How to Decide Which Instagram Posts to Promote (No, Your Instagram Insights Can’t Answer This)

Have you ever come across a situation wherein you felt you created good quality content on your Instagram handle, but it didn’t generate much engagement? 

Was it because of the time at which you posted your content?

Is it the content format or type?  

Or is it something else altogether? Do you feel that you should’ve focused on boosting a more engaging post? 

Given the popularity of Instagram and the presence of a huge user base on the platform, it is just the place where your brand needs to be. 

Post content as consistently as you can, and as often as possible, on the platform. Divide your posts into different categories of content, which is, entertainment, information, education, and branding. The more you are engaging your audience with your content and your posts, the closer you get towards achieving your social media goals. It is on the basis of your engagement levels that you can decide as to which post you should promote. 

Promoted posts are meant to help you reach your target audience and convert them into loyal customers. 

What Your Native Instagram Insights Offers

Instagram Stories Insights


Instagram Insights are a quick way to keep an eye on how your content is performing. At present, we get the following metrics from Instagram:

1) Overview   2) Posts   3)Stories   4)Promotions

1) Discovery – Reach & Impressions   2)Interactions  3)Profile Visits

1) Growth  2) Top locations  3) Age Range  4) Gender  5) Followers

You can see for yourself and know that there is no way Instagram Insights can tell us in an instant, which posts should we promote.

Learn more about

  1. Instagram Stories Insights
  2. Top Instagram Analytics Tools

When it comes to helping you reach your target audience, promoted posts can do the trick. You can follow a very customized targeting approach with promoted posts. 

In the next section, we will quickly take you through our guide on how to pick which posts to promote and help you grow your business. 

Use Instagram Analytics By Unbox Social

There are times when you feel some of your posts have not performed well. And then there are times when you didn’t expect your content to perform well, but numbers show a different picture altogether. On what basis do you select the posts to promote on your social handles?  

The content you promote should ideally depend on how it is performing. If a content post is not getting any traction from the audience, then there is no point investing your money into promoting it. 

Ideally, you should focus on those content posts which received good engagement and reach. 

Usually, it is recommended waiting for a while to promote your post such that you have an idea as to how the post is doing organically. So, if you are considering promoting a post, it is recommended that you, wait for a period of say, 24 to 36 hours to see how it’s performing.  

Instagram Posts To Promote - Adidas

Let’s take this post by Adidas Originals’ Instagram handle, for instance. The post received a good number of likes and comments. But when you compare it to the other content pieces on the handle, there may be various recent posts that received a similar level of traction. 

If you are looking at the number of likes and comments on the handle, as a decisive factor, then you may want to rethink your strategy. You need to dig deeper and jump into more intricate insights about your handle. 

Your Instagram activity is not only about how many likes and comments you receive. It is also about who all are looking at your content? How are they reacting to your content? What do you know about their gender, age and location composition?

There are various different factors that you need to take into account when selecting a content piece for promotion. Going beyond the likes and comments that you see on your handle, you have to look into the deeper insights. 

Many factors come into play when you are selecting which Instagram posts to promote. 

For this, you need a smart Instagram Analytics tool. Unbox Social offers Instagram Analytics to help you find out how your audience responds to your content. The tool comes with an easy to navigate dashboard, using which you can explore overall page insights as well as post-wise analytics for your brand. 

You can rely on this tool to make a well thought out decision as to which Instagram posts you would want to promote on your handle. 

Grow your brand on Instagram with data-driven decisions.
Understand how users are interacting and engaging on Instagram using Unbox Social’s Instagram Analytics Tool. Easy to Use, Save Time, Create Reports, Free Demo.

Here’s how you’ll know what posts to promote with Unbox Social

Once you’ve logged in the tool, you can check out the insights on Instagram Analytics. 

There are various metrics you really need to know and deep dive into, to understand the performance of your profile on the platform. Just likes and growth of followers doesn’t really take you to align with your brand’s objectives. 

Instagram Posts To Promote - Instagram Stories

The AI-powered Instagram Analytics tool thoroughly analyzes your posts. Unbox Social then recommends a certain number of posts for each type of content to promote by looking at the bigger picture. These recommendations are based on how your Instagram posts have performed. 

The AI-powered tool by Unbox Social uses smart algorithms to automatically generate a list of posts to promote.

The engagement rate is calculated based on the number of likes, comments, and views received on your video as against the total number of followers. While in the case of static posts, likes and comments are taken into consideration. 

Here’s a snapshot of how Unbox Social will help you know what posts to promote. 

Instagram Posts To Promote - Unbox Social

Jump Into In-depth Analytics

Once you know which posts you can promote with Unbox Social’s Social Media Analytics, you need to jump into all the analytics behind your content and track the important metrics. Have these posts engaged your audience enough? And what has led to the engagement? There could be different reasons for this – design, content type, time at which you posted it, or other factors. Use the insights provided by this tool to build your content creation strategy. Take cues from these insights to understand what’s working for your brand and what isn’t. 

In order to truly leverage the power of your content, you need to keep tracking the performance of your content and know your audience better. 

With this data, you can also create, strategize and manage your social media campaigns and postings. 

Summing It Up! 

Analyzing your content on social media will help you reflect on the real picture of your brand on social media. Also, social media analytics tools like Unbox Social recommends you to promote certain posts that will help your brand grow further. 

Here’s a quick recap of knowing what posts to promote: 

  • Sign up with Unbox Social 
  • Connect your Instagram Account with the tool. 
  • Move to the Instagram Analytics Page. 
  • Scroll down through the insights and there you have your “Recommended Posts to Promote”
  • Head to Instagram or Facebook Business Manager and promote the posts.
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