile is the best way to show your audience what you have to offer. Right from the interiors of your restaurant/cafe to the delicious food you serve, everything can be a part of your creative posts. This will give the users a glimpse of what they can expect when they visit your outlet.  

Add user-generated content to your Instagram feed. People love to capture their restaurant meals and share them on their Instagram feed. Enable geotagging for your restaurant so that people can add the location to your restaurant in their Instagram posts. This way you can easily find all the pictures captured at your restaurant, select and post them on your Instagram account.

Always ask for permission before sharing their content on your profile.  Whether it is a story or a photo/video post featuring your restaurant, don’t forget to add a thank you note for your customer with every mention.

User-generated content works like word-of-mouth. The more people see content featuring your restaurant, the more there are chances that they will want to give your restaurant a try. User-generated content also helps increase brand awareness and credibility. It enhances engagement on the platform as well.

  • Work With F&B Influencers

Food bloggers, food photographers, and stylists are all niche experts in the field. Find F&B Influencers that have a big audience base of their own and also boast strong content creation skills.

Food stylists and photographers have the aesthetic sense to present your dishes in the best possible manner. Food bloggers are also well versed with clicking good quality pictures using all the backdrops and props to add to the frame. Partner with food bloggers and stylists to create a visual catalogue of your menu on Instagram and tempt your customers to try it. You can also ask them to conduct food reviews for your restaurant. Don’t forget, your Instagram marketing campaign can scale up with the help of influencers. 

Influencer marketing platforms like Unbox Social can help you find influencers associated with a particular niche. The platform also has features for influencer evaluation! 

  • Keep Your Hashtag Game Strong

Using hashtags is very important for Instagram marketing for restaurants. These are the ultimate discoverability tools on Instagram and you can add up to 30 of them on an Instagram post. Add broad as well as narrow, brand-centric hashtags for your content.

Avoid using very basic and broad hashtags such as #Food, #Tasty or #Foodporn. This will only lead your post to get lost in a huge pool of content. You can use more specific hashtags. Try to inculcate location-based hashtags such as #BangkokFood or #NewYorkFood with your content.

  • Post when the audience is active

What is the point of putting in all the time and effort, when half your target audience is not even seeing your content?

An important part of marketing on Instagram is to post when most of your audience is active on the platform. Social media analytics tools can help you check the same. Make sure you take those time slots seriously because it can have a great impact on your post metrics. 

Leverage Instagram Stories to create everyday content. Cover all the daily happenings at your restaurant using Instagram stories. This will help your audience become a part of your journey and always feel connected with your brand. You can use Instagram stories to showcase recipe preparations as well. You can also post polls on Instagram Stories to know about what your audience prefers.

  • Use Instagram Live

Whether you are hosting a special event or a pop-up with a special guest, use Instagram live. Make your audience feel a part of your community by showcasing events, live. Hosting a cooking class by an in-house chef or a guest chef? Cover it using Instagram live. Bring your team of chefs to host short Q&A sessions on Instagram about recipe hacks and ideas. Instagram live helps to increase real-time engagement, while also allowing you to build a stronger connection with your audience.

Instagram Live and Instagram Stories are engaging features of the platform but Instagram Reels is the best way to keep the audience hooked to your brand. Just like TikTok, Instagram Reels has now taken over and is being enjoyed by users. 

The above-mentioned points will help you build a strong Instagram presence. But make sure to keep a track of your performance by measuring the metrics. Let’s take a look at a few F&B brands that have made a lasting mark on Instagram with their strategies. 

Best Instagram Campaigns From The F&B Industry

  • Starbucks


Starbucks Instagram

The coffee giant is active on Instagram and makes sure to promote all its new offerings with eye-pleasing pictures. The brand also encourages a lot of UGC. 

  • Krispy Kreme Doughnuts

Instagram marketing

Krispy Kreme Doughnuts keeps the audience engaged with its amazing giveaways and offers. The brand’s Instagram feed is delectable, to say the least. 

  • McDonald’s India


The fast-food company enjoys a great fan following on social media. The brand takes great pride in its brand colours and its Instagram feed is dominated by these hues. The posts are engaging enough and always have something for their followers. 

  • Taco Bell India

Instagram marketing for restaurants

Taco Bell leaves no chance to come up with creative posts. Be it Mother’s Day or a weekend, the brand is always talking about why their tacos are a must-have! 

  • Wendy’s India

Instagram marketing

Though Wendy’s is still starting to make its presence in the country, the brand is doing a great job of keeping the followers engaged. Wendy’s is soon opening up in Mumbai and the brand raised curiosity levels with its creative post. 

Hope this brief guide helps you conduct restaurant Instagram marketing efficiently. Check out a few more blogs to ace Instagram marketing. 


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Working with influencers?

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Working with influencers?

Use our brand scan to find who competition works with!


Working with influencers?

Use our brand scan to find who competition works with!